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Opening 32


Original title: Misty Mystery
Episodes: 627~641
CD Info
Release date: August 31, 2011
CDs: 1
Tracks: 4
3 (limited ed.)
Original Cost: 1,365円
CD Number: GZCA-4135
Record Label: GIZA Studio
Prev song: « Don't Wanna Lie
Next song: Miss Mystery »
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Misty Mystery is a single by GARNET CROW. The titular song is the 32nd opening of the anime.


[edit] Detective Conan/Magic Kaito opening info

After being used for Detective Conan a new animation was created for the Magic Kaito episodes when they were released on DVD using the same song.

[edit] Cast

Detective Conan
Magic Kaito

[edit] Gadgets (Detective Conan)

[edit] Gadgets (Magic Kaito)

[edit] Case references (Detective Conan)

[edit] Conan's opening speech (Detective Conan)

[edit] Japanese


("Like fog clearing up in a swoosh... Let's see through both romance and cases!")

[edit] Catalan (Catalonia)

"Farem fondre la boira que envolta l'amor i els crims per veure'ls més clars!"

("We'll make dissolve the fog which surrounds love and crimes to see them clearly!")

[edit] Italian

"Come la nebbia che si dissolve, vediamo chiaramente l'amore e il crimine!"

("Like the fog is dissolved, we clearly see the love and crime!")

[edit] Kid's opening speech (Magic Kaito)

"ポーカーフェイスを忘れるな。 父の言葉を胸にして、摩天楼を駆け抜けるミラクルマジシャン。 怪盗キッド参上!"

("Always keep a good poker face. Taking his father's teaching to heart, the miraculous magician glides amidst the skyscrapers. In comes Kaitou Kid!")

[edit] Staff

Detective Conan


Magic Kaito


[edit] Song info

The song's melody is written by Yuri Nakamura and the lyrics by Nana Azuki. In announcements on their official site, the band says that the song will be a very different style to their previous single, "Smiley Nation", featuring "mysterious sounds and a dramatic melody[...] it is a very exciting number. With this kind of sound, the result is a full-on danceable song..."

[edit] Lyrics

Conan, Shinichi, and Ran
The Detective Boys
The Black Organization members
Kir and the FBI

[edit] CD info

[edit] Normal edition CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 Misty Mystery Misty Mystery Misty Mystery 4:20
2 live(リヴ) live(RIVU) live 5:01
3 I can't take... I can't take... I can't take...
4 Misty Mystery -instrumental- Misty Mystery -instrumental- Misty Mystery -instrumental- 4:20

[edit] First press limited edition CD+DVD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 Misty Mystery Misty Mystery Misty Mystery 4:20
2 live(リヴ) live(RIVU) live 5:01
3 Misty Mystery -instrumental- Misty Mystery -instrumental- Misty Mystery -instrumental- 4:20

DVD: "Misty Mystery" music clip
Extras: Wake-up ringtone (QR code), group photos

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  • Lyrics
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