Detective Conan in Poland

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Detective Conan in Poland
Language: Polish
Continents: Europe
No. of Episodes: 51

Detective Conan (Polish : Detektyw Conan) was first broadcasted in 2009 on AXN Sci Fi.


In 2004, the Polish branch of Egmont listed Detective Conan on their release schedule, as reported by the now defunct website However, the release never came to be for unknown reasons.


Detective Conan made its Polish anime debut on AXN Sci Fi on July 28, 2009, which only broadcasted the first 51 episodes subtitled. The subtitles were translated by Dorota Kiezik and produced at SDI Media Polska. Later, the youth channel AXN Spin aired the first movie with a voice-over dub. The script was translated by Tomasz Potocki and read by Jan Wilkans, also produced at SDI Media Polska. On July 29th 2022, Netflix released the Zero's Tea Time anime series worldwide with Polish subtitles and a dub. This was the first time any piece of Detective Conan media was dubbed into Polish. The dub was produced at Master Film, directed by Artur Urbański with an ADR script written by Maciej Błahuszewski.

TV Station Name Channel type and company Censure Transmissions periods Seasons Season premiere Notes
AXN Sci Fi.png AXN Sci Fi Pay to view.
Private TV:
Sony Pictures television
2009-? 1 - 51 July 28 2009
AXN Spin.png AXN Spin Pay to view.
Private TV:
Sony Pictures television
2012 Movie 1 February 26 2012


Character Voice actors
Picture Name Name Notes
Rei Furuya 60px.jpg Rei Furuya Jędrzej Hycnar Zero's Tea Time
Azusa Enomoto 60px.jpg Azusa Enomoto Marta Dobecka Zero's Tea Time
Yuya Kazami 60px.jpg Yuya Kazami Kamil Pruban Zero's Tea Time
Vermouth 60px.jpg Vermouth Aleksandra Nowicka Zero's Tea Time
Andre Camel 60px.jpg Andre Camel Dariusz Odija Zero's Tea Time
Elena Miyano 60px.jpg Elena Miyano Aleksandra Nowicka Zero's Tea Time
Yoko Okino 60px.jpg Yoko Okino Aleksandra Kowalicka Zero's Tea Time
Reiko Tsuruyama 60px.jpg Reiko Tsuruyama Hanna Kinder-Kiss Zero's Tea Time

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