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Genta Kojima

Genta Kojima Profile2.jpg

Japanese name: 小嶋 元太
(Kojima Genta)
English name: George Kaminski (FUNimation dub and manga by Viz)
Age: 6-7[1][2][3]
Gender: Male
Weight: 40 kg[4] (80 lbs)
Date of birth: unknown[5]
Relatives: Genji Kojima (father)
Mrs. Kojima (mother)
Occupation: Teitan Elementary School student
Detective Boys member
Status: Alive
First appearance: Manga: File 17
Anime: Episode 1
Appearances: Chapters: 358
Episodes: 410
Movies: 27
OVAs: 16
Specials: 4
Openings: 45
Closings: 15
Keyhole number: Volume 9
Japanese voice: Wataru Takagi
English voice: Dameon Clarke (Episode 1-86)
Mike McFarland (Episode 91-123)
Andrew J. Russel (Bang Zoom!)
Jorge Barranco (Macias Group)

Genta Kojima (小嶋 元太 Kojima Genta?), also known as George Kaminski in the English dub and manga, is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.



Genta Kojima is a student in Teitan Elementary School when Shinichi joins his class as Conan Edogawa. Shortly afterwards, he and his classmate Ayumi decide to investigate an apparently haunted mansion, and they persuade Conan to come along. When their friend and classmate Mitsuhiko expresses his skepticism about supernatural hauntings, Genta forcefully 'persuades' him to tag along as well. As it turns out, the haunting is a cover-up for an old homicide case.

Soon after, the accidental acquisition of a treasure map leads Ayumi, Genta, Mistuhiko and Conan on a hunt for a cache of stolen Italian gold coins, during which Conan saves them from getting killed by the mafia members who are also after the gold. After the case is resolved, Mitsuhiko joins Genta and Ayumi in forming the nucleus of an amateur detective group, the Detective Boys.[6] Genta is quick to pronounce himself the leader of the group, but his lackadaisical leadership abilities are commonly neglected in the field, and in fact everyone (even Genta) unconsciously views Conan as the group's actual leader. Genta's school shoe locker is used as a mailbox for any of their fellow students to present them with a case to solve.

Genta is apparently an only child living with his parents, who run a liquor store called "Kojima Liquors". He also has an uncle who lives in Gifu.[7]


Genta is the self-proclaimed leader of the Detective Boys. He loves food, especially braised eel on rice, and can eat more than all the other Detective Boys members combined. When discussions of money come up, Genta tends to think about it in terms of how many eel bowls he could buy. He also tends to mess up certain Japanese terms with similar-sounding words (especially if the latter are related to food) and sometimes has trouble reading even the most common Kanji, which on occasion causes some ridicule from his classmates and friends. His brash personality, lack of awareness of his surroundings, and tendency to not think before acting often lands the Detective Boys (or at least himself) in sticky situations.

Even though he is brash, outspoken and can be intimidating, Genta is actually very kind and dependable. He is a good friend of Ayumi and Mitsuhiko, and has been shown to greatly admire his father, who is considered to be a classic "Child of Edo".


Plot overview

Boy Genta's Misfortune (Manga: 303-304, Anime: 242)

Genta's Certain Kill Shot (Manga: 567-569, Anime: 476-477)

The Culprit is Genta's Dad (Manga: 658-660, Anime: 551-552)

Non-canon plot overview

Relationship analysis

Ayumi Yoshida

Genta imagines Ayumi as his wife.

Genta clearly has a crush on his teammate Ayumi, and as a result he, along with Mitsuhiko, is rather jealous of Conan because she likes him the most. He and Ayumi have been friends since pre-school.

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya

Genta and Mitsuhiko are generally on very good terms with each other, and are also just as mutually jealous of Conan whenever Ayumi decides to give him her full romantic attention. However, the two do not feel rivalry with each other, likely because Ayumi treats them both only as friends.[11]

Conan Edogawa

Genta's relationship with Conan is multi-faceted. While he generally admires Conan for his intelligence, courage and expertise, in his brashness he frequently attempts to promote himself as the leader of the Detective Boys. He also tends to become very jealous of Conan whenever Ayumi has set her romantic intents on him.

Ai Haibara

Genta initially expressed some interest in Ai Haibara, but while his interest has cooled off somewhat because of her adult-like manner, the two generally remain on a good standing with each other. Nevertheless, Genta sees her as one of his friends and does not hesitate to help her when the situation demands it.

Character popularity

eBookJapan held a character popularity poll from April 12, 2011 to May 12, 2011 in which readers of Detective Conan (international included) could vote for their favorite character. Genta placed 23rd in the poll with 19 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast.[12]

Name origin

Genta's name (小嶋 元太) comes from mystery writer Hajime Komine (小峰 元 Komine Hajime?).

Different looks

Episode 1
Episode 411
Episode 631


My mom said that if you even leave a bit of rice behind, the gods will punish you!

— Genta gives Ai his reason that he'll not let her get left behind.[13]


  • Genta's family name "Kojima", 小嶋, means "little island". His first name "Genta", 元太, is written with the kanji for "origin" and "plump, fat" and hence may be translated as "originally fat"
  • In File 1039 it been suspected by Haibara that Genta has a shellfish allergy though it is not confirmed yet.
  • Genta favorite food is a boxed eel lunch.

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 元太 Genta 小嶋 Kojima
Flag of Arab League Arabic جينتا Jīnta كوجيما Kōjīma
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Genta Kojima
Flag of Malaysia Bahasa Melaya Genta Kojima
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Genta Kojima
Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 元太 Yuántài 小岛 Xiǎodǎo
Flag of Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 元太 Yuántài 小島 Xiǎodǎo
Flag of US English George
Flag of France French Genta Kojima
Flag of Finland Finnish Genta Kojima
Flag of Germany German Genta Kojima
Flag of Italy Italian Genta Kojima
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 뭉치 Moong Chi 고 Ko
Flag of Spain Spanish Genta Kojima
Flag of Spain Spanish (Latin America) Beto
Flag of Thailand Thai เก็นตะ โคจิมะ
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Genta Kojima



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