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Detective Conan FBI Selection

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Author: Gosho Aoyama
Release date: April 18, 2014
Original Cost: 850円
ISBN: ISBN 978-4091246806
Publisher: Shogakukan
Cases taken from Volumes 27, 29, 49, 58, 59, 60, 67 and 74

Detective Conan FBI Selection (名探偵コナン・FBIセレクション Meitantei Konan FBI Serekushon?) is a 2014 compilation book of manga cases in which members of the FBI play an important role.

The collection covers many of Conan's meetings with FBI members between Volume 27 and Volume 74. Between the cases, there are information pages called "Secret File", which give the reader an overview about characters and relevant cases.


The Battle Game Trap

Chapters taken from Volume 27

File 270 - Game Start

File 271 - TTX...

File 272 - Game Over

Secret File

  • Jodie Starling profile

The Mysterious Passenger

Chapters taken from Volume 29

File 287 - The Unseen Horror

File 288 - Danger Signal

File 289 - Concealed Beneath The Truth

Secret File

  • Shuichi Akai profile
  • James Black profile
  • Andre Camel profile

Targeted by the Black Organization

Chapters taken from Volume 49

File 503 - Black Organization vs. FBI 1

File 504 - Black Organization vs. FBI 2

Secret File

  • Clash of Red and Black - Analysis

Clash of Red and Black: Ready to Die/Killed in the Line of Duty

Chapters taken from Volume 58 & Volume 59

File 608 - Magic Spell

File 609 - Wedge of Steel

Secret File

  • Bourbon profile

Red, White, Yellow, and the Detective Boys

Chapters taken from Volume 60

File 622 - Red, White, and Yellow

File 623 - Kuroshiro-kun

File 624 - A New Neighbor

Secret File

  • Subaru Okiya profile

The Red Shaking Target

Chapters taken from Volume 67

File 700 - The Dangerous Area

File 701 - Hint of Red and 13

File 702 - The Bomber's Aim

File 703 - The Truth Within the Snowstorm

File 704 - Silent Clash

Secret File

  • Masumi Sera profile

Conan vs. Heiji, Deduction Battle Between the Detectives of the East and West

Chapters taken from Volume 74

File 778 - Which One is the Great(er) Detective?

File 779 - Abe-chan

File 780 - The Magical Food

Secret File

  • Murder in the Bell Tree Express

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