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The National Police Agency (NPA) (警察庁 Keisatsu-chō?) is the central coordinating agency of the Japanese police system. It is administered by the National Public Safety Commission, which appoints the Commissioner General (警察庁長官 Keisatsu-chō Chōkan?, National Police Agency (Japan)). As head of the NPA, the Commissioner General holds the highest position in the Japanese police.

The NPA supervises the Regional Police Bureaus and prefectural police organizations, as well as the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States, the NPA does not have any police officers of its own. Instead, its role is to determine general standards and policies, although in national emergencies or large-scale disasters the agency is authorized to take command of prefectural police forces.


At some point the NPA, or namely its Security Bureau, learned of the existence of the Black Organization. Rei Furuya, using the alias Tooru Amuro, and Hiromitsu Morofushi, who was an officer from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau infiltrated the Organization. After distinguishing themselves in an unknown fashion, the Boss of the Black Organization gave the two codenames. Rei became "Bourbon" and Hiromitsu became "Scotch".

Eventually, Scotch's identity as a spy was found out by the Black Organization. When he was confronted by Shuichi Akai, who was also infiltrating the organization on behalf of the FBI at the same time, Scotch attempted to steal Shuichi's gun to commit suicide and destroy his phone which contains sensitive data, but was stopped as Shuichi revealed his true affiliation to him. However, at that moment, a worried Rei quickly arrived at the scene and Scotch mistook his ally's approaching footsteps for those of a Black Organization member. He then pulled the trigger and shot himself along with the phone. Shuichi, not knowing of Rei's true identity at the time, picked up the gun and made it look like he had killed Scotch himself. As a result, Rei hated Shuichi and the FBI generally and hoped they would leave Japan altogether.

Known Agents[edit]

Canon agents[edit]

Former agents[edit]

  • Hyoue Kuroda: Current Tokyo Police First Division Managing Officer, but before he got into a serious accident 10 years ago, he worked for the National Police Agency. It's unknown which department he was in.

Non-canon agents[edit]

Organization Structure and Divisions[edit]

See also: National Police Agency Organization

Security Bureau[edit]

Rei Furuya

The Security Bureau of the National Police Agency (NPA SB) (警察庁警備局 Keisatsu-chō Keibi-kyoku?) is a bureau of the NPA in charge of national-level public security. It is charged with counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, countering cybercrime and surveillance of potentially threatening groups, organizations, and social phenomena. It also supervises the prefectural police forces for those issues.[1]

In the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan, the NPA SB is one of the Japanese intelligence agencies that participate in the fight against the Black Organization. The undercover agent Rei Furuya is a member of one of the departments of the NPA SB called the National Police Agency Security Bureau Security Planning Division[2] (警察庁警備局警備企画課 Keisatsuchō Keibi-kyoku Keibi-Kikaku-ka?) which has the nickname Zero.

In the movie The Darkest Nightmare they kept a list of NOCs from bureaus around the world who infiltrated the organization.

Plot Overview[edit]

Bourbon and Akai Arc[edit]

Rei was assigned to locate Sherry. Conan, with the help of Kaitou Kid and several others, managed to convince Rei that she was killed in a train bombing. While Rei was looking for Shiho he also took the time to investigate Shuichi Akai's alleged death and the FBI illegally stationed in Japan. With the help of Vermouth, he impersonated Shuichi and discovered that he was not actually dead.

Rei later gathered up a team of men to confront a man he believed to be Shuichi in disguise: Subaru Okiya. Shuichi then challenged the Security Bureau directly, preventing them from detaining Jodie Starling and Andre Camel. Rei confronted Shuichi by phone and found out that Shuichi did not kill Scotch out of malice, and he was genuinely sorry he died. Shuichi also turned over a handgun to the Security Bureau for analysis. Rei's discovery of Shuichi's faked death was not disclosed to the Black Organization.

Rum Arc[edit]

Despite the events of Scarlet Showdown, Rei still blames Shuichi for Scotch's death. When Masumi Sera encounters Rei during the Girls Band Murder Case, she has a flashback to 4 years ago when she saw her brother Shuichi along with a man who teaches her a few notes of base guitar. A third man, who appears to resemble Rei, appeared and referred to that man as Scotch.

Non-canon Plot Overview[edit]

Episode 813: The Shadow Approaching Amuro[edit]

This episode is a pre-story for movie 20, The Darkest Nightmare.

Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare[edit]

At the beginning of the movie, Curaçao is caught breaking into the NPA's headquarter in order to retrieve the data about undercover agents who infiltrated the Black Organization all over the world.

Relationships analysis[edit]

The NPA and the Black Organization[edit]

It hasn't been stated how the Security Bureau and the NPA in general discovered the Black Organization. The Black Organization in general hasn't shown any indication that they specifically suspect the Security Bureau might be investigating them.

The NPA and the FBI[edit]

Initially Rei Furuya and the NPA SB in general wanted the FBI, who are operating illegally in Japan, completely deported. Rei Furuya in particular wanted to arrest Shuichi Akai for killing Scotch. After The Scarlet Return, the NPA SB appear to be grudgingly tolerating the FBI's presence.

The NPA and the CIA[edit]

The NPA and the ordinary Japanese Law Enforcement[edit]

The NPA in general is the central coordinating and supervising agency of the Japanese police system. While the NPA SB works closely with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department Public Security Bureau in the fight against the Black Organization, the ordinary Japanese law enforcement doesn't appear to know about its mission or about the organization at all. Hyoue Kuroda, an ex-NPA agent who has since moved to the Tokyo MPD division one, may know something courtesy of Rei Furuya who is currently an NPA agent.

The NPA and Conan Edogawa[edit]

It is stated by Hyoue Kuroda that he heard the rumor of Conan being the real brain behind Sleeping Kogoro from the NPA, indicating that they have known or at least suspect Conan's true intelligence.

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