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Japanese name: GARNET CROW (katakana: ガーネットクロウ)
Date of creation: 1999
Origin: Japan
Genres: Pop, Rock, Latin
Years active: 1999-2013
Labels: Tent House: 1999
GIZA Studio: 2000–2013

GARNET CROW (ガーネットクロウ Gānetto Kurō?) is a Japanese pop/rock band formed in 1999 and associated with the GIZA Studio record label. Members include Yuri Nakamura, Hitoshi Okamoto, Nana Azuki, and Hirohito Furui, with Nakamura leading on vocals. Music produced by Garnet Crow has its roots in the Neo Acoustic genre, and representative works include "flying," "Yume Mita Ato de," and "Yume Hanabi."[1] Despite prolific early singles, the band neither performed live nor appeared on TV prior to 2002.

The mixed composition of GARNET CROW and Nakamura's deep vocals set the group apart from its contemporaries. Each individual member has also seen industry success: Nakamura and Azuki often share the limelight for Garnet Crow, but Okamoto has achieved a solo career under the name SUPER LIGHT, and Furui is a sought-after music arranger – one of the highest paid in Japan. He also single-handedly wrote and arranged the soundtrack for a TV documentary about the Amazon, and released it as a digital download album called "imagination".

GARNET CROW first made their appearince on the indie music scene with their first mini album, "first kaleidscope ~Kimi no Uchi ni Tsuku Made Zutto Hashitte Yuku~". The six songs from this album were widely played on indie radio stations. In 2000, GARNET CROW made it into the world of mainstream music with their simultaneous single releases of Mysterious Eyes and Kimi no Uchi ni Tsuku Made Zutto Hashitte Yuku, a mellow, relaxed version of the title track to their indie album. Thanks to heavy exposure on Detective Conan, Mysterious Eyes became a big hit and is still one of their best-known songs today.

The name GARNET CROW was firstly inspired by the jewel, garnet. Yuri described it as being "not as red as ruby... a deeper, blacker colour." The band wanted to create music that was more deep and meaningful than the sugary-sweet pop scene in Japan. They had originally planned on calling the band "GARNET", but felt that it didn't quite sound right. Eventually, they decided to add the word "crow". This gave the band's name an eerie, lasting image. It was also chosen because of the similarity to "kuro", meaning "black", as a reference to the dark colours of garnets.


Garnet Crow in crow costume.
  • Yuri Nakamura (中村由利 Nakamura Yuri?) (Vocals, Music composition)
  • Nana Azuki (AZUKI七 Azuki Nana?) (Keyboard, Lyrics)
  • Hirohito "Godhand" Furui (古井弘人 Furui Hirohito?) (Keyboard, Music arrangement)
  • Hitoshi Okamoto (岡本仁志 Okamoto Hitoshi?) (Guitar)

Nana Azuki uses a stage name for her work, but her real name is believed to be Rie Sugatani, which is the name she used in her past career as a model and TV personality. She often writes lyrics for other GIZA artists, and her work for others includes Aoi Aoi Kono Hoshi ni and Free Magic.

Yuri Nakamura is also commissioned to write melodies for other artists, as is Okamoto Hitoshi. They have done work for people such as Mai Kuraki, ZARD and Sayuri Iwata.

Together, Okamoto and Nakamura form the band's subgroup MINIQLO. The name is a shortened version of "Mini GARNET CROW", although Yuri often jokes about its similarity to Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo. Characteristically, MINIQLO plays more natural, acoustic versions of GARNET CROW's songs. Okamoto plays guitar for MINIQLO and provides backing vocals, while Yuri sings and plays piano.

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