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This is a list of real life buildings, places and other surroundings Gosho Aoyama used as reference models for the settings appearing in Magic Kaito.

There will be mentions of the different (real) wards (-ku) of Tokyo and the towns (-chō) they are composed of respectively a lot, which can get quite complicated and confusing if you are not knowledgable about the geography of Tokyo and how this city is administrated. Below you can see a very good map from, giving you a quick and simple rundown of the structure of its wards.

The Wards of Tokyo.


The Revived Phantom Thief (MK Manga: 1)

Ekoda High School, in this incarnation of the story is very probably based on the main building (#3) on the Ekoda Campus of Musashi University, right next to the Ekoda Campus (fine arts) of Nihon University, where Gosho Aoyama and Yutaka Abe (a past mentor and current assistant of his) studied and lived, also not far away from Ekoda Station, which was close to Gosho's apartment.

Interestingly enough, building #3 was a high school once and what is the Ekoda Campus of Nihon today once housed another high school associated with the university, called Ekoda High School(jp) (also shortened as 江古田高校 (Ekoda kōkō), like the school in the manga), which closed in 1976 and is also used as a university building today. All of the mentioned campuses and buildings are located in the adjacent neighbourhoods of Asahigaoka(jp) and Toyotamakami(jp) in Nerima Ward. Ekoda High School was first used by Yutaka Abe in 100% Tantei Monogatari in 1986 (set in the same universe as Magic Kaito and made with the assistance of Gosho).

The crossroads the helicopters pass close to the end of the first chapter to catch Kaitou Kid is a real crossing in the fourth block of Ginza (Chūō Ward, Tokyo), especially identifiable by the Fujiya Store to the left.

The view would thus be to the southeast, with the helicopters in consequence flying to the northeast to reach Ono Bank (which probably was a nod to the Tokyo Bank, which indeed was located in the Nihonbashi District, to the northeast of Ginza, back then (before merging with Mitsubishi Bank and moving to Chiyoda Ward), which is supported by the fact that "Ono" was a generic placeholder word for terms with "Tokyo" and "Japan" in it, used by Gosho in the same vein as "Tohto" nowadays). Interestingly, this intersection is right next to another famous crossroad in Ginza, in which Kid did his teleportation in Detective Conan later on.

During Kaito's and Konosuke Jii's fateful encounter, a night-time view of Hotel New Otani Tokyo and its surroundings in the Kioi District of Chiyoda Ward can be seen.

The Police Are Everywhere (MK Manga: 2)

Kaito Kuroba's route from school leads him along a river, which, based on the surroundings, looks a lot like the Arakawa or Edo Rivers and one of their Warren truss steel railway bridges, like this one, this one or this one, for example. In Chapter 2 he meets the depressed inspector Ginzo Nakamori sitting at the riverbank and cheers him up and in Chapter 19 he briefly passes the same spot again.

Gosho Aoyama lived in the Adachi Ward of Tokyo for a while[1], through which the Arakawa flows and several of these bridges spanning it exist - so it maybe served as the inspiration for these moments.

Japan's Most Irresponsible Prime Minister (MK Manga: 8)

Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori leave one of the central gates of Ikebukuro Station (Ikebukuro District in the Toshima Ward of Tokyo) on their way from school. The train station is also named as such. A chapter later it's confirmed that the Nakamori family lives in Toshima.

The Boy Who Bet on the Ball (MK Manga: 11)

A good chunk of this story revolves around a fake accouncement of Kaitou Kid appearing in Tokyo Dome, which he does, in the end. Tokyo Dome is depicted like it is in real life, situated in the Bunkyō Ward. Moreover, according to Gosho Aoyama himself, he and his editor were specifically thrilled by the scenario of Kid appearing on a pole in Tokyo Dome for a story.[2]

Star War (MK Manga: 14)

The "TOFU Department Store" is a pun on the "TOBU Department Stores", with its first and most well known subsidiary in Ikebukuro, Toshima.

Kaitou Under Scrutiny (MK Manga: 16)

The distinctive tower of the Ekoda Museum is actually based on one of three popular towers in Yokohama's Naka Ward, the clock tower of the Honcho Building, also known as "Jack's Tower", or just "The Jack".

Akako's Delivery Service (MK Manga: 17)

The Ōshima Art Museum is loosely based on the Palais du Luxembourg, in real life to be found at Rue de Vaugirard 15 in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. It also served as the model for the mansion of the landlady in the final chapter of 100% Tantei Monogatari and the Kurogane residence in Yaiba.

Yaiba vs. Kaito! (MK Manga: 18)

The new morning after the night of Kaitou Kid's and Yaiba Kurogane's battle is symbolized by a caricature version of Mount Fuji, which is a real volcano on the boundary between the Prefectures of Shizuoka and Yamanashi and within sight of Tokyo.

Black Star (MK Manga: 23-24)

The unnamed clock tower Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori had their first meeting in front of and which is the focus of Kaitou Kid's heist is based on the clock tower of the Koriyama Public Hall in Koriyama City, located in the Fukushima Prefecture, with the main differences being that the upper part was changed to the place where the bell is integrated and a bigger clock face. The clock was removed for a long time until it was reintegrated into the tower in 1998, possibly inspiring Gosho Aoyama to his story in 1999.

Golden Eye (MK Manga: 25)

Saguru Hakuba is staying at a hotel in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower clearly visible in the background.

Dark Knight (MK Manga: 27+)

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (also known as Keishichō) appearing from Chapter 27 onwards is the real thing from the Kasumigaseki District of Chiyoda Ward, just like it is in Detective Conan. It's real address is also given in Chapter 29 (Magic Kaito Volume 5, Chapter 1).

Midnight Crow/Sun Halo (MK Manga: 31-36)

The unnamed museum from the very beginning of Chapter 31 (Magic Kaito Volume 5, Chapter 3) and the whole of "Sun Halo" (Chapter 6-8) is modeled after the National Museum of Nature and Science in the northeast of Ueno Park in the district of the same name, Ueno in the Taitō Ward of Tokyo.

Midnight Crow (MK Manga: 31)

Harry Nezu arrives in Tokyo and gets interviewed early during that story at the Haneda Airport, which is situated in the Ōta Ward.

The skyscraper in Tokyo where Kaitou Kid and Kaitou Corbeau have their duel with the organization in is modeled after the look of the Yokkaichi Portbuilding (四日市港ポートビル) in the City of Yokkaichi, in reality located in the Mie Prefecture.

Sun Halo (MK Manga: 34-36)

The Sandei Temple is modeled after the Nageire Temple in Gosho Aoyama's home prefecture Tottori, as was also confirmed by him in his comments accompanying these chapters. The in-story explanation is that the Sandei was directly built after the image of the Nageire (which is denied by the priestess Niwano Yasuyo).

The route the truck takes and Saguru Hakuba re-creates thanks to the SNS messages in chapter 35 leads through a couple of real places:

  1. Futaba Town(jp) (Itabashi Ward, 3 hours ago)
  2. Nishihara Town(jp) (Shibuya Ward, 2 hours ago)
  3. Miyazawa Town (part of Akishima, 1 hour ago)
  4. Nishiki Town (part of Tachikawa, 1 hour ago)
  5. Hinode Town (57 minutes ago)

He concludes that the next turn must be to Lake Sagami or Okutama, being correct with the latter, where Kaitou Kid and Aoko Nakamori are kept in a temple in the Okutama Mountains.

TV specials

The Revived Phantom Thief

The train during one early scene, in which people are watching the news about Kaitou Kid's return, is on the way to the Shinjuku Ward.

Studio AITA, which appears in several episodes since the first one, is Studio ALTA in reality, located in the south of Shinjuku Ward in Tokyo, in the third block of the district of the same name, with the Mitsubishi logo changed to "Mitsubashi".

The cable-stayed bridge partly visible on Kaito Kuroba's and Aoko Nakamori's way home seems to be modeled after the Tsubaki Sakura Bridge (辰巳桜橋), actually located in the Kōtō Ward of Tokyo and connecting the districts of Tatsumi and Shinonome across Tatsumi River.

The design of the Tokyo Art Museum seems to be inspired by the look of the real Mori Art Museum, which is located in the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, standing in the Roppongi district of the Minato Ward.

Kaitou Kid's Busy Date

The department store appearing in the second episode seems to be influenced by the architecture of the Isetan Shinjuku department store in the ward of the same name of Tokyo.

The Princess Prefers Magic

The airport Princess Anne of Sublina arrives at is the Narita International Airport, situated on the border between the towns of Narita and Shibayama in the Chiba Prefecture, which is part of the Greater Tokyo Area.

A Witch Sheds No Tears

One shot from across the river to the Tokyo Skytree is a real spot on a promenade at the Sumida River in the Asakusa District in the Taitō Ward, right next to the Tobu Line Sumida River Bridge visible to the left. This shot also exemplifies that the skyscraper Kaitou Kid used to skate to the Skytree, neighboring it, is completely fictional.

The Splendid Rivals

Minato Arena, in which Gunter von Goldberg II organizes his illusion show in, is modeled after the Yokohama Arena in the third block of the Shin-Yokohama District in the Kohoku Ward of Yokohama.

The distinct tower of the Ekoda Museum in that episode, on the other hand, is based on the "Jack's Tower" in the Naka Ward of Yokohama again, just like it was in the manga (see above).

The train/subway rides on the fictional "Tohto Misesaki Line", which is a play on the real Tobu Isesaki Line, with the next stop being "Ebesu", which is most likely a pun on Ebisu. According to the destination board, it also drives to "Shibouya" (Shibuya) and "Senjuku" (Shinjuku).

The Reminiscent Golden Eye

The station Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori leave the train at seems to be the Higashi-Kōenji (新高円寺駅) or Shin-Kōenji Station (東高円寺駅), which are the only train stations in the Greater Tokyo Area fitting with the visible Kanji in the background (円寺駅). None of them looks like the station seen in the episode, though.

Tears of Love for the Dark Knight

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (also known as Keishichō) appearing in this episode is the real thing from the Kasumigaseki District of Chiyoda Ward, just like it is in Detective Conan and the Manga version of Magic Kaito.

Magic Kaito 1412

The Revived Phantom Thief

This incarnation of Ekoda High School is modeled after the Tokyo Metropolitan High School of Fine Arts, Performing Arts and Classical Music (Tōkyō-to Sōgō Geijutsu Kōtō Gakkō) and its immediate surroundings, located in Tomihisa Town(jp) in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo.

The police station inspector Ginzo Nakamori works at is directly modeled after the Tachikawa Police Station in Tachikawa City, Greater Tokyo Area.

A Temptation in Scarlet/The Adult's Charm

Akako Koizumi's mansion is based on the Bansui-sō, a real mansion in the Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku.

A Temptation in Scarlet

The place she confronts Kaitou Kid on during her time stop also is a real (and famous) crossing in the Shibuya Ward, especially identifiable by the Tsutaya Building (which was renamed "Sutaya" in the episode) to the right.

Kaito Kuroba's Busy Holiday

The incarnation of Tropical Land featured in this episode pretty much is Tokyo Disneyland in anything but name. The entrance gates and surrounding areas are almost identical and the "Mysterious House" is a dead ringer für the Haunted Mansion. The amusement park also features a castle extremely similar in architecture to the Cinderella Castle, both situated in the center of its respective parks.

The Adult's Charm

The skyscraper Kaitou Kid breaks into and tries to escape to Tokyo Tower from actually is the Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Head Office Building, normally located in the skyscraper district Nishi-Shinjuku of Shinjuku Ward and not right next to the Tokyo Tower, as depicted here, which is in the Minato Ward.

The Phantom Lady and Ryoma's Treasure

Kaitou Kid returns Ryoma Sakamoto's Three Treasures to a museum which is clearly based on the Tokyo National Museum Hyokeikan and its distinct bronze lions next to the entrance, who also serve as its mascot(s). In reality, it's situated in Ueno Park in the district of the same name, located in the Taitō Ward of Tokyo.

Stay Away From Him

The ski resort the Ekoda High School classes drive to is inspired by the Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort (no relation to the character of the same name) in the village of Hakuba in the aptly named "Hakuba Valley" in Nagano Prefecture.

Red Tear

The cinema Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori want to visit is a real cinema in the Shinjuku Picadilly Complex in the district(jp) and the ward of the same name in Tokyo.

Midnight Crow

Before we see Kaitou Kid at "work" inside the museum at the beginning of Part 1: "The Name is Phantom Thief Corbeau!", we get a shot of the Yasukuni Drive leading through the Shinjuku Ward, including the SHIDAX Building (renamed "SHIDIX" here). The museum in this anime seems to replace the real building right next to (the left of) SHIDAX.

Early in that same episode, Harry Nezu arrives in Tokyo at Haneda Airport, which is in the Ōta Ward.

The skyscraper in Tokyo where Kaitou Kid and Kaitou Corbeau have their duel with the organization in is modeled after the look of the Yokkaichi Portbuilding (四日市港ポートビル) in the City of Yokkaichi, just like it was in the manga, in real life located in the Mie Prefecture.

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