The Adult's Charm

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Episode 8

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Title: The Adult's Charm
Japanese Title: 大人のおまじない
(Otona no Omajinai)
Broadcast rating: 6.3%
Original airdate: November 22, 2014
Season: 1
Manga source: Magic Kaito Volume 2: Chapter 4, 6 (10, 12)
Cast: Kaito Kuroba
Aoko Nakamori
Ginzo Nakamori
Kaitou Kid
Akako Koizumi
Heist Target: Emperor's Gold Seal
Director: Susumu Kudo
Screenplay: Toshiya Ono
Storyboard: Hiroyuki Fukushima
Episode Director: Takashi Ando
Animation Director: Mina Ozawa
Opening song: Kimi no Matsu Sekai
Closing song: WHITE of CRIME
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The Adult's Charm (大人のおまじない Otona no Omajinai?) is the 8th episode of Magic Kaito 1412 anime.





After Keiko tells Aoko about seing a ghost, Kaito and Aoko enter the school building at night. Aoko gets scared upon seeing the "ghost" and runs into the restroom and sees said ghost above her grinning. After Aoko faints, Kaito runs to her scream it tuns out that Akako was the ghost at night and she using her sorcerer cloak and testing new spells after hours.

The next day, Akako gives Aoko a charms saying it will help her mature and not so childish like last night. Later as Aoko explains the charm to Kaito, Akako plans to erase Kaito from existence for not falling for her so all men fall for her. That night, she creates a charm necklace to possess another to kill Kaito Kid upon next seeing him, so she uses the charm on Inspector Nakamori. As Kid begins his heist, possess Nakamori shoots at Kid, causing him to flee and then give chase while shooting.


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Thief: Kaitou Kid
Target: Emperor's Gold Seal
Seal used by the last reigning Emperor.



Manga to anime changes

  • This episode combines two unrelated stories from the manga: "Adults Don't Understand" (Vol. 2, Ch. 4) and "Ghost Game" (Vol. 2, Ch. 6). This results in the following differences:
    • In the manga, the culprit behind the school "haunting" was the science teacher Dr. Asou, who was trying to create a cure for his hair loss. In the anime, it is Akako, who conducts magic experiments with the science classroom's chemicals.
    • In the manga, Dr. Asou disguises himself with an ogre mask and carries around a knife when intimidating students. In the anime, Akako merely walks around in her hooded robes and performs magic.
  • The manga version of this story ends with Inspector Nakamori still under the influence of Akako's cursed necklace. The anime establishes that Aoko broke the necklace shortly after the Inspector returned home.

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