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Age: 22
Gender: *checks* Male. I'll check again later, don't worry.
Nicknames: CC, Carpet, Sonoko-chan (don't ask).
First appearance: May 10th, 2009
Appearances: I was a guest star on an episode of "Welcome Back, Kotter".

I am CarpetCrawler. I am an administrator of this wiki, having been appointed by Maurice as such on October 5th, 2009.

Takagi and Sato.jpg This user's favorite couple is Wataru and Miwako

Wiki experiences

My past wiki-related experience includes being a former editor of the English Wikipedia (you can view my edit stats here), as well as the Simple English Wikipedia.

Have any questions about the wiki? Feel free to ask me. Most likely I'll be able to help you out.


I do various things for the online Detective Conan fan community. I was a fansubber for the group "AZ Fansubs", having done work with editing and quality checking. I have also done work with "MCT Fansubs", and "The Detective Conan Translation Project".

I am also the host of Detective Conan World's Podcast. It is a job that I hope I never stop doing. I'm also one of the moderators of the forum. Have any questions, feel free to ask me.


Work here

I used to edit the wiki a lot more when there were only a few of us doing this (and at one point, it was just me.) Now, I edit it when I have some spare time or if I'm not working on other projects. I hope to do more work on this wiki when I have more open space. My work is scattered around here. I created most of the episode articles, a good chunk of the character articles, uploaded most of the pictures, and wrote most of the content for quite a few pages. It's just that others do a much better job than I, so now most of my work will probably involve fixing typos, updating the news, and relationship information.

Where else you can find me

You can find me on Twitter here. I am also one of the folks in charge of DCW's Facebook page, so feel free to stop by there if you need to contact me as well.


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