Eiichi Yamagishi (character)

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Eiichi Yamagishi

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Japanese name: 山岸 栄一
(Yamagishi Eiichi)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Occupation: High school student
Idol manager
First appearance: Magic Kaito Manga: Omake 1
Yaiba Manga: Chapter 27
3rd Base 4th: Chapter 1
Detective Conan Manga: Omake 1
Detective Conan Anime: OVA 1
Appearances: Magic Kaito Manga: 3
Yaiba Manga: 3
Detective Conan Manga: 7
Detective Conan Anime: 2
Zero's Tea Time Manga: 1
Zero's Tea Time Anime: 1
Hanzawa the Criminal: 1
Japanese voice: Kazuya Ichijo
Toshimitsu Oda (Zero's Tea Time)

Eiichi Yamagishi (山岸 栄一 Yamagishi Eiichi?) is the alter-ego of eponymous mangaka Eiichi Yamagishi, an assistant of Gosho Aoyama who appears in several of his series. He's known to most Detective Conan fans as the manager of Yoko Okino, who's also based on a mangaka and past senior student of Gosho and Eiichi from the Ekoda Campus of Nihon University. He also got cameos in other Gosho works, like WALK MAN, Magic Kaito, Yaiba and 3rd Base 4th, additionally to the spin-offs Zero's Tea Time and Hanzawa the Criminal, made by other people.


In Detective Conan, Eiichi Yamagishi is portrayed as a rather silent person who tries to stay in the background of things and shies away from attention, as seen by his actions, when he tried to remove evidence from an active crime scene on the hunch alone that Yoko could be guilty and was the most vocal about trying not to drag the media's attention to the whole thing, even asking not to call the police when Akiyoshi Fujie's corpse was found.




Plot overview

WALK MAN plot overview

Eiichi Yamagishi is one of the people tied to the large log in the alternate dimension, getting threatened by a giant dragon.

Nonchalant Lupin plot overview

Yamagishi as an animal in Nonchalant Lupin.

Gosho Aoyama's assistants appear as several animals in Kaito Lupin's and Aoko Holmes' classroom, with Eiichi Yamagishi looking like some kind of Kitsune.

Magic Kaito plot overview

Magic Kaito NG Collection (Magic Kaito Manga: Volume 1 Omake)

Eiichi Yamagishi serves as cameraman during the "filming" of the Magic Kaito chapters from volume 1 during the Omake.

The Boy Who Bet on the Ball (Magic Kaito Manga: 11)

Two boys looking like younger versions of Gosho Aoyama's and Eiichi Yamagishi's alter-egos appear on the street, passing by Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori.

Omake Manga (Magic Kaito Manga: Volume 5 Omake)

Eiichi Yamagishi is one of the staff members getting "the gate for the other series" for a remodeling of Akako Koizumi's residence into the Kudo residence. Kaito Kuroba is flabbergasted that Gosho's just recycling settings.

Yamagishi, Gosho and Tani getting confronted by Kumo-Otoko in Yaiba.

Yaiba plot overview

Tasty Trap (Yaiba Manga: 27)

Eiichi Yamagishi, Gosho Aoyama, and Yutaka Tani enter a restaurant with "free food", actually a trap by Kumo-Otoko, disguised as the head cook, for Yaiba Kurogane and his friends. Kumo pulls out a couple of kitchen knives and scares the unwitting trio away before his actual targets arrive.

3rd Base 4th plot overview

Eiichi Yamagishi regularly appears as a member called "Yamagishi-san" of Shigeo Nagashima's baseball team at Kohnan High School.

Yamagishi as one of the three suspects.

Detective Conan plot overview

Bloody Idol Case (Manga: 6-9, Anime: 3)

Eiichi Yamagishi appears as Yoko Okino's manager and serves as one of the suspects during this case.

Gosho Aoyama and the Young Men's Detective Squad (Manga: Volume 2 Omake)

  • Detective Puppet Yama-chan in: Let's All Be Friends
    In the second comic strip, Eiichi Yamagishi, as a puppet, is singing about Gosho's miraculous drawing table, where everything you put down vanishes.

Gosho Aoyama Murder Case (Manga: Volume 3 Omake)

Eiichi Yamagishi in Detective Conan Omake 2.
  • Alcoholic Detective Yutaka Tani in: FILE.257 - The Tragedy of A
    Gosho Aoyama was killed by being stabbed with a knife, a syringe and other objects and Yutaka Tani tries to solve the case. After mentioning that the culprit must have been extremely angry about his victim, all the other assistants gulp, but Tani just brushes it off and suggests to bury Aoyama and forget about it.
  • The even chubbier detective Masaki Negishi in: Mr. Aoyama Doesn't Wake Up
    Masaki Negishi gets the request by Eiichi Yamagishi to wake up Aoyama, but he's dead. When he explains the situation to Eiichi, he suggests to let Aoyama sleep for another 30 minutes and play some games in the meantime.
  • Detective Puppet Yama-chan in: Let's All Be Friends
    The group plays baseball and the ball flies to the center fielder Aoyama, but he's dead - again.

Catch the Dangerous Criminal Gosho Aoyama! (Manga: Volume 4 Omake)

  • Detective Puppet Yama-chan in: Let's All Be Friends!
    Eiichi Yamagishi has found "miraculous glasses" enabling its wearer to talk with anything and everything. He talks to Gosho's car an ɛ̃fini, before he realizes that it's dead because no one drove it for half a year, saddening Keiji Aso and Masaki Negishi.
  • Big Head Detective Poet of Life Kishida in: What is the Prime of Youth?
    Aso, Yamagishi and Negishi reprimand Aoyama for killing Tani with a saber. Koichi Kishida appears, philosophizing about youth and comforting Aoyama.

On Location, TV Drama Murder Case (Anime: 21)

Eiichi Yamagishi reappears, in the anime only, in Yoko Okino's tow as her manager again at Beika Shrine, because a movie featuring her was currently filmed there.

Zero's Tea Time plot overview

Hanzo (Manga: 36)

Eiichi Yamagishi returns as Yoko Okino's manager during this chapter.

Hanzawa the Criminal plot overview

Different looks

Zero's Tea Time Episode 4