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Spanish version started in 1998 published by Planeta DeAgostini Comics (since October 2014 Planeta Comics, a Planeta company). After 6 volumes the company paused the publication due to low sales. After 9 months it continued with a cheaper price but finally it was cancelled in year 2000, after 13 volumes. Two years later and after the anime being showed in some TVs, the company decide to continue the series in a new format, called "Vol. 2". This format split a regular volume in two, in order to have a lower price per sale. As first issue was difficult to find in stores, a new version called "Vol. 1" was launched in 2004, including the first 13 volumes. In issue 33 "Vol.2" volumes started to have the same pages number has the original Japanese version, causing a different numeration in Spanish version.

In 2011 decided to create a own Tankōbon version, selling 2 regular volumes in a unique book. This version is know as "Detective Conan (Nueva Edición)" (Detective Conan (new edition) in Spanish) and has no difference with the old versions.

This version is translated by Jesús Pece (vol. 1-10), Nacha Medrano and Katsu Kikuchi (vol. 11-13), Sandra de Lamo (vol. 1-32 of "Vol. 2"), Marc Bernabé and Verònica Calafell (vol. 33-34 of "Vol 2"), Marta E. Gallego (vol. 35 and 37-70 of "Vol. 2") and Jesús Espí (vol. 36 and vol. 71-90 of "Vol. 2"). The direction of reading is inverted from the Japanese version. Puns are adapted to Spanish (sometimes adapting also the drawing) and as image is inverted, left handed people is right handed in this version and translation tries to adapt that. Also, the characteristic Conan image in the book spine is only show in the fist issue edition, the others (vol.1, vol2. and the new edition) doesn't have it. This version is sold in Spain and Andorra.

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  1. ^ Until volume 26 Sherry is wrong transliterated as Cherry
  2. ^ Tokyo should be written in spanish as Tokio. Only title has this spelling error
  3. ^ In index, it appears as "Un fantasma del tiempo"
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