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*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/episodes Episodes - 929/932]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/episodes Episodes - 961/968]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/movies Movies - 22+Lupin/23+Lupin]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/movies Movies - 23+Lupin/23+Lupin]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/OVAs OVAs - 12/12]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/OVAs OVAs - 12/12]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/magicfiles Magic Files - 06/06]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/magicfiles Magic Files - 06/06]
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*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/dramaepisodes Drama Episodes - 13/13]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/dramaepisodes Drama Episodes - 13/13]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/specials TV/Web Specials - 06/06]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/specials TV/Web Specials - 06/06]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/openings Openings - 45+2/49+2]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/openings Openings - 50+2/51+2]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/endings Endings - 56+2/59+2]
*[http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/endings Endings - 56+2/61+2]
== Other ==
== Other ==

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Skyechan Profile.png

Age: ???
Gender: Female
First appearance: November 2009
Appearances: Throughout the Wiki! :)

Howdy do!

— Catchphrase


I've been editing on the wiki since 2009!

I entered in a good majority of the titles on the Anime News Network anime episode listing for Conan and was an editor of the Japanese version of the show at TV.com.

I was one of the main hosts for the Detective Conan World Podcast along with CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, and Icka.

I currently run a Detective Conan blog on Tumblr called Detective Conan Rewatch in which I watch every episode, movie, OVA, and TV special of the series as well as spin-offs such as the Magic Kaito 1412 series and specials, the drama specials and series, and also take a look at Aoyama's first main series, Yaiba.

Transliteration Style

  • I try to stick to Wikipedia's Manual of Style for romanization in Japanese articles. Wikipedia uses modified Hepburn romanization. For example, this means I write particles "he" (へ) as "e", "wo" (を) as "o", and "ha" (は) as "wa".

My Conan Collection





Theme songs

Movies Theme Singles



Waiting on in the mail

  • S.H. Figuarts Conan Edogawa figure
  • Super Digest 90+
  • Petite Nui Mascot Vol. 4 Box

Collection goals

skyechan's Detective Conan Rewatch status

Want to see my progress? Check out my Rewatch posts on my Tumblr! http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/

Rewatchbanner skyechan.png


Masumi Sera 60px.jpg This user is Female.
Kaitou Kid.jpg This user's Favourite Character is Kaitou Kid.
EP11 Case.jpg This user's Favourite Episode is
The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case
Mai Kuraki - Revive.jpg This user's favourite opening is Revive.
Ending35.jpg This user's favourite closing is
Hello Mr. my yesterday

Shinichi and Ran.jpg This User's Favorite couple is Shinichi and Ran
Kaito and Aoko.jpg This user's favorite couple is Kaito and Aoko

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