Detective Conan: The Mirapolis Investigation

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Title: Detective Conan: The Mirage of Remembrance
English Title: Case Closed: The Mirapolis Investigation
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 追憶の幻想 (ミラージュ)
(Meitantei Konan: Tsuioku no Gensō (Mirāju))
System: Wii
Release date: Flag of Japan May 17, 2007
Flag of UK May 1, 2009
Genre(s): Mystery/Adventure
Age range: Flag of Japan A: All Ages
Flag of UK 7+
Developer: Imageepoch
Publisher: Flag of Japan Marvelous Interactive
Flag of UK Nobilis
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Detective Conan: The Mirage of Remembrance (Released as "Case Closed/Detective Conan: The Mirapolis Investigation" in Europe) is a video game based on the Detective Conan series for the Wii. It is the first video game to recieve an English localization. But was only released in Europe.




Kogoro receives a ticket to the grand opening of the Mirapolis complex. Ran, Conan, and the Detective Boys also came along with him. At the opening speech, tensions run high as the Mirapolis staff begin to let their past with the owner get the better of themselves. Soon after, Conan and Ai discover a body by the Mirapolis's pool. With a little help from Heiji, it's up to Conan to solve the murder and prevent anything else from happening.


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    The game is the style of a Point-and-Click adventure game. Where players take control of Conan to roam around the Mirapolis complex. The game only require a standalone Wii Remote to play. The directional pad is uses to move or run if a direction was hold for a few second. Talks to people or interact objects by pressing the A button. The B button is for reset the camera behind Conan, or held to enter a zoomed view.

    As Conan, players need to gather information by talking to various people within the buildings. Important infos from them will be automatically written down as a "note" in the notebook. Once enough information is gathered, The players can begin to piece together the truth by performing "Clue Chains" to advance the story.

    "Clue Chains" is done by putting related notes together to form a group correctly. Each time the player has successfully put all the correct notes into a group, they started the "Link" combo meter. Which increases each time they form a group with all the correct notes. Making an unsuccesful group on the other hand resets the combo meter to zero, and Conan will give hints about what notes should be put. Players can also uses "Conan's Hint" to recieve hints without having to make a mistake first.

    Conan also have access to his Turbo Engine Skateboard and Detective Boys Badge from the start. The former can be used to move around faster. While the latter is used to talks with the rest of the Detective Boys members from afar.

    Outside of the main gameplay. The Mirapolis features an arcade and multple attractions. These hosts seveval minigames the players can play to earn "Passport Points". Which can be spent to unlocking bonus pictures, and a selection of soundtracks from the anime.

    Translation changes

    Video game

    • The names of the characters in the English version of the game are:
    • Moe Kasuga - C.J. Arnold
    • Naoya Imaizumi - Al Watson
    • Tadaki Kai - Jack Chase
    • Utako Kai - Utako Chase
    • Kyoichi Kurosaki - Keith Kozlof
    • Megumi Oikawa - Meg Wexham
    • Emily Hanayama - Emily Hill
    • Linda Hanayama - Linda Hill
    • Shunsaku Ogino - Jim Oger
    • Yuri Matoba - Jess Rayburn


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