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This is a list of recurring minor characters in Detective Conan who have multiple appearances in the anime but have not appeared in a manga case more than once. Most of these characters played a role in previous cases, such as former suspects, clients, or victims. This list excludes main characters, main law enforcement, the Black Organization, and mystery people related to the arc (e.g. Eisuke or Araide). Characters whose recurrent appearances occur in the manga or manga-adapted episodes are listed here and characters who only appear in movies are listed here.

Friends and acquaintances[edit]

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Reiko Kujo.jpg Reiko Kujo Reiko Kujo Appearances Reiko Kujo (九条 玲子 Kujō Reiko?), age 33, is Eri Kisaki's rival in those courtroom battles where the two meet on opposing sides.
Sasaki.jpg Sasaki Sasaki Appearances Sasaki (佐々木 Sasaki?) is Reiko Kujo's subordinate and substitute prosecutor.
Presiding judge.jpg Presiding judge Presiding judge Appearances The Presiding judge in the Tokyo Supreme Court who assists almost all the assemblies.
Honami Shimogasa.jpg Honami Shimogasa Honami Shimogasa Appearances Honami Shimogasa (下笠 穂奈美 Shimogasa Honami?), age 21, is Minaho Shimogasa's twin sister.
Minaho Shimogasa.jpg Minaho Shimogasa Minaho Shimogasa Appearances Minaho Shimogasa (下笠 美奈穂 Shimogasa Minaho?), age 21, is Honami Shimogasa's twin sister.
Mikihiko Kamisuwa.jpg Mikihiko Kamisuwa Mikihiko Kamisuwa Appearances Mikihiko Kamisuwa (上諏訪 幹彦 Kamisuwa Mikihiko?), age 52, is a Nichiuri TV producer.
Koji Yatsukawa.jpg Koji Yatsukawa Koji Yatsukawa Appearances Koji Yatsukawa (八川 弘司 Yatsukawa Kōji?), age 27, is an assistant director at Nichiuri TV.
Tamanosuke Ito 60px.jpg Tamanosuke Ito Tamanosuke Ito Appearances Tamanosuke Ito (伊東 玉之助 Itō Tamanosuke?), age 17, is the head of a theater troupe.
Megumi Ito 60px.jpg Megumi Ito Megumi Ito Appearances Megumi Ito (伊東 めぐみ Itō Megumi?), age 7, belongs to the theater troupe headed by her older brother, Tamonosuke.
Renge Kataoka 60px.jpg Renge Kataoka Renge Kataoka Appearances Renge Kataoka (片岡 れんげ Kataoka Renge?), age 17, is an actress of the theater troupe headed by Tamanosuke.
Tsujimura.jpg Tsujimura Tsujimura Appearances Tsujimura (辻村 Tsujimura?) is a medical examiner who investigates for the Tokyo MPD.
Debt Collector1.jpg Debt Collector 1 Debt Collector 1 Appearances Debt collector from The Man Obstructed by the Steel Frame and Mysterious Case Near the Pond.
Debt Collector2.jpg Debt Collector 2 Debt Collector 2 Appearances Debt collector from The Man Obstructed by the Steel Frame and Mysterious Case Near the Pond.
Hiroshi Yagisawa.jpg Hiroshi Yagisawa Hiroshi Yagisawa Appearances Hiroshi Yagisawa (八木沢 浩 Yagisawa Hiroshi?), age 34, is Coeur's owner.
Manami Yagisawa.jpg Manami Yagisawa Manami Yagisawa Appearances Manami Yagisawa (八木沢 まなみ Yagisawa Manami?), age 30, is Hiroshi's wife.
Coeur Dog.jpg Coeur Coeur Appearances Coeur (クール Kūru?), age 2, is Yagisawa's pet dog.
Kaoru Koda.jpg Kaoru Koda Kaoru Koda Appearances Kaoru Koda (香田 薫 Kōda Kaoru?), age 27, is a camerawoman for the sports entertainment section of the Nichiuri Newspaper.
Kazumi Nakayama.jpg Kazumi Nakayama Kazumi Nakayama Appearances Kazumi Nakayama (中山和美 Nakayama Kazumi?), age 26, is a nurse from the Beika Hospital.
Keiko Okita.jpg Keiko Okita Keiko Okita Appearances Keiko Okita (沖田恵子 Okita Keiko?) is a nurse from the Beika Hospital.
EP791 Woman.jpg Waitress Waitress Appearances Waitress (ウエイトレス Ueitoresu?) is one of the unnamed waitresses at Restaurant Danny's Dinning.
EP688 Sodesaki.jpg Sodesaki Sodesaki Appearances Sodesaki (袖崎 Sodesaki?) is a Nichiuri Shinbun newspaperman.
Kira Miyahara.jpg Kira Miyahara Kira Miyahara Appearances Kira Miyahara (宮原キラ Miyahara Kira?) was a popular idol actress that brutally died when an accident occured in her party with friends. After her death, many fans organized a seance in order to bring her back to life but a serial murder occurs. The killer was someone who had a grudge against Kira's friends. She reappears in posters of some episodes. She is voiced by Fumiko Orikasa.
Yujiro Tamaki.jpg Yujiro Tamaki Yujiro Tamaki Appearances Yujiro Tamaki (玉木裕次郎 Tamaki Yūjirō?), age 65, is an used bookstore owner.
Ichiro Tamaki.jpg Ichiro Tamaki Ichiro Tamaki Appearances Ichiro Tamaki (玉木一郎 Tamaki Ichirō?), age 35, is Yujiro's son.
Michiko Yoshikawa.jpg Michiko Yoshikawa Michiko Yoshikawa Appearances Michiko Yoshikawa (吉川美知子 Yoshikawa Michiko?), age 27, is Ichiro's girlfriend.
Keita Kaneko.jpg Keita Kaneko Keita Kaneko Appearances Keita Kaneko (金子 圭太 Kaneko Keita?), age 57, is the owner of Kaneko jewerly store in Beika. He is acquainted with the Detective Boys.

Law enforcement[edit]

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Detective Kurumazaki.jpg Detective Kurumazaki Detective Kurumazaki Appearances Detective Kurumazaki (車折 ?), is a detective in Kyoto Prefectural Police and Fumimaro Ayanokoji's assistant.
Officer Tome 60px.jpg Officer Tome Officer Tome Appearances Tome (トメ ?), most commonly referred to as Officer Tome (and less commonly, Tome-san), is a CSI member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.
Female Forensic Member.jpg Miss Tome Miss Tome Appearances Miss Tome (トメ ?), commonly referred to as Female Forensic Member (女性鑑識員 Josei kanshiki-in?), is a young CSI member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, who works alongside with her father Tome.
Detective Hirota.jpg Detective Hirota Detective Hirota Appearances Detective Hirota (広田 Hirota?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Terashima.jpg Detective Terashima Detective Terashima Appearances Detective Terashima (寺島 Terashima?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
EP708 Sakai.jpg Paramedic Sakai Paramedic Sakai Appearances Sakai (坂井 Sakai?) is a Beika Emergency Department rescue personnel, Fire Sergeant from Tokyo Fire Department.
Detective Ogawara.jpg Tomonori Ogawara Tomonori Ogawara Appearances Tomonori Ogawara (大河原倫徳 Ōgawara Tomonori?), age 25, is a Shizuoka Prefectural Police Detective and Sango Yokomizo's direct subordinate.
Detective Motohashi.jpg Detective Motohashi Detective Motohashi Appearances Motohashi (本橋 Motohashi?), age 45, is a Yamanashi Prefectural Police police detective.
Detective Tomokawa.jpg Detective Tomokawa Detective Tomokawa Appearances Tomokawa (友川 Tomokawa?) is a Tokyo MPD, Division 1 Investigations police officer. She is an expert sketch artist.
Officer Saito.jpg Detective Saito Detective Saito Appearances Saito (斎藤 Saitō?) is a detective from Nishi-Sumida police station.
Tamekichi Matsushiro.jpg Tamekichi Matsushiro Tamekichi Matsushiro Appearances Tamekichi Matsushiro (松代 為吉 Matsushiro Tamekichi?), age 38, is a detective from Gifu Prefectural Police Department.
Detective Yama.png Detective Yama Detective Yama Appearances Yama ( Yama?) is a detective from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department division 1. He appears first in The Kidnapping of a Popular Artist Case and is voiced by Toshihiko Nakajima, who also voices Officer Tome.
Officer Numada.jpg Detective Numada Detective Numada Appearances Numada (沼田 Numada?) is a detective from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department division 1. He appears first in The Final "Ahh" and is voiced by Kenji Hamada.
Officer Inoue.jpg  Detective Inoue Detective Inoue Appearances Inoue (井上 Inoue?) is a detective from Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department division 1. He appears first in The Final "Ahh" and is voiced by Hiromichi Kogami, who also voices numerous characters.
Detective Hirose.jpg Detective Hirose Detective Hirose Appearances Hirose (広瀬 Hirose?) is a detective from the Shimane Prefecture Police, after transferred to Beika Police First Division.


Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Chiharu Matsubara.jpg Chiharu Matsubara Chiharu Matsubara Appearances Chiharu Matsubara (松原 千春 Matsubara Chiharu?), age 7, is a student from Teitan Elementary School and one of the Detective Boys' classmates.

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