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Magic Kaito Organization

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Japanese name: No official name
English name: No official name
Boss: Boss
Active Members: Snake
Sub-boss (second-in-command)
Spider (TV specials only)
Rose (OVA 4 only)
Deceased Members:
Former Members:
Undercover Agents:
Extended Canon Agents:
First appearance: Manga: MK Chapter 18
Anime: Episode 5
Appearances: Magic Kaito: 4
Specials: 6
OVAs: 1
"Magic Kaito Organization" is a fan created nickname used to distinguish this organization from the Black Organization that appears in Detective Conan.

This unnamed criminal organization is the primary antagonist in Magic Kaito. The organization's goal is to acquire the Pandora Gem that grants immortality when a certain comet passes overhead. They are the true deadly enemies of Kaitou Kid.


  • Snake is the primary antagonist of the series, a codenamed member who killed Toichi Kuroba and is currently searching for Pandora Gem.
  • The boss is highest ranking member so far. He was mentioned to exist in the manga[1], and has appeared in shadow in the anime.
  • The unnamed sub-boss is the second-in-command and reports directly to the boss. He was initially outmatched by Kaitou Kid after inadvertently revealing the goal of the organization within earshot.
  • Spider is a non-canon stage magician operating under the name of Gunter Von Goldberg II, he is considered "The Best Illusionist in the World". The boss ordered his/her deputy to contact him after Kaitou Kid ruined the Blue Birthday heist.
  • Rose is a non-canon woman who worked with Snake to steal the crystal mother. She aspires to become known as the number one sniper.

Structure and rank[edit]

The organization has been shown to have at least four distinct ranks. The highest is the unmentioned boss, referred to with deference by lower level members as "that person". A second-in-command who reports directly to "that person" is next down in seniority and can order around code-named agents. Codenamed agents like Snake report directly to their second-in-command and so far are only told partial information about the goal of the organization. Codenamed agents in turn manage a small squad of low level agents who wear near identical beige trenchcoats and matching fedoras.

Magic Kaito Boss 60px.jpg Magic Kaito Boss
Magic Kaito Sub-boss 60px.jpg Sub-boss
Codenamed Agents
Snake 60px.jpg Snake
Spider 60px.jpg Spider
Rose 60px.jpg Rose
Low level agents
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The Pandora gem.

So far the the only known goal of the organization is to find Pandora, the gem which grants eternal life to the one who drinks its tears when Volley comet passes over. It is unknown what the organization intends to do with Pandora, or whether finding Pandora is their only goal rather than one facet of a larger plan.

Modus operandi[edit]

The organization steals "big jewels" they think might be Pandora and return them to their second-in-command to be checked against the light of the moon. For some missions, the group acts in large numbers with a codenamed agent like Snake leading a group of many minor operatives. Other times codenamed agents work together without backup, as Snake and Rose were shown to do. Except for their second-in-command, all codenamed agents and their lackeys are shown to be armed at all times. So far, they do not seem to be concerned with silencers.

The organization is clearly very rich, shown by them using an expansive traditional Japanese home with escape tunnel as a hideout.

Target jewels[edit]

So far the organization has only targeted jewels of superlative size, typically the most massive in a particular category. Presumably they figure that the gem must be exceptionally large in order to hide the doublet Pandora within it.

Plot timeline[edit]


Eight years before the current timeline, famous magician Toichi Kuroba, who was Kaitou Kid at the time, was murdered by Snake at the orders of the organization in a fake magic accident. Toichi was killed because he targeted the same gem as the organization.[2]

Current events[edit]

The Fated Blue Birthday[edit]

Snake's boss holding Blue Birthday with the police transmitter.

Both Kaito Kuroba and the organization decide to target the Blue Birthday sapphire. Snake waits for Kaitou Kid on a roof and confronts the thief who he believes to be Toichi Kuroba. Snake reveals himself to be the one who killed Toichi Kuroba eight years before the events of Magic Kaito, making the death look like a stage accident.

Snake shoots Kid and takes possession of what he thinks is the Blue Birthday, but Kid survived thanks to putting the real Blue Birthday gem in his breast pocket. Snake goes to an old-fashioned mansion on the edge of the city, where a mysterious balding man with a mustache praises Snake's work, saying "This jewel could be the one he is searching for." The man then went on to explain what the Pandora Gem is: a jewel hidden within a larger jewel that can be identified because it glows red under the moonlight and will, at the time of a comet, "cry tears of immortality". Kid reveals himself to the two men, and vows to find Pandora before they do and "smash it to bits."[3]

Green Dream[edit]

Kid notes that suspicious men in gray coats are now present at all Kaitou Kid heists.

The Crystal Mother[edit]

Red Tear[edit]

Kaitou Kid continues to look for the Pandora gem, this time pursuing the blue ruby known as the "Red Tear", owned by a family of British magicians known as the Hoppers. Kaito suspects that Snake believes the gem has a good chance of being the Pandora Gem. However, since Kaito's father Toichi was trained by James Hopper, paternal grandfather of the current magician Jody Hopper, Kaito knew that the gem was actually a sort of photo album which, when illuminated, projected images of the Hopper family onto the walls.

When Snake arrived to steal the Red Tear, he had one of his men dress as the Kaitou Kid while he himself went backstage and non-fatally shot many in the magician troupe in an attempt to get Jody to turn the gem over to him. He was about to shoot Jody but Kaito saved her life, then led Snake on a chase which ended in the latter falling out a window. Snake landed safely on an adjacent roof and presumably fled.

Relation to the Black Organization from Detective Conan[edit]

For a long time, it was unknown if the Magic Kaito's unnamed organization and Detective Conan's Black Organization are the same organization, partners, or entirely unrelated to one another. Theories for or against their connection have been presented by fans.

This question was finally settled when Gosho Aoyama was asked at the 2016 Singapore Writer's Festival, whether the two were the same, to which Gosho answered, that the Black Organization and the Magic Kaito Organization are not the same and completely different organizations[4].

Arguments for[edit]

  • They are both mysterious well structured organizations that use codenames, making their assassinations seem like accidents and leaving no evidence.
  • Their bosses are referred to as "that person" (Ano kata).
  • They both are potentially interested in obtaining immortality. The Magic Kaito Organization is looking for Pandora for the purposes of immortality. One of the most common theories is that Black Organization is working on APTX 4869 in order to achieve immortality.
  • Snake could be short for snake wine. The anime-only character Rose may be a reference to rose wine, and the other anime-only character Spider was drinking some sort of alcohol from a bottle called 'spider'.
  • Toichi Kuroba taught Sharon Vineyard the finer art of disguise.

Arguments against[edit]

  • Their codename schemes are different. The member of the Magic Kaito organization that claimed responsibility for killing Toichi eight years ago is referred to as "Snake"[5], a nickname that doesn't fit in with the codenames of the Black Organization, suggesting they are two separate groups. The codename could be made to fit if Snake refers to snake wine, but because Kaitou Kid's origins have yet to be reexplained within the Detective Conan story, this is only speculation. Additionally a new member introduced in the anime by the name of Spider once again doesn't fit with the Black Organization's alcohol codenames.
  • The Magic Kaito Organization uses much less subtle methods than the Black Organization. Snake confronts his targets openly while making no effort to hide face or eliminate those who saw him afterwards. He does not bother to silence his gun either.
  • In the anime, the members of the Magic Kaito Organization are not shown to wear black outfits, as the Black Organization tends to do.
  • The Magic Kaito Organization is looking for a magical gem called Pandora. The magical nature of Magic Kaito and its organization's search does not mesh with the non-magical setting of Detective Conan. Also it is absolutely never shown nor hinted that the Black Organization is hunting for some sort of jewelry.

Manga to anime differences[edit]

  • Rose and Spider do not exist in the manga.

See also[edit]


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