Detective Conan vs Kaitou Kid

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Detective Conan vs Kaitou Kid

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Author: Gosho Aoyama
Release date: April 2, 2010
Original Cost: 850円
ISBN: ISBN 978-4091222541
Publisher: Shogakukan
Cases taken from Volumes 46, 53, 61, 64, 65 and 68

Detective Conan vs Kaitou Kid (名探偵コナンvs.怪盗キッド Meitantei Konan vs. Kaitō Kiddo?) is a 2010 compilation book of manga cases in which Kaitou Kid plays an important role. The collection covers many of Kaitou Kid cases Volume 46 and Volume 68. Between the cases, there are information pages called "Kid Case Files", which give a brief summary of Kid cases not depicted in the book.


Bid Adventure in the Eccentric Mansion[edit]

Chapters taken from Volume 46

File 475 - Seal[edit]

File 476 - Trick[edit]

File 477 - Sacred Treasure[edit]

File 478 - Immortal[edit]

Kid Case File 1[edit]

Kaitou Kid and the Four Masterpieces[edit]

Chapters taken from Volume 53

File 544 - Guren[edit]

File 545 - Konjiki[edit]

File 546 - Seiran[edit]

File 547 - Junbaku[edit]

Kid Case File 2[edit]

Kaitou Kid's Teleportation Magic[edit]

Chapters taken from Volume 61

File 631 - The Purple Nail[edit]

File 632 - Instant Movement[edit]

File 633 - Three Taboos[edit]

File 634 - Zero[edit]

Kid Case File 3[edit]

Kaitou Kid vs. the Strongest Safe[edit]

Chapters taken from Volume 64 & Volume 65

File 674 - Iron Tanuki[edit]

File 675 - Concealment[edit]

File 676 - Unlocking[edit]

Kid Case File 4[edit]

Kid vs. the Four Divine Detective Boys[edit]

Chapters taken from Volume 68

File 712 - Azure Dragon[edit]

File 713 - Vermilion Bird[edit]

File 714 - White Tiger[edit]

File 715 - Black Tortoise[edit]

Kid Case File 5[edit]

Cover in other countries[edit]

Italy (Volume 1)
Italy (Volume 2)

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