Volume 39

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Volume 39

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Release date: November 18, 2002
Chapters: 393-403
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-126169-8
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: July 12, 2011
English ISBN: ISBN 1-4215-3499-1
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Lew Archer
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Inspector Yuminaga
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Volume 39 was released on November 18, 2002 in Japan.



Red Horse Case

Characters introduced

File 393 - The Luring Red Horse

Heiji and Kazuha are dining with Conan, Ran and Kogoro in the detective office. They discuss a serial arsonist who leaves a little red horse figure at each scene. 'Red Horse' is an old nickname the police used for an arsonist, so Heiji guess that maybe the arsonist is challenging the police. The three fires has happened at 1th block, 2th block and 3th block, so the next one would be at 4th block. Heiji has a idea of where that might be. Kusakawa from the previous case has asked him to investigate a house on 4th block, where there has been some suspicious activities spotted by the house owner.

File 394 - Shadow of the Red Horse

File 395 - Owner of the Red Horse

File 396 - Witness of the Red Horse

File 397 - An Obtuse Imitation


  • Camper Van Murder Case

    Characters introduced

    File 398 - Torn Friendship 1

    File 399 - Torn Friendship 2

    File 400 - Torn Friendship 3


  • Child Star Case

    File 401 - A Small Client

    Kinukawa Kazuki, a 7-year-old child actor, wants to find a woman named Atsuko who sent him many postcards. She commented about his movies and drama series. She sent 1 postcard a month, from spring 2 years ago until the winter of last year. She never wrote her address. The postcards’ stamps range from Hokkaido and Okinawa. The postcards are badly crumpled, and he says he left them lying around.

    Kazuki says that the postcards are from his biological mother who abandoned him in front of a convent 6 years ago. The handwriting is the same as the note that was left in his bassinet.

    Kazuki says that his mother had a mole on her chest. He remembers falling asleep staring at the mole and listening to her chop food on a dicing board.

    Conan says Kazuki’s mom lives in Atami. She must be a cleaner at a hotel or a waitress at an inn.

    There are three copies of the same postcard, which features a statue’s hand-- the statue of Kanichi and Miya that is on the beaches of Atami. 1. The postcard is probably sold at a restaurant, hotel, or store at Atami, so she must have visited Atami at one point. 2. It is part of a 4-piece set of postcards, but she only sent the least recognizable corner. She doesn’t want him to know where she is. 3. She sent three copies of the same postcard. If she was rich enough to travel all around Japan, she should have more variety in her postcards.

    Conan, Ran, Mouri, and Kazuki go to Atami.

    Conan, Ran, Mouri, and Kazuki find an inn that sells the postcards.

    Kusano Mitsu, a 34-year-old waitress, says that the cards are limited edition. She says that the inn discontinued them because they didn’t sell well and that a few of the employees took them home. She says that no “Atsuko” works in the inn. She is a fan of Kazuki’s. She has a mole of her lower right collarbone.

    Kusano Mitsu, a 34-year-old waitress, says that the cards are limited edition. She says that the inn discontinued them because they didn’t sell well and that a few of the employees took them home. She says that no “Atsuko” works in the inn. She is a fan of Kazuki’s. She has a mole of her lower right collarbone.

    Saegusa Tomoka, a 28-year-old, is a grumpy waitress. She has a mole on the back of her neck.

    Kamoshita Yasuhiro, a 37-year-old freelance writer, speculates that Kazuki is looking for his mother. He is a guest who booked Room 205. He calls his editor, saying that Kazuki’s father might have been a murderer.

    Conan, Ran, Mouri, and Kazuki check into Room 308, which is free after a guest canceled.

    After dinner, Conan, Ran, Mouri, and Kazuki go to the springs. Ran finds a cover of a camera lens that belongs to Kamoshita, and she goes to return it to him.

    Mouri enters the mixed baths, and he sees the three employees bathing. Betsuho screams when he enters, and she protests when Mitsu invites them in. Tomoka is bored. He notes that all three have a mole.

    Yasuhiro’s fully dressed corpse is in an overflowing bathtub. He was strangled.

    File 402 - Woman With a Mole

    The detective Sango Yokomizo comes to investigate the murder.

    On Yasuhiro's phone, there is a photo of a woman with a mole on her chest who is strangling him with a thin black wire that is ~1 meter long. It was taken at 11:48 PM. The photo is blurry and the culprit’s face can’t be seen. Sango Yokomizo speculates that the culprit took the photo to create an alibi for themselves, but Conan disagrees. The woman used both hands to strangle him, so the victim took the photo. If the culprit took it, she would have covered herself so the photo wouldn’t reveal her gender. The phone was set so that it doesn’t make a click sound, so the culprit probably didn’t know about the photo.

    Yasuhiro had called up female employees in the inn. He told them, “If you remember about 20 million yen, come to my room or I will reveal everything.”

    10 minutes before his death, Yasuhiro had called Izumiya, the manager of the magazine “Hot.” He had said that he had found Kazuki’s mother and that he would send Izumiya a photo of her. He claimed that “Atsuo” had blackmailed Kazuki’s agency; allegedly, she threatened to reveal that Kazuki’s father was a murderer if they didn’t send her 20 million yen. Kazuki’s agency sent her the money when she revealed the name of the convent where she had left Kazuki and identified Kazuki’s birthmark. She had contacted the agency by email, so no one knew her face or voice. Only three female employees don’t have alibis for 11:48 PM: Kusano Mitsu, Toshiko Betsuho, and Saegusa Tomoka. Sango Yokomizo tells the employees that the culprit had a mole on her chest. Saegusa indignantly asks if he wants her to strip in front of him, and Mitsu is embarrassed. Yokomizo offers to bring in a female police officer, but Betsuho exposes her chest, which doesn’t have a mole. Tomoka exposes her chest, and she doesn’t have a mole either. Mitsu has a mole on her chest, but it’s on the opposite side.

    Before he died, Yasuhiro had rented out a movie, which was on a cassette tape. It was a horror movie, featuring Kazuki.

    Yasuhiro has marks on the side of his head. He was hit, but not hard enough to kill him. He was probably knocked out and strangled.

    The shower head has a luminol reaction. The culprit knocked him out with the shower head, and it was splattered with blood.

    Conan brings a screwdriver, and he orders an officer to rent the same movie from a video store. He knocks Mouri out.

    File 403 - A Red Mole...!?


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