To Think We'd Meet at Such a Place...

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Chapter 1070

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Title: To Think We'd Meet at Such a Place...
Japanese title: こんな所で会えるとは...
(Kon'na Tokoro de Aeru to wa...)
Original release: April 14, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #20/2021
Volume: 101
Pages: 16
Anime adaptation: Episode 1093: Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (Part 1)
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To Think We'd Meet at Such a Place... (こんな所で会えるとは... Kon'na Tokoro de Aeru to wa...?) is the 1070th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #20/2021 on April 14, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 101 on April 13, 2022.







As the Detective Boys walk on their way to school, Ayumi remembers about the chicken found during the Hatoyama Farm case and is sad that she couldn't keep it. She also remembers that the school's new rabbit wasn't feeling good, and Conan tells her that it probably wasn't used to being there yet and that they'll see how it's "healthy face" once they get there. This comment about a "healthy face" makes Haibara remember that she shouldn't show her face around town and that the organization might be looking for her. Conan then taps her shoulder to calm her, which surprises her, and when he asks her what's going on, she replies with "nothing!". At the rabbit hut, the Detective Boys and their teachers see that the rabbit is doing well, so teachers Kobayashi and Wakasa decide to head back to the staff room, since they had to take care of "visitors". As the Detective Boys wonder why there would be visitors on their animal duty day, a Sunday, Haibara senses a chill, as if someone was watching her. Conan reassures her by saying that no one knows that she is Shiho Miyano, but a man arrives and calls her by her real name, saying that she is Akemi Miyano's sister. Conan interrupts the man by asking who he is, while the Detective Boys ask why he calls her Shiho since she is named Haibara. Before the argument escalates, a man and a woman, as well as teachers Kobayashi and Wakasa arrive and explain themselves. It turns out that the three strangers, Shou Murata, Seiko Ichihashi and Gaku Yanagimachi are in fact former students of the school organising a class reunion and that they had permission from the school to organize it, on the condition that they didn't drink alcohol. Murata explains himself, saying that he thought Haibara looked a lot like Shiho Miyano, the sister of Akemi Miyano, who was also in their class. Conan then asks Haibara why didn't she say it before, but she whispers to him that she didn't know either. Meanwhile, Wakasa looks at them suspiciously, and recognises Haibara as the daughter of Hell's angel, while also remembering Kohji Haneda's corpse. The teachers and the three adults then go back inside the school. Inside class 6 A, two students discuss about what to do and joke about ordering sushi and having teacher Kunigami pay for it. Back outside, the five adults decide to dig up Akemi Miyano's time capsule, which contains all of their memories from 6th grade, without knowing that she died months ago. Haibara secretly tells Conan that her body was on the news, but only reported as an unidentified person. Fortunately, before graduating, it seems that Akemi gave a cipher to teacher Kunigami, which Kobayashi has in hand.

Akemi Miyano's code.

She shows the paper, and the three former students appear stunned by it. They propose to try to find it just by themselves, but the Detective Boys propose to lend a hand to find it. Haibara doesn't seem too convinced about it, as there is still suspicion on Murata, but Conan promises that he will find her sister's voice from thirteen years ago.



  • The Mysterious 200-Faced Man and Class 1-B's Great Strategy (Manga: 548-549) : Seeing Akemi's code, Mitsuhiko compares it to the code teacher Kobayashi made for them in that previous case.
  • The Eerie Farm (Manga: 1051) : Ayumi remembers the time she found a chicken on Hatoyama Farm before getting lost. Mitsuhiko also remembers that the owner Gisuke Hatoyama died.
  • The Bloodstained ID (Manga: 1061) : Haibara has a flashback of when Conan told her to cover her face after he saw Gin and Vodka on top of a building during the FBI Serial Murder Case.

Referenced in

  • Time Capsule and The Popular Girl of Class 6-A (Manga: 1071-1072) : As chapters of the same case, the two chapters make numerous references and flashbacks to the scenes in this chapter, including the surprised faces of the suspects (shown in file 1071) and the code sheet (shown in file 1072 and 1071).
  • The Goddess of Wind (Manga: 1073) : Conan remembers Haibara's encounter with Shou Murata amongst other events that happened recently.


The rabbits.
Issue #20 of the 2021 Shonen Sunday magazine.
  • Teitan Elementary School's breeding hut has two rabbits: a white one and a black one, recently acquired by the school.
  • The cover page of Shonen Sunday #20/2021 shows Shuichi AkaiShukichi Haneda, Mary Sera, Masumi Sera and Conan wearing Akai's leather jacket, brown pants and black knit cap.


Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (episodes 1093-1094)

  • The anime add some original flashback about Akemi that is not in the manga:
  • Akemi changing her shoes at shoes locker room
  • The boys silently observe Akemi from far, and got noticed by her friend
  • Akemi reading Japanese Language book
  • Akemi walked away while talking to her friend
  • The anime add the scene where Conan shows the group photo clearly, while in the manga only the silhouette of the people is shown in the photo.
  • In the anime, when Murata and Yanagimachi mentioned about pizza and sushi delivery guy, they say it clearly. In the manga, they only say it in their mind.

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