Hanzawa the Criminal Volume 4

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Volume 04

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Release date: April 10, 2019
ISBN: ISBN 978-4091291806
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Character & Keyhole
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Heiji Hattori
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List of chapters


File 019: The culprit that came back home

File 020: A criminal (Hannin) wasn't made in a day

File 021: Let's Repay The Debts

Hanzawa has gotten into a deep debt after borrowing money from Saguru, and has to find a way to way it back before he is arrested by the entire police force.

File 022: I've got money!

File 023: The Last Magician of the Current Age (Heisei Period)

Hanzawa's beloved dog Pometaro is targeted by Kaito Kid! Will he be able to protect Pometaro from the elusive Magician of the Moonlight?

File 024: Taboo

At his housemates' suggestion, Hanzawa decides to visit a renowned (but familiar) fortuneteller named "Mother of the Beika District" who is back at her own trick again.


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