Nobuo Tanaka

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Nobuo Tanaka

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: August 1, 1935
Date of death: October 17, 2018
Location: Tokyo
Voice of: Shintaro Chaki
Kazuki Domoto

Nobuo Tanaka (田中 信夫 Tanaka Nobuo?), born August 1, 1935 and died October 17 2018 in Tokyo from oesphagal cancer, was a voice actor from Tokyo, Japan. He voiced numerous characters in Magic Kaito, Lupin III and One Piece. He received a special award at the 4th Seiyuu Awards in 2010. He died age 83 and funerals were held with his family and close friends.

In Detective Conan he voiced Shintaro Chaki and other minor characters.

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