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Magic Kaito is a popular manga series in China and many versions were published other than the main licensed version by Changchun Publishing House (长春出版社), including some pirated versions. In Hong Kong, the legislature is different, meaning that publishing rights are not under jurisdiction of mainland China. Thus, the license publisher of Magic Kaito in Hong Kong is Edko Publishing Limited (安樂文潮出版有限公司). Both companies publish the main manga in their respective territories. Here is a list of all versions of Magic Kaito made in China.


Changchun Publishing House (长春出版社) is the only legal publisher for the series in mainland China and has published 4 volumes so far.


Edko Publishing Limited (安樂文潮出版有限公司) is the only legal publisher for the series in Hong Kong and has published 4 volumes so far.


Mandian Cultural Publishers Co., Ltd. (漫典文化出版社有限公司) is a minor publishing company in China. It has published 4 volumes so far, illegally. They have however managed to obtain real licenses for certain series[1].

Special cases


As Taiwan is a region mainland China claims, but has no control over, the Chinese publishing laws do not apply in Taiwan. The licensed publisher in Taiwan is Chingwin Publishing Group. So far, all 5 volumes have been published, including the Treasured Edition of each volume.




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