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James Bond

James Bond, code name 007, is the fictional superspy created by Ian Flemming. Based in the Cold War and contemporary periods, Bond's missions usually take him around the world and against many genius-level antagonists.

He was the featured detective of Volume 27 of the Detective Conan manga.


An orphan after his parents died in a skiing accident, young James was quickly recruited into MI6 in order to become one of their top field agents. Trained in deception, investigation, and weapons, Bond is England's best.

At first, Bond's stories focused on the activities of hidden third parties during the Cold War to destabilize the balance of power between the NATO and Warsaw Pact nations for their own gain. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Bond's stories started to instead focus on smaller terrorist groups with goals based on a post-Soviet world.

In each situation, Bond's gadgets are often secondary to his investigative talents, looking for details to attempt to piece together the antagonist's plan before it can be carried out, and using their weaknesses to his advantage, as well as his keen ability to convince the women he encounters along the way to aid him in his work.


  • James Black: Haibara notes that James Black's name is similar to James Bond, and both are British as well.
  • The surname Hondou comes from "Bondo" (ボンド), the Japanese pronounciation of (James) Bond.
  • According to Akai, Hideomi Hondou alias Rena Mizunashi is actually a mnemonic for 007, the service number of fictional secret agent James Bond. "Mizunashi", meaning "no water", is a subtle reference to zero. "Rena" is a contraction of the numbers zero (rei) and seven (nana).
  • Mini Air Tank is possibly based on a similar gadget from the James Bond movie Thunderball.

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