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The cover of the first Special volume released in Japan by Shogakukan on January 28, 1997.

Detective Conan Special (名探偵コナン特別編 Meitantei Konan Tokubetsuhen?) manga volumes consist of short stories drawn by Gosho Aoyama's assistants published under Shogakukan's Ladybug Comics (てんとうむしコミックス Tentō Mushi Comikkusu?) label. The stories found in the Special volumes hold no bearing on the plot of the main comic.[1][2]


[edit] Anime

During Detective Conan's 20+ year run only two short stories from the special volumes have been adapted into TV episodes: episode 86, The Kidnapping Location Case, and episode 113, The White Sandy Beach Murder Case. The Kidnapping Location Case episode is significant as it introduces the Electronic Notebook Map gadget, however this device has not been used since this case.

[edit] Chapters

[edit] Volume 1-10

[edit] Volume 11-20

[edit] Volume 21-30

[edit] Volume 31-40

[edit] Volume 41-50

[edit] Trivia

  • Shinichi not liking raisins originated from the Detective Conan Special series. It then joined the anime canon in Episode 854.
  • The character box of the Detective Conan Special volumes have stated since volume 1 that Ran "is Shinichi's girlfriend". This became true during the Kyoto Arc.

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[edit] References

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