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Chapter 6

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Title: From Third-Rate to Great Detective
Japanese title: 迷探偵を名探偵に
(Meitantei wo Meitantei ni)
Original release: February 9th, 1994
Shōnen Sunday issue: #10/1994
Volume: 1
Pages: 16
Anime adaption: Episode 3: An Idol's Locked Room Murder Case
Viz Media version
English title: From Third-Rate to Great Detective
English release: September 7, 2004
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From Third-Rate to Great Detective (迷探偵を名探偵に Meitantei wo Meitantei ni?) is the sixth chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #10/1994 on February 9th, 1994 and later on reprinted as part of Volume 1 on June 18th, 1994. It was also featured as the first chapter of the compilation book Detective Conan Romantic Selection 1.



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In order of introduction:



In order of introduction:


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Conan Edogawa is living at the Mouri Detective Agency now, but no new information about the "men in black" is incoming. Kogoro Mouri himself is goofing off all day and Ran Mouri is away for school, more or less continuing her everyday life. Conan quickly learns during a visit to professor Hiroshi Agasa that life for her isn't all that sunshine and roses and gets his first gadget made by him, a Voice-Changing Bowtie. Back at the Mouri's residence, Kogoro's favorite pop idol Yoko Okino appears in person, with her manager Eiichi Yamagishi in tow, and inquires about Kogoro's help in her apartment...




Eiichi Yamagishi is modeled and named after one of Gosho's assistants.
  • Masaki Negishi and Yutaka Tani, two assistants of Gosho Aoyama, can be seen on TV, in the series Kogoro Mouri watches, with Tani hitting Negishi.
  • Yoko Okino and Eiichi Yamagishi are both based on real people acquainted with Gosho. The former is named after the mangaka Yōko Okino (沖野ヨーコ), who was studying manga art at Nihon University in a higher semester the same time Gosho studied there.
  • Yoko's manager, Yamagishi, on the other hand, is another of Gosho's assistants, this time not only named, but even modeled after him (judging by how he is usually portrayed in other manga and the Omakes). According to Gosho, Yamagishi is in charge of designing and drawing technical stuff, like machinery, vehicles, weapons and architecture. He already had some cameos and mentions in previous works, like WALK MAN, Nonchalant Lupin, Magic Kaito, Yaiba and 3rd Base 4th.

Real Life Models

Yoko Okino's apartment complex

The apartment complex Yoko Okino lives in is modeled after the Cite Neuve Kita-Senju, a skyscraper in the district of the same name around Kita-Senju Station in the Adachi Ward of Tokyo. Gosho Aoyama was living in Kita-Senju himself not long before serialization of Detective Conan started and used the surroundings there as inspiration for his works.


Magic Kaito

RZ-04 is sleeping between Professor Agasa's scraps.

Shōnen Sunday Q&A

Every issue of the Shōnen Sunday features a question asked by the magazine to the manga artists featured in it. The one accompanying this chapter was:

The present that made you most happy so far is
"The Sword of Lightning God I received when YAIBA became animated."
(Translation by justwantanaccount)


  • This is the first time hinted at Kogoro Mouri's past as a policeman - a pretty talented one to boot, according to professor Hiroshi Agasa.
  • Despite Agasa being more of a engineer and mechanic, he's doing rather stereotypical chemical science experiments a lot during these early chapters, which doesn't happen anymore later on.
  • Interestingly, Ran Mouri in fact remembers Gin and Vodka from Tropical Land and that Shinichi Kudo definitely wanted to follow those and has sparsely appeared since then, "working on a case", suspecting that these two strangers might be involved in his disappearance.
  • Besides the RZ-04 (refer to the "Crossover" section), there's a jack-in-the-box, a strange pistol (maybe a miniature of Kid's Card Gun?), a light bulb, an umbrella, something which seems to be a wallet and another robot inbetween Agasa's scraps.
  • There's canned beer by Kirin in front of the sleeping Kogoro and it looks like he ate a bag of dried squid. There's also seemingly a list of bets before him - the first indication that he's big on betting games.
  • The TV show he wants to watch seems to be called "Idol goro goro!!".


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