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The German version of the Shonen Sunday Books and Specials is published by Egmont Manga, also responsible for the serialization of the main series. The first special realized by Egmont Manga was Detektiv Conan vs. Kaito Kid, published in October 2011 and based off the Japanese version. 2 years would pass until Special Black Edition would be released in March 2011. From then on, releases would be made at regular intervals once every few months. Between May 2014 and October 2016, the books and specials were made available as e-books, along the regular manga.

In August 2015, Egmont started releasing adaptation of the movies from the Specials Shonen Sunday Comics Visual Selections under the name "Anime Film Comics". Shortly after, in November, the series was stopped and no further releases were made. In March 2016, a German speaking-exclusive was published for the first time, the Shinichi Edition[1]. Other German exclusives include compilations dedicated to Kogoro, Ran and Haibara, as well as a fan edition released after a voting contest in February 2022[2].

The most recent German special book is its adaptation of the Heiji and Kazuha selection, published in October 2022. The editor announced in February 2023 that more volumes were to come[3]. The Complete Color Works special was announced in October 2021, but is still pending release as of 2023.

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