Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture

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Episode 962-964

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Title: Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture
Japanese title: 毛利小五郎大講演会
(Mōri Kogorō Dai Kōen-kai)
Original airdate: December 07, 2019 (Part 1)
December 14, 2019 (Part 2)
December 21, 2019 (Part 3)
Broadcast rating: 7.6% (Part 1)
7.8% (Part 2)
6.8% (Part 3)
Filler case: #326
Season: 29
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Eri Kisaki
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
cases solved by: Kogoro Mouri x1
Kogoro Mouri (via Conan) x1
Mei Tsukuba x2
Conan Edogawa x3
Next Conan's Hint: Cane (Part 1)
Pocket watch (Part 2)
Eri Kisaki (Part 3)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Junichi Miyashita
Storyboard: Atsuko Kase
Episode director: 962: Masahiro Takada
963: Minoru Tozawa
 964: Koichiro Kuroda and Akira Yoshimura
Animation director: Seiji Muta and Nobuyuki Iwai (supervisors)
962: Akio Kawamura
963: Keiko Sasaki
964: Asuka Tsubuki and Michitaka Yamamoto
Character Design: Hiroshi Ogawa (design works)
Chiemi Hironaka
Opening song: ANSWER
Closing song: Sissy Sky
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Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture (毛利小五郎大講演会 Mōri Kogorō Dai Kōen-kai?) is the 962nd, 963rd, and 964th episode of the Detective Conan anime.





Part 1[edit]


EP962-964 Case1.png

Location: HISHIDA Hall Waiting Room
Victim: Kenichiro Inokoshi
Age: 48 years old
Time: 2:50PM
Cause of death: Stab wound in chest
Suspects: Mokichi Reizei and Hideki Tsukinogi
Inokoshi's body was discovered sitting in a chair and leaned up against the door in the waiting room with a knife sticking out of his chest.

EP962-964 Case2.png

Location: Outside HISHIDA Hall
Victim: Junko Hishida
Age: 50 years old
Time: Around 2:55PM
Cause of death: Fell from emergency stairs
Culprit: Mokichi Reizei
She was found laying on the ground outside in a pool of blood with an odd mark on her neck.

At the end of the episode, Mokichi Reizei admits that he killed someone but it's not Kenichiro Inokoshi.

Part 2[edit]

Part 3[edit]

Murder (past)

EP962-964 Case3.png

Location: College classroom
Victim: Professor
Time: One year ago
Cause of death: Stab wound
Suspects: Hiroto Ashida
Conan investigates and finds out that the newspaper clips were pointing to a case of murder that happened a year ago when a professor's assistant stabbed his master for stealing his research works.


  • Resolution[edit]


    • This is the last episode of the 2010s.
    • The restaurant from The Framed Great Detective reappears along with its waitress.
    • The wine Ujimori serves to Kogoro is a Sassicaia red, the same type of wine as in Miss Lonely and the Detective Boys.
    • The magazine Caseweek is actually inspired from weekly news magazine Newsweek.
    • There is a layering error in Part 1 of the case.


    In other languages[edit]

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Thailand Thai การบรรยายครั้งใหญ่ของโมริ โคโกโร่ Kogoro Mouri's grand lecture

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