Bullet Proof Lenses

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Bullet Proof Lenses

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Japanese name: 防弾レンズ
Romaji name: Bōdan Renzu
Created by: Professor Agasa
Used by: Conan Edogawa
First appearance: Movie 3
Appearances: Movies: 1
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The Bullet Proof Lenses (part of a modification to Conan's glasses) is the sixteenth gadget created by Professor Agasa for Conan Edogawa.


Discovering the criminal he was after was Scorpion, notorious for shooting people in the right eye, Conan requested Agasa to give his glasses some bullet proof lenses.
Because movies are non-canon, it is unknown whether Conan's glasses still have this modification, nor if any of the other modifications to his glasses, like the Criminal Tracking Glasses, work in conjunction with this modification.

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