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Transmitter Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 発振器
Romaji name: Hasshinki[1]
Created by: Professor Agasa
Used by: Conan Edogawa
First appearance: Manga: File 13
Anime: Episode 13
Appearances: Chapters: 8
Episodes: 10
Movies: 5
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The transmitter (発振器 hasshinki?) is the eighth gadget created by Agasa for Conan. It is compatible with the Criminal Tracking Glasses.


A transmitter used by Conan and created by Agasa so Conan could keep track of criminal in longer distances than only with his Glasses Modification. It also contains an inbuilt microphone, which can capture sound and transmit it. Easily hidden, he usually puts it on people's clothes and follow the people's action with his lenses.


Source Reason
Episode 311 / File 383  Attempted to track Vodka by attaching it to Suguru Itakura's system software disk.
Movie 22  Track Yuya Kazami's location.


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