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Detective Conan in Vietnam

Detective Conan Vietnamese Logo.jpg

Language: Vietnamese
Continents: Asia
No. of Episodes: 324
Dubbed by: HTV3
No. of Volumes: 95 (as of March 29, 2019)
No. of Magic Kaito Volumes: 5 (as of May 25, 2018)
Published by: Nhà xuất bản Kim Đồng
(Kim Đồng Publishing House)

Detective Conan in Vietnamese is called Thám tử lừng danh Conan, which literally means Renowned Detective Conan. Sometimes it is just simply called Conan by the fans.

Anime & Movies & TV Specials

Detective Conan anime was dubbed by HTV3, and first broadcast on HTV3 in December 26, 2009, it aired on Saturday and Sunday every week at 5:00 p.m. and rebroadcast every summer on the same channel. They only dubbed to episode 100 (112 in Japanese version); several episodes were skipped for some unknown reason. The series stopped here for several years until HTV3 announced that they will continue to broadcast the anime from where they left at episode 101 (113 in Japanese version) at 6:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday every week beginning from January 6, 2017. They paused at episode 199 (202 in Japanese version) on May 24, 2017 and has continued on starting from June 26, 2017.

From November 20, 2016, HTV3 has started broadcasting the first 19 movies of Detective Conan at 11:00 a.m. and 7:55 p.m. every Sunday.

HTV3 proclaimed that they will broadcast the 6th TV special of Detective Conan— Episode One: The Great Detective Turned Small—on April 21, 2017.


Detective Conan manga was first published in Vietnam in 2000 by Kim Đồng Publishing House and has been reissued many times. The first time it was published in 100% Japanese style (with right to left reading order) was in 2009, and it's currently on-going. Detective Conan was the most popular and best selling manga in Kim Đồng Publishing House and also in the whole country.[citation needed] As of February 2018, the manga series has reached Volume 93. Kim Đồng Publishing House also published Detective Conan Special manga, Detective Conan Novels and Magic Kaito manga. They have already released up to Volume 42 for the Special manga, Volume 9 for the Novels and Volume 4 for Magic Kaito manga. Additional published volumes can be found in the See Also section.


Detective Conan Anime Logo in Vietnamese: Episode 1-100 (1-112 in Japanese version)
Detective Conan Anime Logo in Vietnamese: Episode 101-??? (113-??? in Japanese version)
Detective Conan Manga Logo in Vietnamese


Character Voice actors
Picture Name Name Notes
Conan Edogawa 60px.jpg Conan Edogawa Hoàng Sơn
Hoàng Khuyết
Shinichi Kudo 60px.jpg Shinichi Kudo Hoàng Sơn
Hoàng Khuyết
Ran Mouri 60px.jpg Ran Mouri Huyền Chi
Thúy Hằng
Kogoro Mouri 60px.jpg Kogoro Mouri Trần Vũ
Sonoko Suzuki 60px.jpg Sonoko Suzuki Minh Chuyên
Thiên Di
Ngọc Quyên
Hiroshi Agasa 60px.jpg Hiroshi Agasa Chơn Nhơn
Juzo Megure 60px.jpg Juzo Megure Bá Nghị
Trí Luân
Ayumi Yoshida 60px.jpg Ayumi Yoshida Thanh Hồng
Kim Ngọc
Genta Kojima 60px.jpg Genta Kojima Kiêm Tiến
Thiện Trung
Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya 60px.jpg Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya Trường Tân
Chánh Tín
Minh Vũ
Ai Haibara 60px.jpg Ai Haibara Ái Phương
Linh Phương
Ninzaburo Shiratori 60px.jpg Ninzaburo Shiratori Tuấn Anh
Wataru Takagi 60px.jpg Wataru Takagi Trường Tân
Quang Tuyên
Miwako Sato 60px.jpg Miwako Sato Huyền Trang
Heiji Hattori 60px.jpg Heiji Hattori Tiến Đạt
Quang Tuyên
Kazuha Toyama 60px.jpg Kazuha Toyama Thu Hiền
Eri Kisaki 60px.jpg Eri Kisaki Lê Hà
Kim Ngọc
Sango Yokomizo 60px.jpg Sango Yokomizo Huy An
Minh Vũ
Yusaku Kudo 60px.jpg Yusaku Kudo Tiến Đạt
Tất My Ly
Minh Vũ
Yukiko Kudo 60px.jpg Yukiko Kudo Lê Hà
Huyền Trang
Kim Phước
Jirokichi Suzuki 60px.jpg Jirokichi Suzuki Tất My Ly
Subaru Okiya 60px.jpg Subaru Okiya Minh Vũ
Masumi Sera 60px.jpg Masumi Sera Linh Phương
Shuichi Akai 60px.jpg Shuichi Akai Minh Vũ
Jodie Starling 60px.jpg Jodie Starling Thu Huyền
James Black 60px.jpg James Black Hạnh Phúc
Andre Camel 60px.jpg Andre Camel Chánh Tín
Gin 60px.jpg Gin Quốc Tín
Tất My Ly
Chánh Tín
Trần Vũ
Vodka 60px.jpg Vodka Minh Vũ
Quang Tuyên
Vermouth 60px.jpg Vermouth Hoài Thương
Chianti 60px.jpg Chianti Kim Anh
Korn 60px.jpg Korn Tấn Phong
Quang Tuyên
Kaitou Kid 60px.jpg Kaitou Kid Trường Tân
Huy An
Minh Vũ
Ginzo Nakamori 60px.jpg Ginzo Nakamori Huy An
Thiện Trung
Minh Vũ
Saguru Hakuba 60px.jpg Saguru Hakuba Minh Vũ
Hidemi Hondou 60px.jpg Hidemi Hondou Ngọc Quyên
Eisuke Hondou 60px.jpg Eisuke Hondou Quang Tuyên

List of Detective Conan episodes in Vietnamese

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9

Season 10

Season 11

Season 12

Season 13

Some Vietnamese episode numbers do not match the Japanese episode numbers because several episodes were skipped, so it was not in the same order as the original Japanese version.

List of Detective Conan movies in Vietnamese

List of Detective Conan TV specials in Vietnamese

Opening & Ending Themes

HTV3 used the instrumental version of Detective Conan first opening, Mune ga Dokidoki, as the opening of the series, and the instrumental version of Detective Conan's first ending, STEP BY STEP, as the ending of the series. They used both of these songs for the first 100 episodes (112 in Japanese version). From episode 101 (113 in Japanese version) and beyond, HTV3 has started using the same opening and ending themes as the original Japanese version.

Conan's opening speech


Episode 4-100 (4-112 in Japanese version)

"Thám tử trung học lừng danh Kudo Shinichi bị một tổ chức áo đen cho uống thuốc độc khiến cơ thể teo nhỏ và trở thành Edogawa Conan! Mặc dù thân thể bị teo nhỏ, nhưng với trí tuệ của thám tử lừng danh 17 tuổi! Mình sẽ tiếp tục phá được nhiều vụ án mà người lớn phải đau đầu suy nghĩ!"

("Famous high school detective Shinichi Kudo was forced to take a poison by a black organization that shrunk his body and became Conan Edogawa! Although my body has turned small, but with the intellect of a famous 17-year-old detective! I will continue to solve many cases that even adults had a hard time to think!")

Episode 101-112 (113-123 in Japanese version)

"Những cuộc gặp gỡ đều vô cùng kỳ bí! Dù các vụ án ngày càng hóc búa! Nhưng có bạn ở bên tôi! Tôi thật sự rất vui!"

("Encounters are mysterious! Although cases keep getting tougher! But with you by my side! I am really happy!")

Episode 113-134 (124-142 in Japanese version)

"Bằng chứng, mật mã, thủ đoạn, giao dịch, tổ chức bí ẩn trong trang phục đen."

("Evidence, codes, tricks, deals, a mysterious organization in black.")

Episode 135-160 (143-167 in Japanese version)

"Suy luận sắc bén chỉ trong chớp mắt, khi bắt đầu, sẽ không dừng lại!"

("Sharp deduction in a flash, once it starts, it won't stop!")

Episode 161-201 (168-204 in Japanese version)

"Dòng nước chảy không có hình dạng. Cơn gió thổi không có bóng dáng. Suy luận tự do trong mọi vụ án!"

("Flowing water has no form. Rustle winds are invisible. The deduction has freedom in every case!")

Episode 202-231 (205-230 in Japanese version)

"Tôi luôn nói với lòng mình hãy luôn dũng cảm và tìm ra sự thật bằng giai điệu mạnh mẽ!"

("I regularly tell my heart to always be brave and find the truth by the powerful tunes!")

Episode 232-259 (231-258 in Japanese version)

"Suy luận và gợi ý luôn được kết nối với nhau. Giúp chúng ta hiểu được những bí ẩn của vụ án!"

("Deductions and hints are always linked together. Allowing us to understand the mysteries of the case!")

Episode 260-274 (259-270 in Japanese version)

"Sâu thẳm trong tim là những bí ẩn. Tỏa sáng xung quanh là tuyết và sao!"

("Deep inside the heart are the mysteries. Shining around us are snow and stars!")

Episode 275-312 (271-305 in Japanese version)

"Ranh giới giữa yêu và ghét, chính là sự do dự và nghi ngờ lẫn nhau!"

("The boundary between love and hate, is the hesitation and mutual suspicion!")


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