Hideyuki Hori

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Hideyuki Hori

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: March 23, 1954
Place of birth: Setagaya, Tokyo
Voice of: Tomoaki Araide
Younger brother of Yukitoshi Hori

Hideyuki Hori (堀 秀行 Hori Hideyuki?), born March 23, 1954, is a seiyu from Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.

In Detective Conan he voices Tomoaki Araide. His older brother, Yukitoshi Hori, voices Gin.

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  • Apart from Detective Conan, Hideyuki and Yukitoshi have appeared in many anime together, such as Saint Seiya (as Ikki and Tatsumi), Sakigake!! Otokojuku (as Momo and Gekko), and Dragon Ball Z (as Ginyu and Dodoria). They also had a notable guest appearance on InuYasha as Tokajin and The Human Eating Tree. Although they both appeared in Kinnikuman (as Warsman and Neptuneman), they did not perform in the same show, as Yukitoshi appeared only in the sequel Scramble for the Throne, which contained a mostly different voice cast from the first series.
  • Hideyuki and Yukitoshi's father was actor Yuji Hori, most notable for playing Yoshinari in The Tale of Genji.

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