The Poster Child of Battle

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Yaiba Chapter 249

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Title: The Poster Child of Battle
Japanese title: 戦いの申し子
(Tatakai no Mōshigo)
Original release: September 29th, 1993
Shōnen Sunday issue: #44/1993
Volume: 24
Pages: 16
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Next chapter: Sword of Illusion »
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The Poster Child of Battle (戦いの申し子 Tatakai no Mōshigo?) is the 249th chapter of the manga of Yaiba. It was written by Gosho Aoyama and drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #44/1993 on September 29th, 1993 and later on reprinted as the sixth chapter of volume 24 on February 18th, 1994.



In order of appearance:



In order of appearance:

Okita vs. Yaiba


Soshi Okita continues to beat poor Yaiba Kurogane to a pulp with his "Five-pieces thrust" technique and another skill sending out energy waves from the ground, which brings the young samurai in grave danger. Meanwhile, Soshi is increasingly becoming aware of the presence of mysterious phantom swords that seem to attack him...



  • Divine Talent (Yaiba Manga: 248): This chapter is a direct continuation of the previous one.

Referenced in

  • Sword of Illusion (Yaiba Manga: 250): The next chapter is a direct continuation of this one.
  • A Samurai's Pride (Yaiba Manga: 253): Yaiba Kurogane reminisces about several big confrontations he had in recent times, one of them his encounter with Soshi Okita, which started in this chapter.
  • Hands Off! (Manga: 991): Yaiba is indirectly mentioned by Okita as "another one, a real strong guy I can't lose ta!" during this chapter, based on his experiences with him from these chapters.
  • The Dark Crimson Omen (Manga: 1005): Yaiba is mentioned again by Okita and seen in the panel background. The latter also confirms that he's got a crush on his sister Moroha Kurogane, which Gosho Aoyama confirmed he started having back when he fought her brother during these chapters.[1]

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    Q34: Since when Soshi Okita has feelings towards Moroha Kurogane? This has been on my mind to the point where I can’t sleep at night, so please tell us in one of the episodes.
    A: If I wasn't mistaken, he fell in her love since the first time he saw her while he was fighting Yaiba
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