Green Dream

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Episode 17

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Title: Green Dream
Japanese Title: グリーンドーム
(Guriin Doriimu)
Broadcast rating: 9.3%
Original airdate: February 7, 2015
Season: 1
Manga source: Magic Kaito Volume 3: Chapter 7 (20)
Cast: Ginzo Nakamori
Kaitou Kid
Kaito Kuroba
Aoko Nakamori
Heist Target: Green Dream
Director: Susumu Kudo
Screenplay: Toshiya Ono
Storyboard: Yukiko Imai
Episode Director: Yukiko Imai
Animation Director: Hiromi Ogata (chief)
Kaori Ito
Kanako Ono
Min Gu Lee
Ho Won Jang
Opening song: Ai no Scenario
Closing song: Koi no Jumyō
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Green Dream (グリーンドーム Guriin Doriimu?) is the 17th episode of Magic Kaito 1412 anime.



The world's largest emerald ring is being used in a play, 'Marth and Rosa'. Kaito Kid has chosen the opening night for his heist.



MK17 Heist.jpg

Thief: Kaitou Kid
Target: Green Dream
Date: The premiere night of 'Marth and Rosa'
World's largest emerald ring


  • Resolution


    • Megumi's surname is written as 古畑 (Furuhata) but on a magazine at the end of the episode it is written as 吉田 (Yoshida). A reference to Ayumi Yoshida.


    Manga to anime changes

    • In the manga, the cover to the playbill is written in Japanese. In the anime, it is written in English, giving the play an official title of Marth and Rosa. (earlier fan translations of the manga had romanized the prince's name as "Mars").
    • In the manga, Kohki is not present when Megumi is being cheered up in Reiko's dressing room. In the anime, he can be seen in the background, though he has no lines.
    • In the manga, Kaito simply leaves his seat empty when he goes onstage as Kid. In the anime, he leaves behind a dummy of himself.
    • The manga does not cover the conclusion of the play in much detail, and has Kaito narrate much of it. The anime excludes Kaito's narration and expands the play's conclusion and aftermath with several unique scenes:
      • The anime version of Aoko wonders if it had been the real Kaitou Kid onstage. Kaito dissuades her, stating that Kid must have been another actor.
      • The anime version of Aoko also thanks Kaito for seeing the play with her, while blushing.
    • In the manga, Snake makes a brief appearance and reports to his superior that the Green Dream is not Pandora. This is cut from the anime.

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