Meikyū no Lovers

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Closing 2


Original title: 迷宮のラヴァーズ
English title: Lovers' Labyrinth
Artist: heath
Episodes: 27~51
CD Info
Release date: October 7, 1996
CDs: 1
Tracks: 3
Original Cost: 1,020円
CD Number: PODH-1323
Record Label: Polydor Records
Oricon chart peak: #10
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Meikyū no Lovers is a single by the music group heath released October 7, 1996. The titular song is the 2nd closing of the anime.

Detective Conan closing info[edit]

The original version of the closing used a much slower and differently composed version of the song. This version only lasted a few episodes.



FUNimation version[edit]

FUNimation was not given "Meikyuu no Lovers" for the English release of the show. Instead FUNimation uses "STEP BY STEP" for the episodes this ending was used.

Song info[edit]

Chart placement[edit]

  • #10


Shinichi is walking in front of the flames
Shinichi and Conan
Ran and Shinichi

CD info[edit]

CD track listing[edit]

# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 迷宮のラヴァーズ Meikyuu no Lovers Lovers' Labyrinth 4:06
2 Daydream #002 Daydream #002 Daydream #002 6:55
3 迷宮のラヴァーズ(instrumental) Meikyuu no Lovers (instrumental) Lovers' Labyrinth (instrumental) 4:02

Note: Although heath's single cover artwork translates the song as "lovers of labyrinth" it would be more accurately translated as "Lovers' Labyrinth".




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