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The French version of the Detective Conan manga started in 1997 published by Kana (A Dargaud Lombard company). This version is translated by Misato Raillard (vol. 1-24 and 57-64), Thibaud Desbief (vol. 25-41), Delphine Gesland (vol. 42-55), Sacha Demazy (vol. 56), Olivier Huet (vol. 65-74) and Cyril Coppini (since volume 75). The direction of reading is the same as Japanese version. This version is sold in France, Belgium, French Canada and Switzerland.

Originally, prices were set at 6,75 euros. At the end of 2012, for the release of volume 70, prices were raised to 6,85 euros. In mid-2022, Kana announces the raise of the prices from 6,85 to 6,95, effective in July 2022 for the release of volume 100[1],[2]. In May 2023, Kana announced a new price raise, due to increase in the price of materials, which saw the price corrected to 7,10 euros, effective July 2023[3].

At the Pop Asia Matsuri convention of 2021, Kana offered five bookplates for every purchase of three mangas. One of the five bookplates was one of Movie 17[4]. At the end of November 2022, Kana held a popularity contest of 66 Detective Conan characters[5]. Results revealed on December 13, 2022 are : 1st place Conan, 2nd place Haibara, 3rd place Shinichi, 4th place Kaitou Kid, 5th place Heiji, 6th place Akai, 7th place Ran, 8th place Amuro, 9th place Kogoro and 10th place Takagi[6].



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