Girigiri chop

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Opening 6


Original title: ギリギリchop
English title: on the edge chop
Artist: B'z
Episodes: 143~167
Official Video (Short Version)
CD Info
Release date: June 9, 1999
CDs: 1
Tracks: 2
Original Cost: 1,020円
CD Number: BMDR-2018
Record Label: Rooms RECORDS
Oricon chart peak: #1 (Weekly)
#19 (Yearly)
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girigiri chop is a single by the music group B'z released June 9, 1999. The titular song is the 6th opening of the anime. The other song on the single, ONE, was used as the closing theme to The Last Wizard of the Century.

Detective Conan opening info



Conan's opening speech



("Perceiving in a flash, once it starts, it won't stop!")

Catalan (Catalonia)

"És brillant com una espurna i té un enginy penetrant i precís. Quan comença, no l'atura res."

("Is shinny like a apark and a deep and accurate ingenuity. When he starts, nothing stops him.")

Catalan (Valencia)

"Coartades, codis secrets, trucs, acords. La misteriosa organització dels homes de negre"

("Alibis, secret codes, tricks, deals. The mysterious man in black organisation.")


"Relampos de inspiración que furan cara a verdade."

("Inspiration thunders that pierce towards truth.")


"Membuka Fakta Dalam Sekejap, Sekali bergulir, itu Tidak akan berhenti!"

Spanish (Spain)

"Tiene flashes de inspiración que le desvelan la verdad, y una vez que la ha descubierto nadie puede detenerle."

("He's got flashes of inspiration which reveal him the truth, and once he has uncovered it, no one can stop him.")

Episode 159
"Así como el agua corriente es incandescente y la brisa invisible, mis deducciones toman diferentes formas en cada uno de los misterios que debo resolver."

("Just like tap water is incandescent and the breeze invisible, my deductions take different ways in each mystery that I have to solve.")

Spanish (Latin America)

"Un golpe de inspiración que ilumina la verdad. Cuando se enciende, ya no se puede apagar."

("A inspiration strike that shines upon truth. Once it lights, it cannot be put out.")


"เปล่งประกายเจิดจรัสดุจใบมีดที่เฉียบคม หากเริ่มต้นแล้วก็หยุดไม่ได้"

("Shine beatifully like a sharp knife. Once it starts, it won't stop.")


"Suy luận sắc bén chỉ trong chớp mắt, khi bắt đầu, sẽ không dừng lại!"

("Sharp deduction in a flash, once it starts, it won't stop!")


  • Performer: B'z
  • Lyrics: Koshi Inaba
  • Composer: Tak Matsumoto
  • Arrangement: Koshi Inaba, Tak Matsumoto


Galician version subbed the opening instead of dubbing it

International version

Just like 'Feel your Heart', this intro was replaced by the previous intro (in this case: 'TRUTH ~A Great Detective of Love~') in the international masters, probably because of rights issues. Somehow the Japanese credited version ended up in Spanish and Portuguese broadcasts for a few episodes.


While Conan's voice gives an introduction to the chapter, the camera passes across Conan and then shows the faces of Conan and Shinichi staring outward. Floodlights turn on, Conan aims his stun-gun wristwatch, and a split-screen shows Kogoro slumping against a pillar while Conan walks around a crime scene. Conan also uses the voice-changing bowtie before stills of Inspector Megure, Takagi, Professor Agasa, and Kogoro flash by. Conan running fades into Ran on the phone, crying, and then to Ran taken hostage by a culprit as Shinichi and then Conan runs along the side of the screen. The scene changes to Conan with the Detective Boys, and Ayumi kissing Conan provokes Genta and Mitsuhiko to chase him. After multiple shots of Conan, Ran, and the Detective boys, the screen shows the band members of B'z performing and then various shots of the cast taken from previous openings.

Song info

Chart placement

  • #1 (Weekly)
  • #19 (Yearly)


Conan and Shinichi as Sherlock Holmes
Gin, Vodka, and Shinichi

CD info

CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Length
1 ギリギリchop girigiri chop on the edge chop 4:01
2 ONE ONE ONE 4:10





  • This opening is composed by scenes from past openings. Such As: Mune ga dokidoki, Feel Your Heart, Nazo, Unmei No Roulette Mawashite and TRUTH A Great Detective Of Love
  • Galician version uses opening 7 for episode 159. Episodes 160, 161, 164 to 169 doesn't have the introduction narrated by Conan (This part is narrated over Truth opening). Episodes 162 and 163 uses this opening subbed.
  • In the combined popularity poll for openings and endings, hosted by YTV in honor of the 1000th episode, this song ranked 17th.[1]


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