Gosho Aoyama (Character)

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Gosho Aoyama

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Japanese name: 青山 剛昌
(Aoyama Gōshō)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Relatives: Mine family
Occupation: Mangaka
Racecar driver
First appearance: Magic Kaito Manga: Omake 1
Yaiba Manga: Chapter 21
Detective Conan Manga: Omake 1
Detective Conan Anime: OVA 1
Appearances: Magic Kaito Manga: 8
Yaiba Manga: 12
Detective Conan Anime: 1

Gosho Aoyama (青山 剛昌 Aoyama Gōshō?) is the alter-ego of eponymous Mangaka Gosho Aoyama who appears in several of his series. He's known to most Detective Conan fans as the eggplant-headed, bespectacled version of Gosho at the beginning of the volumes, introducing his readers to the respective new book while getting killed by different means each and every time.

According to chapter 143 of Yaiba, he is part of the Mine family.


Gosho Aoyama often depicts himself as a rather obnoxious person bent on cheating, who most often instantly gets punished for it - getting electrocuted by Kami-sama in Yaiba and killed by his assistants in the Detective Conan Omake and an unseen force in the forewords of the volumes. When he's not shown to be an incarnation of the Mangaka itself, he is often depicted as some kind of strict movie director, producing his series like they are serial dramas.

Plot overview


Gosho Aoyama is one of the people tied to the large log in the alternate dimension, getting threatened by a giant dragon.

The Santa Claus of Summer

Gosho Aoyama appears on the cover of the one shot in a circle with the text "Gosho Aoyama Presents", looking a bit like a Kaito Kuroba with glasses and a bow-tie and fangs, making a roaring gesture parodying the MGM lion.

The Wandering Red Butterfly

The cinema Yusaku Kitakata and the mysterious lady "Wandering Red Butterfly" meet at is called "GoShow Cinema", with a bow-tie like his alter-ego wore a lot back then as an emblem. Additionally, in the Original Video Animation based on the short story, Yusaku Kudo is placing the original 1994 version of Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories on the place next to him in the cinema, with Gosho's full name clearly visible on it.

Magic Kaito plot overview

Magic Kaito NG Collection (Magic Kaito Manga: Volume 1 Omake)

Gosho Aoyama appears as a blond-haired movie director called "A-Yama", shooting scenes from the volume, first interrupting Chapter 1 because Kaitou Kid's monocle is on the wrong side. He then tells Aoko Nakamori to hurry for her role as Princess Anne of Sublina in Chapter 2, but she forgets changing out of her school uniform, angering him. Kaito pulls a prank on him by putting a gold fish into the aquarium for the underwater scenes from Chapter 5. He also gets enraged about Akako Koizumi and her refusal to put on the skimpy witch dress, as well as playing her villain part too soft, because the "real" Akako is a good-tempered person. She and Gosho freak out when Aoko instantly gets the villain part right.

The Boy Who Bet on the Ball (Magic Kaito Manga: 11)

Two boys looking like younger versions of Gosho Aoyama's and Eiichi Yamagishi's alter-egos appear on the street, passing by Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori. A regular Gosho also appears right behind the reporter in Tokyo Dome, making a victory gesture with his hand.

Kaito-kun's Theatre (Magic Kaito Manga: Volume 2 Omake)

The blonde-haired director version of Gosho, "A-yama", uses a clapper to start every scene of the Omake of Aoko Nakamori's hunt for Magic Kaito Volume 2. His name also appears on the book.

Star War (Magic Kaito Manga: 14)

Aoko Nakamori's jacket sports Gosho Aoyama's grinning face with the text "GOSHOW" on the back.

The Great Detective Appears!! (Magic Kaito Manga: 15)

Aoko Nakamori's jacket during her skiing with Kaito Kuroba has a patch of Gosho Aoyama grinning on the front, with just the "GOSHOW" on the back of it.

Crystal Mother (Magic Kaito Manga: 21)

A sleeping Gosho Aoyama can be seen on the Royal Express to the left behind Aoko Nakamori, after her father found and destroyed Kaitou Kid's bugging device.

Omake Manga (Magic Kaito Manga: Volume 4 Omake)

Gosho Aoyama returns as the director, now in his eggplant form, finishing the shooting of "Dark Knight". He and everyone else leave to go get eat something and completely forget Kaito Kid still hanging from the wires at the ceiling.

Omake Manga (Magic Kaito Manga: Volume 5 Omake)

Gosho Aoyama remodeled Akako's house for use as the Kudo residence.

Gosho Aoyama as director finishes the shooting of "Sun Halo" and tells his assistants to get "the gate for the other series" for a remodeling of Akako Koizumi's residence into the Kudo residence. Kaito Kuroba is flabbergasted that Gosho's just recycling settings.

Yaiba plot overview

Onimaru's Strategem (Yaiba Manga: 21)

Gosho Aoyama is standing in front of Tokyo Tower, wondering that it starts to snow, shortly before Takeshi Onimaru appears in his airship and destroys the building to prove his power.

Tasty Trap (Yaiba Manga: 27)

Gosho Aoyama and two of his assistants, Eiichi Yamagishi and Yutaka Tani, enter a restaurant with "free food", actually a trap by Kumo-Otoko, disguised as the head cook, for Yaiba Kurogane and his friends. Kumo pulls out a couple of kitchen knives and scares the unwitting trio away before his actual targets arrive.

In Trouble - Escape Operation (Yaiba Manga: 56)

Two of the persons watching the battle between Yaiba Kurogane and Dorai Dorai in front of "Yamagishi Electronics" are Gosho Aoyama and his assistant Yutaka Tani.

Legendary Sphere Found (Yaiba Manga: 66)

One of the people praying in front of the stone idol on Chikubu Island is Gosho Aoyama, hoping for his favorite baseball team, the Yomiuri Giants, to win next year.

Ninja Kotaro Appears (Yaiba Manga: 72)

He appears as Ninja "A-Yama", explaining each one of the techniques Kotaro Fuma uses, which annoys Yaiba Kurogane until he kicks A-Yama away, telling him to shut up.

Parallel Jeweler (Yaiba Manga: 91)

The stadium has a banner naming the "4th Gosho Holiday". Gosho Aoyama and his assistants are also part of the audience inside the stadium during the horse race.

Moon Alien Mangetsu Appears (Yaiba Manga: 129)

The men of Japan in drag

The "men of Japan" in drag who are part of Gerozaimon Geroda's plan to fool Kaguya are Gosho Aoyama and his assistants.

Dangerous Guy Approaching (Yaiba Manga: 143)

According to the family tree, Gosho Aoyama is a part of the Mine family, but it's not explained how he relates to Sayaka Mine and the rest. Yaiba Kurogane misreads his name as "Gonosuke Aoyama", with Sayaka reprimanding him that this is rude.

Chiki Chiki Grand Prix (Yaiba Manga: 173-176)

Gosho Aoyama is one of the participants of the eponymous grand prix, much to the chagrin of his own characters. Just like with their vehicles, his number, the "5", is a pun, referring to the "go" in his name, with his char being a large Manga drawing pen on wheels. He tries to cheat close to the end of the race, erasing Sayaka Mine with a giant eraser and redrawing her right behind him to catch up, but Kami-sama, organizer of the grand prix, notices and electrocutes Aoyama, destroying his car in the process, effectively disqualifying him.

Detective Conan plot overview

Gosho Aoyama appears in his eggplant-headed form at least once during every foreword of each volume, greeting the reader and getting killed by some unseen person outside the picture (jokingly hinted to be Mayuko Kanba in the Hanzawa the Criminal volumes). He also stars in a couple of bonus comics at the end Volume 2, 3 and 4.

Gosho Aoyama and the Young Men's Detective Squad (Manga: Volume 2 Omake)

  • Alcoholic Detective Yutaka Tani in: FILE.256 - Leave it to me!!
    Gosho Aoyama reprimands Yutaka Tani for drinking at the workplace, who just brushes the criticism aside before puking over the Manga manuscripts and falling asleep, enraging Gosho.
  • Detective Puppet Yama-chan in: Let's All Be Friends
    In the second comic strip, Eiichi Yamagishi as a puppet is singing about Gosho's miraculous drawing table, where everything you put down vanishes.
  • Wimp Detective Keiji Aso in: Aoyama Is Spoiled
    Keiji Aso is doing every simple task Gosho instructs him to do, until he asks him to open the door for him, bothering Keiji so much that he plans to end Detective Conan by killing Gosho with a box cutter.
  • The Chubby Detective Masaki Negishi in: A Usual Conversation
    Then Masaki Negishi dupes Gosho into giving away the culprit of the chapter they are currently working on.

At the end, after finishing the chapter, the group walks through Toshima, with Tani mentioning that they have pulled an all-nighter again.

Gosho Aoyama Murder Case (Manga: Volume 3 Omake)

  • Alcoholic Detective Yutaka Tani in: FILE.257 - The Tragedy of A
    Gosho Aoyama was killed by being stabbed with a knife, a syringe and other objects and Yutaka Tani tries to solve the case. After mentioning that the culprit must have been extremely angry about his victim, all the other assistants gulp, but Tani just brushes it off and suggests to bury Aoyama and forget about it.
  • The even chubbier detective Masaki Negishi in: Mr. Aoyama Doesn't Wake Up
    Masaki Negishi gets the request by Eiichi Yamagishi to wake up Aoyama, but he's dead. When he explains the situation to Eiichi, he suggests to let Aoyama sleep for another 30 minutes and play some games in the meantime.
  • Detective Puppet Yama-chan in: Let's All Be Friends
    The group plays baseball and the ball flies to the center fielder Aoyama, but he's dead - again.
  • Find the Big Head Detective Kishida!
    Gosho Aoyama got killed, probably by Koichi Kishida this time, who gets exposed by Negishi. Kishida tries to hide in a park between a lot of Waldo clones, but is instantly noticeable by his large head.
  • Homicide Detective Keiji Aso in: Aoyama Dies Twice
    Keiji Aso seemingly finds the lifeless body of Aoyama. He then comes to and asks Aso for help, who finishes him off by dropping a brick on his head.

Catch the Dangerous Criminal Gosho Aoyama! (Manga: Volume 4 Omake)

  • Alcoholic Detective Yutaka Tani in: Hidden Murderous Intention
    Gosho Aoyama asks of Yutaka Tani to buy lots of different food: A cake, a pudding and ice - in the middle of winter, causing Aoyama to get stomachache and instructing Tani to buy some medicine. Tani hopes that he'll just die.
  • The Chubby Detective Masaki Negishi's Special Report
    Gosho thinks he's almost done with the Manga manuscripts and bothers his assistants who still have to finish inking and whitening their pages. Masaki Negishi then finds a still empty manuscript, enraging Aoyama.
  • Detective Puppet Yama-chan in: Let's All Be Friends!
    Eiichi Yamagishi has found "miraculous glasses" enabling its wearer to talk with anything and everything. He talks to Gosho's car an ɛ̃fini, before he realizes that it's dead because no one drove it for half a year, saddening Keiji Aso and Masaki Negishi.
  • Big Head Detective Poet of Life Kishida in: What is the Prime of Youth?
    Aso, Yamagishi and Negishi reprimand Aoyama for killing Tani with a saber. Koichi Kishida appears, philosophizing about youth and comforting Aoyama.
  • Detective General Keiji Aso in: That's it!!
    Aoyama asks of Keiji Aso to draw another bonus comic for the end of the next volume. Stressed about it, Aso starts work on it and delivers it to Gosho in times, who rips it into pieces, not wanting to have such "garbage" in his masterpiece.
The Yaiba manga volumes of Mitsuhiko with Gosho's name on it.

Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba - The Grand Battle for the Treasure Sword!! (OVA: 1)

Conan Edogawa borrowed 24 volumes of manga from Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, which are revealed to be the complete Yaiba series at the end, with Gosho Aoyama's name clearly visible on them.