You'll Be Taking Care of Me

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Yaiba Chapter 2

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Title: You'll Be Taking Care of Me
Japanese title: お世話になるぞっ
(Osewa ni Naru Zo~)
Original release: August 31st, 1988
Shōnen Sunday issue: #40/1988
Volume: 1
Pages: 20
Anime adaption: Episode 1: Heisei’s Samurai Yaiba Appears
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You'll Be Taking Care of Me (お世話になるぞっ Osewa ni Naru Zo~?) is the second chapter of the manga of Yaiba. It was written by Gosho Aoyama and drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #40/1988 on August 31st, 1988 and later on reprinted as the second chapter of volume 1 on April 18th, 1989. It tells of Yaiba Kurogane's move into the Mine residence, against the wishes of the Mine family themselves.



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In order of introduction:


After succesfully escaping the airport police by pineapple means, Kenjuro Kurogane unsolicitedly moves his son Yaiba into the Mine residence, against the wishes of its owners, Raizo and his daughter, Sayaka Mine. Yaiba takes a stroll through the house and encounters Raizo's mother and Sayaka's grandma, Fuji Mine, who he thinks is an underfed baboon. Fed up with him, she takes him into the dojo of the house and, after learning about him being Kenjuro's son, offers a challenge: If Yaiba can beat Mutou, the strongest fighter in the Mine Dojo, Yaiba can stay in their house. And at first, her expectations of him losing this battle seem to come true...


  • Sayaka Mine wears a Summer school uniform (June 1st-September 30th)
  • Seconc chapter of what the fandom calls the "Yaiba Arc" (Manga: Chapters 1-5, Anime: Episode 1)


  • Yaiba Appears (Yaiba Manga: 1) : This chapter is a direct continuation of the first one, continuing the chase with the airport police.

Referenced in

  • What's "School"? (Yaiba Manga: 3) : Yaiba Kurogane tries to sense Mr. Sudo the same way he learned to sense animals in the jungle and like he did with Mutou in this chapter. The next chapter is also a direct continuation of this one and is set on the morning of the day right after.
  • A Samurai's Pride (Yaiba Manga: 253): Yaiba turns around and tries to sense Takeshi Onimaru's presence at the end of the chapter like he did with Mutou in this one. While the audience laughs, Sayaka Mine is the only one who notices what he's doing.
  • The Strongest Samurai Under Heaven (Yaiba Manga: 254): The chapter continues the moment Yaiba turned around from the previous chapter, with Sayaka Mine explaining to the others what Yaiba is doing, mentioning his battle with Mutou from this chapter, which is also seen in a flashback.


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