Cactus's Flower Murder Case

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Episode 37
(Int. Episode 38)

TV Episode 37.jpg

Title: Cactus's Flower Murder Case
Japanese title: サボテンの花殺人事件
(Saboten no Hana Satsujin Jiken)
Original airdate: November 11, 1996
January 23, 2016 (Remastered version)
Broadcast rating: 18.5%
Remastered rating: 8%
Filler case: #13
Season: 2
Manga source: TV Original
English version
English title: Prickly Past
Dubbed episode: Episode 38
English airdate: July 27, 2004
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Detective Boys
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Next Conan's Hint: Portrait
Plastic container (Remastered version)
Director: Kenji Kodama
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Kuchiru Kazehara
Episode director: Susumu Ishizaki
Animation Director: Hirotoshi Takaya
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Yasuhiro Moriki (design works)
Opening song: Feel Your Heart
Closing song: Meikyū no Lovers
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Cactus's Flower Murder Case (サボテンの花殺人事件 Saboten no Hana Satsujin Jiken?) is the 37th episode of Detective Conan anime.




When a pretty girl hires Kogoro to help her find an old flame, it seems like a routine case. But when Conan finds out that the man she is looking for was responsible for the death of her fiancé, he realizes that romance is the farthest thing from her mind. What is she planning to do?

Accident (Past)

EP37a Case.jpg

Location: Near Shinshūshin town
Victim: Tatsuo Yamaguchi
Time: 6 months ago
Cause of death: Car crash and explosion from gasoline
Culprits: Tsuyoshi Kitagawa and Naomi
Noriko and Tatsuo were hounded by a red sports car (Toyota Celica Liftback) while driving on some cliffs. The driver, Tatsuo, lost control of his Green Mitsubishi Libero Monte. After wrecking, the gas tank exploded. A group of bystanders managed to help Noriko escape in time, but Tatsuo was burnt alive.


  • Resolution

    Remastered version

    A remastered version of this case was aired on January 23, 2016.

    Translation changes


    • The names of the characters in the Funimation Dub are:
    • Noriko Okaya - Nora Odell
    • Tatsuo Yamaguchi - Terry York
    • Saeki - James Soto
    • Tsuyoshi Kitagawa - Trent Cook
    • Naomi - Olivin


    • Noriko Okaya drives a silver metallic 1996 Toyota Starlet [P90], Tatsuo Yamaguchi a kielder green Mitsubishi Libero Monte, Saeki a white Toyota Crown, and Tsuyoshi Kitagawa a red Toyota Celica Liftback. Kitagawa's car's license plate is 新宿 57, は 33-96 (Shinjuku 57, Ha 33-96) and Yamaguchi's is 新宿 57, い 11-36 (Shinjuku 57, I 11-36).

    BGM listing

    # Song Title Romaji Translation OST
    1 Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart Feel Your Heart
    2 新一の名推理 Shin'ichi no Meisuiri Shinichi's Great Deduction Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
    3 新一の名推理 Shin'ichi no Meisuiri Shinichi's Great Deduction Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
    4 事件現場2 Jiken Genba 2 Scene of the Case 2 Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    5 事件現場 (謎ver.) Jiken Genba (Nazo ver.) Scene of the Case (Mystery ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    6 コナンの危機 Konan no Kiki Conan's Crisis Detective Conan Original Soundtrack Super Best
    7 謎解き (その1) Nazotoki (Sono 1) Riddle Solution (Part 1) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
    8 夢をとめないでいて Yume o Tomenaide Ite Don't Stop Dreaming Feel Your Heart
    9 怪人包帯男2 Kaijin Hōtai Otoko 2 The Mysterious Bandaged Man 2 Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
    10 事件の謎 Jiken no Nazo Mystery of the Case Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 3
    11 蘭のテーマ (涙ver.) Ran no Tēma (Namida ver.) Ran's Theme (Tearful ver.) Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 2
    12 迷宮のラヴァーズ Meikyū no Lovers Lovers' Labyrinth Meikyū no Lovers
    13 はずむ蘭 Hazumu Ran Bouncing Ran Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 1


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Arabic Arabic قضية زهرة الصبار Cactus Flower Case
    Flag of Basque Country Basque Eguberriko kaktusa eta mendekua The Christmas cactus and revenge
    Flag of Balearic Islands Catalan (Balearic dub) S'assassinat des cactus Cactus murder
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalonia dub) El cas de l'assassinat del cactus Cactus murder case
    Flag of Valencia Catalan (Valencian dub) El cas de l'assassinat del cactus Cactus murder case
    Flag of France French Meurtre au cactus Murder With a Cactus
    Flag of Galicia Galician O asasinato da flor do cacto Cactus flower murder
    Flag of Germany German Der Kaktusblütenmord The Cactus Blossom Murder
    Flag of Italy Italian Mistero a tutta velocità Mistery at Full Speed
    Flag of Poland Polish Sprawa morderstwa z kaktusem w tle Murder Case with a Cactus in the Background
    Flag of US Spanish (American dub) El caso de los cactus navideños Christmas cactus case
    Flag of Spain Spanish (Castilian dub) El asesinato y la flor de cactus Murder and cactus flower
    Flag of Thailand Thai คดีฆาตกรรมดอกกระบองเพชร Cactus's flower murder case
    Flag of Republic of China Traditional Chinese 仙人掌花殺人事件 Cactus's Flower Murder Case
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Vụ án hoa xương rồng giáng sinh The Christmas Cactus's Flower Case

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