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The first issue featured the sticker "From the author of Detective Conan".
Back cover.

The French version of the Yaiba manga was published in France by Soleil Manga, a division of Soleil Productions. Contrary to the French translation of the main series, done by Kana. In the beginning of 2006, Soleil Manga announced its intention to publish the series and a first volume was published on January 15th[1]. Prices were raised to 6,95 euros in January 2009, with the release of volume 17. In 2012, the editor announced the release of the last 2 volumes of the series in Q1 and Q4 respectively[2]. Prices for volumes 23 and 24 were also adjusted to 6,99. Prices were raised in Q3 2023 to 7,29 euros.

It is translated by Thibaud Desbief and licensed by The Kashima Agency, and distributed by Hachette Éditions. It is printed by Aubin Imprimeur.



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