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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an American intelligence agency which collects information about foreign governments, corporations, and individuals. The only known currently living CIA agent is Hidemi Hondou who has infiltrated the Black Organization.


The Central Intelligence Agency sent Ethan Hondou, to infiltrate the Black Organization. Later his daughter, Hidemi Hondou, who also followed in his footsteps, adopts the alias "Rena Mizunashi" and temporarily joins the Black Organization to introduce an new middleman for Ethan after the previous one was killed. The Organization made her become a television announcer as a cover job. Hidemi Hondou was supposed to then pretend to die in order to leave, but a tracker was planted on her led the Black Organization to Ethan and Hidemi's rendezvous location. Ethan, who had anticipated something like this could happen, prepared in advance a setup that would allow Hidemi to pretend Ethan had interrogated her, but Hidemi had grabbed his gun and killed him. Before committing suicide, Ethan explained to Hidemi what to say to the Org, and he told her not to give up and to complete the CIA mission in his stead. The boss believed Hidemi's story and made her a codenamed agent, Kir. Years after, Eisuke Hondou searches out Rena Mizunashi, still working as a news reporter, in order to uncover how she is connected with the disappearance of his sister Hidemi.


Ethan Hondou and other CIA agents meet at a restaurant in Osaka.

Although other CIA agents have been shown briefly in flashbacks to Ethan's past, only three agents have been named.

  • Ethan Hondou - Hidemi's father who infiltrated the Black Organization. Killed while undercover.
  • Hidemi Hondou - goes by the alias of Rena Mizunashi and is codenamed Kir in the Black Organization.
  • Barney - a middleman who committed suicide to avoid being captured by the Black Organization. He is voiced by Masafumi Kimura.


Unnamed middleman for Ethan Hondou who got killed.


  • Amanda Hughes was a a wealthy investor who has contacts with both the FBI and CIA. She was murdered by the Black Organization in acase seventeen years prior to the current timeline.

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Black Organization

It hasn't been stated why or from where the CIA received the directive to infiltrate the Black Organization. The Black Organization in general hasn't shown any indication that they specifically suspect the CIA might be investigating them. Vermouth suspected that Kir was a NOC, but the term is not specific to the CIA.


Despite being on the same side, the CIA and the FBI have separate secret missions concerning the Black Organization which have not been communicated to one another. Their lack of communication resulted in an unfortunate debacle where an FBI sting to capture Vermouth backfired and the FBI caught and injured Kir instead. The FBI held Kir thinking she was a member of the Black Organization until the research of Conan and Shuichi Akai proved she was in fact a CIA agent. The FBI and Kir successfully managed to come up with a plan to sneak Kir back into the Black Organization, but she had lost her trusted status. In order to regain the Black Organization's trust, she was ordered to kill Shuichi Akai and apparently did so. Kir promised to report information to the FBI after passing it to CIA headquarters.

Under any circumstance, my father's CIA mission will be first-priority. Even if I become inconvenient for the FBI, please don't think badly of me.

— Kir to explaining her position to Akai, Chapter 605 pg 5

Japanese law enforcement

The Japanese law enforcement not appear to know about the CIA's mission. Meanwhile, Kir has been willing to murder and commit other illegal acts in order to gain the Black Organization's trust, crimes which merit severe punishment under Japanese law.

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