Detective Conan in Latin America

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Detective Conan in Latin America
Language: Spanish
Continents: America
No. of Episodes: 305 (283)

The Detective Conan anime has been broadcast in several Spanish Latin American countries as Peru (1998), Mexico (1999), Chile (2000), Argentina (2000) and Colombia (2001).


A unique dub has been made for all these countries (in so called "español neutro", a kind of standard Spanish). Episodes ahead from 124 have been only showed in Chile. This version has different dubs:

  • The dub for the first 123 episodes was made in Los Angeles (U.S.A.). Only first opening was used and Conan speech was always the same. All characters had Spanish names and recurrent characters not always have the same name. Some cultural references are also changes (for instance, Izu beaches are change to the Acapulco one). Epilogues were translated but neither dubbed nor broadcast.
  • 16 years later from the previous dub, a new one started from episode 124 in Chile (in few episodes, some additional voices were recorded in Venezuela). New voice actors were given to all characters and Japanese names remained intact in this time. Episodes where broadcast without cuts.

In the Chilean version, some songs where dubbed, usually dubbing cost was defrayed with crowdfunding and principal singer was Salomé Anjarí:

  • Opening 5 was translated and dubbed to Spanish, but TMS didn't allow its use.
  • Opening 8 was dubbed again in Japanese, but TMS didn't allow its use.
  • Opening 9 was translated, dubbed and broadcast in Spanish.
  • Opening 10 was translated, dubbed and sell in CD, but not broadcast.
  • Ending 9 starts with Ran voice saying "Hay algo que todavía no puedo confesarte... Es, el secreto de mi corazón" (There's something I still cannot confess you... It's, secret of my heart). Then, the original Japanese version by Mai Kuraki is hear, but when Chorus start it is singed in English by Jessica Toledo (Ran voice).
  • Ending 14 was translated, dubbed and broadcast in Spanish, singed by Jessica Toledo (Ran voice).
  • All songs for movie The Last Wizard of the Century were dubbed, but at the end TMS unauthorised its use, despite Kimi ga Ireba was showed in a trailer.
TV Station Name Channel type and company Censure Transmissions periods Seasons Season premiere Notes
Frecuencia Latina.png Frecuencia Latina Free to view.
Private TV:
Compañía Latinoamericana de Radiodifusión
1998-1999 1 - 63?
Azteca 7.png Azteca 7 Free to view.
Private TV:
TV Azteca
1999-2004 1 - 12
La RED.png La RED Free to view.
Private TV:
Compañía Chilena de Televisión
1998-2000 1 - 63?
Etc... TV.png etc... TV Pay per view.
Private TV:
Discovery Communications
Hernán Schmidt
1 - 63
64 - 123 2001?
124 - 152 November 10 2014
153 - 193 2015
194 - 237 2016
238 - 283 August 7 2017
Chilevisión.png Chilevisión Free to view.
Private TV:
2006? 1 - 123?
Liv TV Canal 54.png Liv TV Canal 54 Free to view.
Private TV:
Grupo ANPE
2013 1 - 123?
ITV Patagonia.png ITV Patagonia Free to view.
Private TV:
ITV Patagonia
2014 1 - 123? Only for Punta Arenas area
Canal 33.png Canal 33 Free to view.
Private TV:
Sociedad y difusión Armonía Ltda
2014-2017 1 - 123? Only for North Cautín area
Magic Kids.png Magic Kids Pay per view.
Private TV:
2000-2002 1 - 63? June 2000
RCN Televisión.png RCN Televisión Free to view.
Private TV:
Organización Ardila Lülle
2001 1 - 63?
Señal Colombia.png Señal Colombia Free to view.
Public TV:
radio Televisión Nacional de Colombia
2018 Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie August 20 2018 In Japanese with Spanish subtitles

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