Shimogasa Twins

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Shimogasa Twins

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Japanese name: 下笠 穂奈美
(Shimogasa Honami)
下笠 美奈穂
(Shimogasa Minaho)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Occupation: House maids
Hotel employees
First appearance: Anime: Episode 184
Appearances: Episodes: 3
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Kyoko Ijima (Honami)
Miki Nagasawa (Minaho)

Honami Shimogasa (下笠 穂奈美 Shimogasa Honami?) and Minaho Shimogasa (下笠 美奈穂 Shimogasa Minaho?) are characters in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


The two standing together.

They initially worked as maids for a former singer star. After she was murdered, they got introduced by a person, who was an acquaintance of the hotel staff, and became employees of that hotel.


They do not usually show any exaggerated emotions, and speak in a steady, ruthless tone. They know each other fairly well, and their speeches and movements are all synchronised, probably with telepathy. When they perceive a sense of crisis, especially when seeing horrendous murder cases, they hug together.


They are identical twins with short brown hair, and wear a maid outfit.


Plot overview

A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs (Anime: 184)

Kogoro is invited by the hostess of a car accident charity to her mansion for a party. After arriving there, they notice the peculiar structure of the mansion, which is divided into the east and the west wing. Honami greets everyone at the east entrance, while Minaho greets them at the west entrance. They are the maids that work for the mansion owner. After supper, they inform the guests that the mansion they work for had a tradition of locking the door of the room of the masks after midnight. The room of the masks is a room that sits in the middle of the east and west wings, this tradition is to prevent the masks from "playing on their own" after midnight. After the remark, both of them have stayed on the first floor: Honami stays in the east wing and Minaho stays in the west wing, they are split by the room with the masks in the middle. After receiving an intimidating phone call, Kogoro, who is sleeping in the west wing, second floor, inquire of Ran to wake Honami up and take the key to the room of the masks. As they enter the room of the masks and realise that the mask displays are gone, Honami calls Minaho, who is on the west wing, to open the door of the room of the masks from that side to make way to the owner's bedroom. Later, they find her dead in a locked room, her coprse is surrounded by those masks, which should have been in the room of the masks. Conan then figure out the magnificient trick behind this breathtaking locked room. He thus demonstrates it in front of the Shimogasa twins, they are completely astonished.

The Black Wings of Icarus (Anime: 203-204)

The Shimogasa twins watching Yoko's TV drama with Kogoro.

After losing their job due to the death of that mansion owner, they get another job, which is to serve as employees at a certain hotel on the plateau. The Mouri family also happens to have resided in this hotel for some time, thus the twins meet them once again. During the day, two hotel residents declare to go fishing and depart from the hotel, on the other hand, Ran and Conan, along with the hotel manager, decide to spend some good time on top of the highlands. Therefore, leaving Kogoro and the Shimogasa twins behind to watch for the hotel Kogoro wants to watch his idol, Yoko Okino's new release promotion video. In the afternoon, the twins accompany Kogoro while watching the TV drama The Stalker Who Laughted at the Darkness, starred by Yoko. After that, they go to the kitchen and prepare dinner for everyone who will be back at night. After the arise of another murder, they become suspects of the murder.


  • Abnormally, these characters appeared in two anime-original cases, although having different screenplay writers: Koujin Ochi and Chiaki Hashiba. Ochi was the screenwriter who created these characters. When the second case was aired, Hashiba had already passed away, and precisely Ochi was responsible for the storyboard and episode director. Therefore, Shimogasa twins were not included in the original script by Hashiba, and they have been added by Ochi during the episode conception.

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 下笠 Shimogasa
下笠 Shimogasa
穂奈美 Honami
美奈穂 Minaho
Flag of China Chinese 下笠 Xiàlì
下笠 Xiàlì
穂奈美 Suìnàiměi
美奈穂 Měinàisuì
Flag of Germany German Shimogasa

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