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Chapter 1087

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Title: Idiots
Japanese title: バカ共
Original release: February 2nd, 2022
Shōnen Sunday issue: #10/2022
Volume: 102
Pages: 16
Anime adaptation: Episode 1116: Chihaya and Jugo's Matchmaking Party (Part 2)
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Idiots (バカ共 Baka-domo?) is the 1087th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #10/2022 on February 2, 2022 and has been published as part of Volume 102 on September 15, 2022.






Megure, Takagi, and Jugo Yokomizo question the candidates that were paired with Chihaya Hagiwara in the presence of the three suspects, but none of Chihaya's candidates remembered seeing the suspects. The suspects decide that since nothing conclusive was determined, they will leave, but Conan stops them by starting sleeping Kogoro's deduction. Sleeping Kogoro explains that the solution to the case was indeed written down by the victim on her form. At the top of the form, a crease can be seen. Folding the form at this point obscures part of the kanji and kana for the description of guest #19, revealing the remaining visible parts to spell out the word "culprit" (ハン人な人). The other spelling errors were intentional to avoid detection in the first column. Thus, the culprit is the party guest numbered 19: Itaru Kaburagi.

Kaburagi denies the crime, so Conan asks him again where he was after speaking with the victim. However, Kaburagi only repeats that he was in the restroom fixing his hair. Conan concludes that Kaburagi is indeed clueless and has inadvertently betrayed himself. During the conversations, there was a brief power outage, which explains various events: the atmospheric setting lit only by a candlelight described by Ikuhisa Uedera; the unintended reading break Genji Enzaki had to take due to someone from the staff; the broken glass whose exact location neither the staff nor the guests knew. Furthermore, the statement of the female staff member hinted at the reason for the power outage: she assured that she will use her phone's flashlight when going to the old storage room, presumably because the light in the storage room overloaded the restaurant's fuses, leading to a power outage. However, Kaburagi never mentioned anything about a power outage, as he was hiding under the victim's table at that time, where it was already dark. The final piece of evidence is the culprit's gloves on the inside of which Kaburagi's fingerprints are found. Since there was hardly any time to hide it, and Kaburagi kept talking about the restroom, it is likely that the glove was hidden there. Just then, Sato arrives, having found the glove indeed in the water tank of a toilet. With this, Kaburagi is caught.

Megure asks Kaburagi for his motive for the murder of Anju Tomari. However, Kaburagi retorts that was not her real name: in truth, she was named Ari Sukiyama, and was a marriage swindler. She had married Kaburagi's brother and taken his money, causing said brother to accumulate massive debts and commit suicide. Her scheme was to lure men at marriage parties who slipped and fell in the rain because expensive leather shoes become slippery in the rain. On days without rain, she sometimes spilled water on the sidewalk herself. This explains why she lingered outside the restaurant for so long and why she had chosen Enzaki, Kaburagi, Yokomizo, and Uedera.

Kaburagi now wants to commit suicide as well and grabs a long knife from a food cart. However, Takagi grasps the blade of the knife with his hand, preventing Kaburagi from moving the knife. While Chihaya again feels reminded of Jinpei Matsuda, Yokomizo knocks Kaburagi down with a wrestling move. Sato panics and goes to Takagi to examine his bleeding hand, but it's only a superficial cut. Suddenly, Takagi is grabbed by the tie and pressed against a wall by Chihaya. She gets close to his face and says that he also seems like someone who rushes into action without considering the consequences, instinctively charging ahead no matter how dangerous it might be, to protect what's important to him. Bewildered, Takagi responds that such actions are sometimes necessary, to which Chihaya firmly states that Takagi is similar to a fool who died alone — with these words, Chihaya thinks of Matsuda and his death in the Ferris wheel.

Before the conversation can continue, Sato intervenes and stands with flushed cheeks between Chihaya and Takagi. Chihaya realizes that the two are a couple and whispers to Sato that she should hold onto Takagi if she truly loves him, as fools like him are rare. As Sato looks at her speechlessly, Chihaya goes to Yokomizo and asks to be driven home as she has had too much alcohol. Chihaya's friend Shinobu takes the train, as she has also had too much to drink, allowing Yokomizo to take Shinobu's helmet. Lastly, Chihaya bids farewell to Conan, who is sitting around the corner behind the sleeping Kogoro, with Chihaya saying that Conan was hard at work today.

During their motorcycle ride, Yokomizo wants to know what prompted Chihaya's action with Takagi earlier. Chihaya explains that Takagi reminded her of Matsuda and recounts a story from her third year in high school: back then, her friend Shinobu wanted to commit suicide with a knife in the school kitchen because her boyfriend had broken up with her. However, Matsuda, who was in the first year of high school with Kenji Hagiwara, suddenly came into the kitchen and grabbed the knife by the blade. This caused blood from Matsuda's hand to drip onto Shinobu's hands, causing her to release the knife not do it. Chihaya asked Matsuda why he grabbed the knife since there could have been other ways to stop Shinobu. Angered, Matsuda replied:

Hopefully someone who's seen blood will get it!! What an enormous mistake she was about to make!!!

Jinpei Matsuda, to Chihaya Hagiwara.

Due to the wound on his hand, Matsuda lost his boxing match at the high school tournament. So, he was also a fool, Yokomizo remarks. Meanwhile, Chihaya notices that Yokomizo's jacket is soaked at the belly and finds blood on her hand. Yokomizo explains that he was at a suspect's house for a robbery murder in the morning, where the suspect attacked him with a knife and grazed him lightly on the side. The wound required five stitches and probably split open during Yokomizo's wrestling move. Before he has to go to the doctor, he manages to drive Chihaya home. With a smile under her helmet, Chihaya mentally notes that Yokomizo is also quite a fool.



  • 15's Suffering and 18's Recollection (Manga: 1085-1086) : The flashback to how the victim died and the blackout that happened during the party are from these chapters.
  • Successors to The Legacy (Manga: 1081) : There is a flashback where Takagi confronts a kidnapper's accomplice.
  • The Strongest Senpai (Manga: 807) : There is a flashback to Takagi's kidnapping case specifically showing the scene when he keeps the bomb from falling off the wood board.
  • The Common Pattern (Manga: 673) : There is a flashback to the scene where Takagi decides to stay Eiki Nabei's only hostage.
  • The Officer Who Never Returned (Manga: 369) : Chihaya remembers the death of Jinpei Matsuda at the ferris wheel of Haido Shopping Center.
  • The Man from 18 Years Ago (Manga: 267) : Takagi remembers when he was hit by an arsonist while calling Sato after figuring out the truth behind Sato's father's murder.

Sherry's Soliloquy

Sherry's soliloquy for File 1087.

Sherry's Soliloquy (シェリーのひとりごと Sherī no Hitorigoto?) is a collection of comments Gosho Aoyama has Ai Haibara say on the official Detective Conan website, Conan News Agency (こなん通信社 Konan Tsūshin-sha) in the course of every new chapter's publication.

Soliloquy of File 1087:
Isn't Chihaya's bike a Kawasaki Vulcan
(February 4, 2022, translation by Nakamura)

Animal Crossing Promotional Hints

With every new chapter, players can receive these hints written by Gosho Aoyama in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: New Horizons by interacting with four characters named Spade (スペード), Heart (ハート), Diamond (ダイヤ), and Clover (クローバ), who appear in Gosho's Dream Town.


Shonen Sunday #10/2022.
  • The issue of Shonen Sunday #10/2022 shows Chihaya pinching Takagi's chin, while Jugo, Conan and Sato look at them in disagreement. The top right corner also shows three pictures that promote Movie 25 (Rei, Hiromitsu, Date, Matsuda, Hagiwara and Conan are shown in these three pictures).


Chihaya and Jugo's Matchmaking Party (episodes 1115-1116)

  • Some original scenes and dialogues are added:
  • Kogoro realizes that he lost the key and he might lose it in front of the restaurant.
  • Jugo imagines that Chihaya picks a man for dinner, before shakes his head off.
  • Conan asks Jugo not to touch the body (because he have not know that the man in mask is Jugo).
  • Takagi doing hand pose after Jugo did Western Lariat to the culprit.
  • Chihaya walking away with Jugo after talking to Conan, while ensuring Jugo not to become grouch after she asked for a ride home.
  • Some background scenes are not adapted:
  • Jugo when he thinks Kaburagi also slipped at the entrance.
  • Woman staff when she tells Jugo about the inicident happened in the previous matchmaking party.
  • Sango appear in background both in manga and anime, but in different occasion:
  • In manga, he appeared when Jugo mentioned about his fancy shoes.
  • In anime, he appeared when Jugo thought about Sango keep introducing him to his colleagues.
  • In the manga, Conan eavesdropping the suspect questioning is only shown at the end during Enzaki's turn. In the anime, it is shown since Kaburagi's turn.
  • The events after Jugo slipped is changed in the anime, where the staff only appear to clean the glass shards after Chihaya remarks that Takagi is just likei Jinpei. In the manga, the staff showed up immediately before Sato asked Takagi about his foot.
  • The scene and dialogue when two staffs pushing the food trolley is changed. In the manga, the male staff asked the female staff to take it back as dinner is canceled. In the anime, the staffs are both female, and one of them commented that the dinner is wasted.

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  1. Summary translated from the German version of March 16, 2024.

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