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Class 1-B

Teitan Elementary School (帝丹小学校 Teitan Shōgakkō?) is the elementary school that Conan, Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Haibara currently attend. Its graduates include Shinichi, Ran, and Sonoko and many other characters.



Conan's blue uniform. The shorts are supported by suspenders. The back of the jacket is plain.

Teitan Elementary School is a coeducational school serving grades 1-5. It is affiliated with Teitan Middle School, Teitan High School, and Teitan University. Teitan Elementary School has been around for a long time, but the timeline is somewhat conflicted as to when it began. Agasa attended Teitan elementary which means it is as least 40 years old; however, the first graduating class based on Sumiko Kobayashi's history is 33-34 years ago.[1] According to the anime, the new school building was constructed 30 years ago.[2] Unlike Teitan High, Teitan Elementary does not currently require a uniform. However, it is worth noting that, in the anime, Shinichi referred to the classic "blue jacket over a white shirt with a red bowtie" outfit he first wore as Conan as his old primary school uniform, implying Teitan Elementary at one point did require uniforms.[3]

Layout and facilities[edit]

Teitan Elementary school. The animal hutches where the rabbits and turtle live are offscreen on the right of the image.

The main building containing the classrooms is arranged in a rough upside-down U shape. Additional facilities for students are located in the back of the building. Students pass through the front gate and walk across the main quad to reach the shoe lockers.

Places of Interest[edit]

Class 1-B[edit]

Conan and the Detective Boys are enrolled in Teitan Elementary School's first grade B class. The teacher is currently Sumiko Kobayashi. Before Sumiko took over mid-year, the teacher used to be a woman named Toya. There are roughly thirty students in class.[4] Class 1-B is located in the central wing of the main building on the right side looking from the gate.[5]

Shoe Lockers[edit]

Students arriving at Teitan Elementary, per Japanese custom, take off the outdoor shoes they arrive in and swap them for indoor slippers. They keep their shoes in small lockers. Genta's locker has a sign on it adverting the services of the Detective Boys Club and where students may drop off case requests. Ran has once received a letter from a secret admirer in her shoe locker in a filler episode, and Shinichi has been shown to have gotten lots of fanmail in the first live action movie.

Animal hutches[edit]

Teitan Elementary has several animal hutches with rabbits and turtle that students can take care of. They are near several ginkgo trees. They are important in the Gingko-Colored First Love case.

Staff Room[edit]

The Staff room is where teachers keep desks, meet together, and plan and prepare their lessons. It appears in Kobayashi-sensei's Love.


Teitan Elementary has a library which was thought by students 10 years ago to be haunted by a hat-wearing monster that appears on full moon nights. In Shinichi Kudo's Childhood Adventure, young Shinichi and Ran go to investigate the tale and encounter the original Kaitou Kid.


Current Students[edit]

Conan Edogawa[edit]

Conan Edogawa.jpg

Conan transfers into class 1-B after Agasa enrolls him as part of his cover identity. He joins the class in manga chapter 10, and anime episode 2. He sits on the furthest section to the right in the fourth row.

Ai Haibara[edit]

Ai Haibara.jpg

Ai transfers into class 1-B after Agasa enrolls her as part of her cover identity. She joins the class in manga chapter 176 and episode 129. She sits to Conan's left.[6]

Ayumi Yoshida[edit]

Ayumi Yoshida.jpg

Ayumi is already a member of class 1-B when Conan joins. She sits on the right desk of the second row in the second section.

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya[edit]

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya.jpg

Mitsuhiko is already a member of class 1-B when Conan joins. Mitsuhiko is seated behind Genta in the fourth row of the second section.

Genta Kojima[edit]

Genta Kojima.jpg

Genta is already a member of class 1-B when Conan joins. He sits in the second section and third row on the left.



Hiroki is a student from an unknown class. He was the first student to request help from the newly formed Detective Boys club, asking them to find his cat in exchange for rare Kamen Yaiba collector cards. During the search, the Detective Boys ran into a murder case. Conan narrates at the end that Hiroki asked the Detective Boys to find his oft runaway cat additional times afterwards. He appears in Missing Corpse Murder Case.

Ayano Tsukumo[edit]

Ayano Tsukumo.jpg

Ayano is a member of class 1-A. She is six years old. Her father is a famous magician Tsukumo Motoyasu. She appears in The Cornered Famous Detective! Two Big Murder Cases.

Toshiya Nakada[edit]


Toshiya is a member of class 1-A. He requested help from the Detective Boys in order to find his older brother. He appears in The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case.

Takuma Sakamoto[edit]

Takuma Sakamoto.jpg

Takuma is a member of class 1-B. He was hurt at beginning of school and returned in October. He starts off acting rude which brings him and Genta into conflict. They later get along better after a class activity orchestrated by Sumiko to help the class get to know Takuma and Maria Higashio better. He appears in Class 1-B's Great Operation! and Battle of the Haunted Warehouse's Treasure.

Maria Higashio[edit]

Maria Higashio.jpg

Maria is a transfer student into class 1-B. She had been out sick for a while. She is initially embarrassed by her kansai accent so she attempts to hide it by not speaking much. Her accent is revealed after class activity orchestrated by Sumiko to help the class get to know Maria and Takuma Sakamoto better. She appears in Class 1-B's Great Operation!

Shoko Amemiya[edit]

Shoko Amemiya.jpg

Shoko is a member of class 4-A and her older sister is a classmate of Asami Tsuburaya. She's an acquaintance of Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya. She resembles Haibara somewhat. She goes missing after she it hit by a car while taking care of some stray kittens. She appears in Super Secret of the Road to School.

Kaito Sugiura[edit]

Kaito Sugiura.jpg

Kaito is a member of class 1-A. He likes Othello and collects model cars. He is the son of the landlord of the apartment Mokubaso where Subaru Okiya was a tenant. When it burnt down, he was injured by smoke inhalation and hospitalized. He requested help from the Detective Boys to explain the suspicious activities of one of the tenants. He appears in Red, white, and yellow arson case (Manga: 622-624, Anime: 509-510).

Rintaro Koizumi[edit]


Rintaro is a non-canon Teitan Elementary student who appears in The Secret of the High Sales. He hired the Detective Boys to investigate the suspicious activities of the new worker at his parents' restaurant.

Yuriko Matsunaka[edit]

Yuriko Matsunaka.jpg

Yuriko Matsunaka is a non-canon Teitan Elementary student who appears in The Mysterious Angel's Mansion. She is an orphan and the heiress to her great-grandfather's fortune.

Yuka Konno[edit]

Yuka Konno.jpg

Yuka Konno, age 7, is a non-canon Teitan Elementary student who appears in The Detective Boys' Bluebird Chase.

Keiichi Mitsui[edit]

Keiichi Mitsui.jpg

Keiichi Mitsui is a non-canon Teitan Elementary student who appears in The Detective Boys and the Four Caterpillar Brothers.

Chiharu Matsubara[edit]

Chiharu Matsubara.jpg

Chiharu Matsubara is a non-canon Teitan Elementary student who appears in A Mysterious Man - Overly Strict with Regulations.

Past Students[edit]

Shinichi Kudo[edit]

Shinichi Kudo.jpg

Shinichi was a member of class 1-A.[7]

Ran Mouri[edit]

Ran Mouri.jpg

Ran was a member of class 1-A. [7]

Sonoko Suzuki[edit]

Sonoko Suzuki.jpg

Kogoro Mouri[edit]

Kogoro Mouri.jpg

Kogoro was in the same class as Eri at least once. They quarreled often but had a crush on each other.

Eri Kisaki[edit]

Eri Kisaki.jpg

Eri was in the same class as Kogoro at least once. They quarreled often but had a crush on each other.

Hiroshi Agasa[edit]

Hiroshi Agasa.jpg

Yukiko Kudo[edit]

Yukiko Kudo.jpg

Kazunobu Chiba[edit]

Kazunobu Chiba.jpg

Chiba was in the 20th graduating class and was part of the school broadcasting committee.[8]

Sumiko Kobayashi[edit]

Sumiko Kobayashi.jpg

She was in the 22nd graduating class.[8]

Ruri Ujo[edit]

Ruri Ujo.jpg

Ruri was in the same grade as Kogoro and had a crush on him. She appears in The Unseen Suspect (Manga: 374-376, Anime: 305-306).

Fusae Campbell[edit]

Fusae Campbell.jpg

She was in the 4th grade while Agasa was in 6th grade. She moved away during the school year. She appears in Gingko-Colored First Love (Manga: 410-412, Anime: 421-422).

Naeko Miike[edit]

Naeko Miike.jpg

She shared a class with Chiba and was part of the school broadcasting committee.

Sakurako Yonehara[edit]

Sakurako Yonehara.jpg

She was a friend of Naeko Miike. She appears in the Design of Poison and Mirage (Manga: 781-786, Anime: 652-655) and (Manga: 847-849).

Asami Tsuburaya[edit]

Asami Tsuburaya.jpg

Asami Tsuburaya is a 17 year-old high school student and is Mitsuhiko's older sister. She appears in Mitsuhiko's Disappearance (Manga: 358, Anime: 289-290) and Satan-san (Manga: 591, Anime: 488).


Sumiko Kobayashi[edit]

Sumiko Kobayashi.jpg

Sumiko Kobayashi became the new teacher of class 1-B midyear replacing Toya. Initially strict overly strict she was disliked by the students until the Detective Boys caught her practicing for a parent teacher conference after hours. She is now well liked by her students. She likes mysteries and mystery related activities. She appears in The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School Case.

Tomoaki Araide[edit]

Tomoaki Araide.jpg

Tomoaki became the school nurse for Teitan elementary and Teitan high. Most of the time though he was replaced by Vermouth who was impersonating him at the time. With the discovery and subsequent departure of Vermouth he has resumed his former position. He appears in The Blind Spot in the Darkness.



Although not a formal staff member, Vermouth secretly replaced the school nurse Tomoaki Araide in order to get close to Conan and Haibara. While in disguise, she was very nice and was well loved by the students and staff for being especially caring. She appears in Reunion with the Black Organization.

Ryujiro Uematsu[edit]

Ryujiro Uematsu.jpg

Ryujiro Uematsu, age 59, is the headmaster of Teitan Elementary school. He has been working at Teitan Elementary for at least thirty years, at least since the new school building was constructed. He is something of a jokester, hiding the vice-principal's toupee in order to poke fun at him. He appears in the manga based case Strange wonders of Teitan Elementary (Manga: 154-155, Anime: 112) and the anime only Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (Anime 606-607).

Vice principal[edit]

EP112 Vice Principal.jpg

Unnamed, the vice principal of Teitan Elementary School is most noted for wearing a toupee and being extremely sensitive about it. After it goes missing, he disappears from school and comes after hours to search for it. He attempts to scare the Detective Boys away so they don't see him looking for it. He appears in The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School (Manga: 154-155, Anime: 112).

Masayuki Ohata[edit]

Masayuki Ohata.jpg

He is the teacher of Teitan Elementary grade 1 room A. He appears in The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School Case.




She is the former teacher of class 1-B before Sumiko Kobayashi replaced her. She was liked by her students. She appears in Mysterious Shadow Case.

Akiko Yonehara[edit]

Akiko Yonehara.jpg

Akiko Yonehara, 30 years old, was a former teacher at Teitan Elementary in Sonoko's, Ran's and Shinchi's class. Sonoko and Ran admired her greatly. She is currently a teacher at Haido Elementary School. She appears in Ski Lodge Murder Case.

Bungo Hirayama[edit]

Bungo Hirayama.jpg

He is the teacher of class 4-A. He started recently after previous teacher had a car accident. After one of his students, Shoko Amemiya, goes missing, he goes to her house looking for her. Haibara initially feared him because of his glaring, but Conan later revealed that he was using old glasses. He appears in Super Secret of the Road to School.

Security guard[edit]

EP472-473 Man.jpg

He was the security guard of Teitan elementary from ten years ago. He was often drunk on duty. He appears in Shinichi Kudo's childhood adventure (Manga: 570-573, Anime: 472-473).


Skeleton Kunigami.jpg

He has been a science teacher at Teitan elementary for at least twenty-two years. Chiba and Sumiko were in his class. Students who are afraid of him call him "Skeleton Kunigami" or "Shinigami-sensei".

Rumi Wakasa[edit]

Rumi Wakasa.jpg

Rumi Wakasa is one of the new teachers hired to assist the school in response to the increasing number of transfer students. She is currently the deputy homeroom teacher of class 1-B.

Plot overview[edit]

The first appearance of Teitan Elementary in the manga is the Aka Oni Mura Fire Festival Murder Case in Volume 2-1. Anime: Episode 2

A Haunted Mansion Murder Case (Manga: 17-19, Anime: 20)[edit]

The first introduction of Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko in the manga.

Missing Corpse Murder Case (Manga: 56-58, Anime: 15)[edit]

The detective boys announce the formation of the club to the whole school over the radio.

The Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School Case (Manga: 154-155, Anime: 112)[edit]

Introduces Sumiko Kobayashi and other staff members and reveals some of the layout of the elementary school.

The Girl from the Black Organization (Manga: 176-180 and 181, Anime: 129)[edit]

Haibara transfers into class 1-B.

Genta's Disaster (Manga: 303-304, Anime: 242)[edit]

Shows lunch in classroom 1-B.

Unseen Suspect (Manga: 374-376, Anime: 305-306)[edit]

Kogoro and Eri's elementary school past.

Gingko Tree Color of First Love (Manga: 410-412, Anime: 421-422)[edit]

Contains information about Agasa, Fusae, Shinichi, and Ran's elementary school past. It also introduces the animal hutches.

Top Secret Path Leading to School (Manga: 505-507, Anime: 427-428)[edit]

Introduces a new teacher and student.

1st Year, Class B, Great Challenge (Manga: 548-549, Anime: 460)[edit]

Sumiko Kobayashi challenges her class to a puzzle. Several new students are introduced.

Shinichi Kudo's Childhood Adventure (Manga: 570-573, Anime: 472-473)[edit]

Focuses on the library and elementary school Ran and Shinichi.

Red, white, and yellow arson case (Manga: 622-624, Anime: 509-510)[edit]

Introduces Kaito Sugiura and shows more of the lockers at Teitan Elementary.

Kobayashi Sensei's Love (Manga: 705-707 and 708, Anime: 583-585)[edit]

Shows the music and staff room.

Name origin[edit]

"Teitan" is a play-on words of "tantei" (探偵) meaning "detective".

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