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Kazuha Toyama

Kazuha Toyama Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 遠山 和葉
(Tōyama Kazuha)
English name: Kirsten Thomas
Age: 17[1]
Gender: Female
Height: unknown
Date of birth: unknown[1]
Relatives: Ginshiro Toyama (father)
Mrs. Toyama (mother)[2]
Occupation: High school student
First appearance: Manga: File 185
Anime: Episode 118
Appearances: Chapters: 162
Chapters: 5
Episodes: 86
Movies: 7
OVAs: 5
Specials: 2
Openings: 34
Closings: 7
Keyhole number: Volume 19
Japanese voice: Yuko Miyamura
English voice: Gwendolyn Lau (FUNimation TV/Movies)
Amber Cotton (The Mirapolis Investigation)
Kayli Mills (Bang Zoom!)
Drama actor: Rei Okamoto

Kazuha Toyama (遠山 和葉 Tōyama Kazuha?), also known as Kirsten Thomas in the Funimation dub and Katrina Tolliver in the video game Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation, is character in the manga and anime Detective Conan. She is a childhood friend and the romantic interest of Heiji Hattori.

Despite the names given for her in the English Dub of the anime and video game, the Viz Media manga retains her original Japanese name.



Heiji and Kazuha cuffed together as children.

Kazuha and Heiji Hattori have been close friends since childhood. Their fathers work together at the Osaka Police station, where Kazuha's father, Ginshiro Toyama is a close friend and partner of Heiji's father, Police Chief Heizo Hattori. Her 43-year-old mother is mentioned in episode 573, where she wanted Heiji to bring Kazuha her drink bottle.

At one time in their youth, Heiji had had the unfortunate idea of locking themselves together with a set of old handcuffs which had no key and could not be unlocked; as a result they had to involuntarily spend time together even on some rather intimate occasions (i.e., bathroom visits) before the cuffs could be removed. As a reminder of this 'closeness' and for good luck, Kazuha fashioned two identical lucky charms, each incorporating a chain link from the cuffs, which she and Heiji have been wearing ever since.[3] At some later point, Kazuha added a picture of Heiji into her own charm pouch.[4]

After Heiji met Conan and discovered his true identity, he talked about him so frequently and enthusiastically to Kazuha that she became convinced that Heiji was in love with a Tokyo girl named 'Kudo'. When Heiji invited Conan, Ran and Kogoro to Osaka, Kazuha spied on them, believing Ran to be 'Kudo.' At an okonomiyaki restaurant, when Heiji got up for a moment, Kazuha sat down in his seat and warned Ran to back off him, at which point Heiji returned, the misunderstanding was cleared up, and Heiji laughed at Kazuha's behavior.[5] In their next meeting, Kazuha continued to treat Ran coldly, pointing out that Ran and Heiji's clothes had coincidentally matched the last few times they had been together. In response, Ran immediately changed clothes, after which point the girls became much friendlier.[6] As time passes, Kazuha and Ran grows into close friends, and Kazuha always sleeps in Ran's room whenever she stays in Tokyo.


Kazuha has a hot temper and can be highly critical of people around her. She has been hinted to have a high level of intelligence, as she was able to deduce a dying message in an episode even more quickly than either Ran or Kogoro could (albeit with slight help from Heiji). Moreover, she is highly confrontational, and unafraid of letting others know about her dislike, even showing no hesitation or concern in confronting Heiji in a men's restroom. This trait leads to frequent shouting matches with Heiji, but it also allowed her and Ran to forge a strong friendship despite the fact that Kazuha, believing that Ran was Heiji's new girlfriend, took an initial deep dislike to Ran out of jealousy. Affection and approval are apparently much harder for her to express, most significantly with regard to Heiji; she is perfectly aware of her feelings for him and, after a few initial attempts to deny it to Ran, openly discusses her love for Heiji with her. However, even when a good opening appears to discuss her feelings with him, she instead panics and does her best to pretend that she and Heiji are 'only friends'. Although she has tried and failed to confess to Heiji twice already, Kazuha is determined to make her feelings clear to him one day.

She also has a marked belief in spirits, good-luck charms, and other superstitions. Right from her first experience, she displayed her belief in the importance of hers and Heiji's omamori, charms which Kazuha made to protect her and Heiji from harm. And indeed, during the case in which this is revealed, Heiji lent Conan his omamori, and the metal inside the charm stopped a knife blade that could have killed Conan.[5] On subsequent cases, Kazuha is quick to attribute mysterious shadows and strange events to ghosts and other malignant spirits, which usually sends Ran into panic as well, though she herself does not possess a morbid fear of ghosts as much as Ran does.

In the anime original episodes 965-968, it was revealed she loves kaiju like Gomera and Kamen Yaiba.

She also like any normal girl characters screams at sight of a dead body.


Kazuha has dark brown hair which she always wears in a neck-length pony tail, and uses ribbons of different colors (usually matching that of her clothes) to secure her hair. She rarely lets her hair down, and when it is not tied up in a ponytail, it falls down to her mid-back/waist. She has green eyes and fair complexion, her skin tone being even lighter than Ran's. She has a fairly slim and curvaceous, athletic build just like Ran herself. It is shown that Kazuha is of around the same height as Ran and slightly shorter than Heiji. Kazuha's way of dressing ranges from shirt and jeans to (occasionally) dresses. Despite being tomboyish, she is known to be attractive. Multiple men have shown interest in her, though she is usually oblivious, and her innocence in turn annoys Heiji.


Martial arts

Kazuha is a 2-dan in aikido, showing great proficiency in various body-locks and throws. It is a skill she has exhibited multiple times to taking down several criminals, even when much larger than her.[5] Her aikido skills also make Heiji afraid of her and her strength, likewise warning criminals to not attack her.

Intelligence and deduction

Kazuha seems to be rather intelligent, as shown in Episode Which One's Deduction Show when Heiji gave a clue about the code which Kazuha understood while neither Ran or Kogoro could figure out. She also took up karuta and held her own against Momiji Ooka, implying that Kazuha is quick-minded and has a good memory. In movie 21, Kazuha said she joined the karuta club. She played against Momiji who is very skilled. Despite losing, she was able to go until last match.


Whenever Kazuha visits Ran, she often helps her with cooking or they'll occupy themselves by cooking, as seen in Heiji Hattori's Vampire Mansion episode where they made gyozas instead of chasing the killer because they were scared.


Plot overview

Stabbed Wallet Case (Manga: 185-188, Anime: 118)

Soon after Heiji made Conan/Shinichi's acquaintance, he invited Kogoro, Ran and Conan to Osaka. Several times throughout the day Ran felt herself being watched by a pair of malevolent eyes. At lunchtime that day, a girl sat down and, to Conan's horror and Ran's bafflement, addressed Ran as "Kudo." She warned "Kudo" to stay away from Heiji, who soon returned and sets her right. Heiji introduced her as his childhood friend Kazuha and introduced Ran as Kudo's girlfriend- which Ran hotly denied -, whereupon Ran asked them if they are together, which Kazuha and Heiji hotly denied in turn.

Wedding Murder Case (Manga: 211-214, Anime: 141-142)

Cruise Ship Murder Case (Manga: 226-230, Anime: 174)

Spider Mansion Case (Manga: 246-250, Anime: 166-168)

She was almost killed by the Spider Mansion murderer because she found a BB gun bullet that the criminal had used in his setup; only Heiji's arrival chased the murderer away before Kazuha was strangled.

The Desperate Revival (Manga: 254-257, Anime: 189-192)

She meets Shinichi Kudo, whom she has heard so much about from Heiji and Ran, for the first time when he solved the murder case during his campus festival.

Old Photograph Murder Case (Manga: 278, Anime: 221)

Mermaid's Curse Case (Manga: 279-283, Anime: 222-224)

Heiji nearly fell off a cliff during his investigation. Kazuha saved him, but overbalanced and fell off the cliff herself. Heiji jumped after her, managing to grab her wrist with his left hand and a jutting branch with his right. However, the branch began to bend, so Kazuha stabbed Heiji's hand in an attempt to make him let her go and save himself. Despite the wound, Heiji did not let go, and managed to save the both of them.

K3 Murder Case (Manga: 293-295, Anime: 238-239)

Police Escort Murder Case (Manga: 296, Anime: 240)

Naniwa Swordsman Case (Manga: 314-316, Anime: 263)

Heiji still bears the scar on his left hand, and has been known to mock Kazuha about it.

Tiger Scroll Case (Manga: 317-321, Anime: 263)

Flying Neighbor Case (Manga: 342-343, Anime: 277-278)

Mysterious Words Case (Manga: 361-365, Anime: 291-293)

Heiji Hattori's Desperate Situation (Manga: 390-392, Anime: 323-324)

Heiji and Kazuha were kidnapped by a corrupt lawyer in an attempt to force Heiji to crack a code. When he wouldn't comply, the lawyer decided to kill them both. Heiji asked to be allowed to say a few last words to Kazuha, claiming he had to tell her something he had wanted to say for a long time. This, it turned out, was a ploy to distract the lawyer, but when it failed, Heiji, with a gun to his head, told Kazuha that "I meant it when I said my last words were for you" and promised, if they survived, to tell them to her "until you're sick of hearing it." Afterward, when she asked him what he was going to say, he panicked and insisted that he had wanted to tell her that her ponytail had been tickling him while they were handcuffed together - which earned him an enraged slap in the face.

Red Horse Case (Manga: 393-397, Anime: 325-327)

Kazuha goes to stay at Ran's house because after the end of Heiji's desperation. He went to stay at home and there was news in the neighborhood that there was an arson in the village, but he asked for an investigation first and then returned.

Halloween Party Case (Manga: 434, Anime: 345)

Heiji vs. Kazuha (Manga: 441-444, Anime: 381-382)

Koshien Bomber Case (Manga: 445-449, Anime: 383)

Magician Murder Case (Manga: 487-490, Anime: 406-408)

Kazuha saves Conan from Heiji's jealous rage, which she unknowingly caused by flirting with another man.

Yuki-Onna Murder Case (Manga: 518-522, Anime: 490)

Phantom Corpse Case (Manga: 559-561, Anime: 479)

Detective Koshien Case (Manga: 562-566, Anime: 479)

Furinkazan Case (Manga: 613-618, Anime: 516-517)

Murderer Shinichi Kudo Case (Manga: 646-651, Anime: 521-522)

Highway Murder Case (Manga: 652-654, Anime: 523)

Kazuha's Charm Case (Manga: 693-695, Anime: 573-574)

Kazuha loses her charm and Heiji, along with Conan, sets out to find it.

Demon Dog Murder Case (Manga: 734-740, Anime: 610-613)

East vs. West (Manga: 778-780, Anime: 651)

Eye for an Eye (Manga: 781-786, Anime: 652-655)

Unexpected Murder (Manga: 831-833, Anime: 710-711)

Vampire's Mansion (Manga: 834-840, Anime: 712-715)

Drug Trading Case (Manga: 880-881, Anime: 764)

Kamaitachi Murder Case (Manga: 909-912, Anime: 808-809)

Kawanakajima Murder Case (Manga: 810)

Zombie Movie Murder Case (Manga: 931-935, Anime: 830-832)

Conan and company encounter Heiji and Kazuha at the spot that Yoko Okino filmed a movie. After a murder occurs zombies appear outside the house. At the end of the case, Heiji tries to confess to Kazuha but is interrupted by a zombie.

Curse of the Nue (Manga: 958-962, Anime: 872-874)

A mysterious summons brings Conan, Heiji and company to Yadori Village where they encounter a creature known as a Nue. At the end of the case, Heiji tries to confess but is interrupted by by a paratrooper from the Japanese Air Defense Force.

Murder inside Café Poirot (Manga: 981-983, Anime: 885-886)

Kendo Tournament Murder Case (Manga: 990-993, Anime: 916-917)

Kaitou Kid and the Fairy's Lip (Manga: 1018-1021, Anime: 983-984)

Kazuha and Heiji joins with Conan, Ran and Kogoro to Suzuki Museum which Kaitou Kid is challenged to steal the Fairy's Lip. Heiji plans to confess to Kazuha by catching Kaitou Kid before Conan but he didn't notice that Kaitou Kid choose Kazuha as his disguise.

Lover Code Case (Manga: 1039-1042, Anime: 1024-1025)

Shintoist Temple Case (Manga: 1067-1069, Anime: TBD)

Non-canon plot overview

Relationships analysis

Heiji Hattori

Heiji's relationship with Kazuha is a very close one; they were childhood friends, and have stayed close through the years. Their relationship is identified as a romantic one by other characters and fans alike, even though they claim that they don't have that sort of relationship or feelings for each other. However, it has been shown that he becomes visibly jealous when he sees Kazuha with other guys, becoming distracted throughout the whole case. At one point, after a certain case, while looking at Kazuha, his thoughts read: "Fool. You're too naive. I promise you, as long as you're with me, I'll never let anyone hurt you." Kazuha knows she has feelings for Heiji, as she shows this by being protective and chasing off other women that might have an interest in him. In on of the mangas, Kazuha attempts to confess her feelings after finding out that Shinichi had done so with Ran (in the Holmes' Revelation Arc), but is unlucky because on hearing that, Heiji ran off to tease Shinichi/Conan for it. She once even attempted to sacrifice herself to save Heiji during a case in which they accidentally both fell off a cliff (episodes named And Then There Were No Mermaids). When the branch they were both hanging on started breaking, she stabbed him in his hand with an arrow of love, to force him to let her fall; however, Heiji still held on, saying that he will not let go of her, and managed to pull both of them to safety. Heiji is clueless when it comes to love, but he has now realised he has feelings for Kazuha ever since the Ebisu Bridge incident. Consequently, he constantly tries to bring her to romantic spots so he can simultaneously confess to her and one-up Shinichi's confession to Ran. Thus far, he has not been successful since he's been interrupted each time by cases, and once, the Japanese self-defence Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend. Also, they have the same situation as Ran and Shinichi, being childhood friends that have romantic feelings for each other and have the same background as them. Heiji is a teenage detective and she is a police's daughter, like Ran is a police's daughter and Shinichi is a teenage detective. They are even called the 'Ran and Shinichi of Osaka' by fans of the series, since they're so similar. Although they are constantly fighting, they both are very close friends. It is also shown in the seventh movie, Crossroad in the Ancient Capital, that Kazuha is Heiji's first love, though he didn't know it was her at the time. In OVA 9, Heiji and Kazuha have been shown to be a famous couple, who are close to marriage. However, all this was just a feverish hallucination of Conan's.

Ran Mouri

Despite having rather different temperaments and personalities, Kazuha and Ran have several things in common, including: proficiency in a martial art, father's connection to police work and detective work, and detective-obsessed childhood love interests. Kazuha was initially cold and rude to Ran, suspecting her of being interested in Heiji. However, thanks to Kazuha's frankness and Ran's accommodating nature, the girls quickly overcame this misunderstanding. In episode 141, Ran and Kazuha's friendship grows after Ran quickly changes shirts to prove to Kazuha that she didn't wear the striped pattern because Heiji did. In Episode 166 Ran and Kazuha become close friends, both even poking fun at each other for having crime loving boyfriends. They have since become close friends and seem to regard each other as confidantes, since they are in similar romantic situations: Ran and Shinichi cannot confess their feelings for each other, as Shinichi is, aside from telephone calls, physically absent from her life, and Kazuha and Heiji cannot confess their feelings for each other due to their own stubbornness and irascibility. While Conan/Shinichi and Heiji are on cases together, Ran and Kazuha almost always spend the time together. When Kazuha visits the Mouris' in Tokyo with Heiji, she is shown to share Ran's bed.

Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi and Kazuha.

Kazuha respects Shinichi as a great detective like Heiji. Sometimes she refers to Shinichi as a better detective than Heiji, much to Heiji's jealousy and annoyance. When Heiji was tricked into attending a fake contest and went missing, Kazuha said that she would have been much better at ease if Kudo had been with him.

Character popularity

  • eBookJapan held a character popularity poll from April 12, 2011 to May 12, 2011 in which readers of Detective Conan (international included) could vote for their favorite character. Kazuha placed 16th in the poll with 40 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast.[10]
  • In honor of the release of the 15th movie, Quarter of Silence, the official Conan movie website held a popularity poll for the top 10 Detective Conan characters. Kazuha placed 7th out of 10.[11]
  • In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Kazuha placed 11th overall with 203 votes.[12]
  • She ranked 9th in the Super Digest Book 70+ "Characters you want to go on a date with" poll, with 123 votes.
  • She ranked 4th in the Super Digest Book 60+ "Cutest Detective Conan characters" poll, with 263 votes.

Name origin

The name "Toyama" comes from Edo period "police detective" Kagetomo Toyama, aka Toyama no Kin-san, while Kazuha comes from one of Gosho Aoyama's assistants.[13]

Different looks

Episode 118
Episode 408
Episode 611


Ya might have already heard this from Kudo-kun, but...In London, apparently Kudo-kun confessed his feelings to Ran-chan. That's why, though I wouldn't have said this...The truth is...The truth is, I also...Since a long time ago...I... I LIKE YA VERY MUCH!

— Kazuha's confession to Heiji

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 和葉 Kazuha 遠山 Tōyama
Flag of Arab League Arabic كازوها Kāzōha توياما Tōyāma
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Kazuha Toyama
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Kazuha Toyama
Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 和叶 Héyè 远山 Yuǎnshān
Flag of Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 和葉 Héyè 遠山 Yuǎnshān
Flag of US English Kirsten Thomas
Flag of Finland Finnish Kazuha Toyama
Flag of France French Kazuha Toyama
Flag of Germany German Kazuha Toyama
Flag of Italy Italian Kazuha Toyama
Flag of Malaysia Malay Kazuha Toyama
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 가영 Ka Young 서 Suh
Flag of Thailand Thai คาซึฮะ โทยามะ
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Kazuha Toyama


  • The kanji for Kazuha's first name mean "Japanese Leaf". Her last name, Toyama, means "distant mountain".
  • Kazuha is one of the few characters in the series who almost always keeps her hair in a ponytail.
  • In the Italian Dub, Heiji calls Kazuha "Piccola" meaning "babe".
  • In non canon movie 7 Kazuha mentioned to have relatives in Kyoto.


See also


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