The Popular Girl of Class 6-A

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Chapter 1072

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Title: The Popular Girl of Class 6-A
Japanese title: 6年A組の人気者
(Roku-nen Ē-gumi no Ninkimono)
Original release: April 28th, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #22-23/2021
Volume: 101
Pages: 16
Anime adaptation: Episode 1094: Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (Part 2)
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The Popular Girl of Class 6-A (6(ろく)A(エー)組の人気者 Roku-nen Ē-gumi no Ninkimono?) is the 1072nd chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #22-23/2021 on April 28th, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 101 on April 13, 2022.






  • Beika Ward
    • Teitan Elementary School
      • Teitan Elementary School Breeding hut
      • Teitan Elementary School Library
      • Teitan Elementary School Class 6-A
      • Teitan Elementary School Rooftop (flashback)
      • Teitan Elementary School Art room (flashback)
      • Teitan Elementary School Infirmary (flashback)
      • Teitan Elementary School Principal's office (flashback)
      • Teitan Elementary School Lecture hall (flashback)
    • Unnammed abandoned factory (flashback)


Since the time capsule seems to have been lost due to the demolition of the supposed hiding place, the equipment room, Shou Murata, Gaku Yanagimachi and Seiko Ichihashi decide to break the sad news to the other alumni at the class reunion. However, Conan gives the group's saboteur a clue to the true solution of the code by mentioning the keyboard on the library's PC. Afterwards, Conan separates from the adults and contacts the Detective Boys at the breeding hut with his detective badge and tells them about the true hiding place of the time capsule.

Some time later, the culprit who misled the group secretly departs from the reunion, and rushes to the breeding hut with a shovel, where apparently no one is. Before they can start their search, they are approached by Conan, who had already expected that this person had manipulated the search: firefighter Gaku Yanagimachi. It was he who placed the false clues during the first search, which were then found during the second search. To make sure that the false clues would be found, he placed several clues in each room, which Conan was able to notice. Only in the auditorium could he not secretly place his clue, so Yanagimachi had only pretended there was a clue next to the clock high on the wall of the auditorium during the second search. Moreover, it was only possible for Yanagimachi to stage this trick because he had been assigned to contact Akemi Miyano. If Akemi had come, the hoax would have been exposed immediately. Conan concludes: Yanagimachi knew that Akemi would not come.

Yanagimachi admits the whole thing. After not getting an answer from Akemi, he had gone to her address, where letters were piling up in her mailbox - since she had not been there for a while, the invitation to the reunion never reached her[1]. Yanagimachi had staged the whole thing because he was scared. He is sure he was responsible for the fire in the music room during her school days. At that time, he had sneaked onto the school grounds with some bullies from the neighborhood and played with fireworks. Akemi had caught the group then. The boys had left immediately, but apparently had not turned off the fireworks properly, which must have led to the fire. Yanagimachi feared that Akemi would reveal the truth about the fire in her message to class in the time capsule. Since he is now pursuing his dream job as a firefighter, it could ruin his career if it came out that he almost burned the school back when he was a kid. At graduation, Akemi told Yanagimachi at the time to work up his courage - he assumes she meant for him to finally confess the incident. Seiko and Murata also admit that they wanted to hide the message from Akemi because of its contents. Seiko had so obviously copied from Akemi on a test at the time that they both had to go to the teacher about it - she feared Akemi would tell about it in her message. Murata admits that Akemi had painted the same subject as him at the time, and her painting was clearly better than Murata's. Nevertheless, he won the prize at that time - Murata was afraid that Akemi would tell about it in her message that he was actually much worse than her.

Now Conan speaks up again and rebukes the adults for the nasty things they would accuse Akemi of. They all talked before about how nice, considerate and popular Akemi was back then. Never would she expose her classmates like that in a time capsule message, Conan says. Murata interjects that they cannot be sure until the time capsule is found, though - but the kids have long since recovered the time capsule. Conan explains the code: The alignment of Akemi's name on the code paper symbolizes Akemi writing the code using the keyboard on the PC in the library. Accordingly, to solve the code, one must turn the keyboard 90 degrees and then write the lines of the code. The pressed keys then each form a pattern that depicts a hiragana. The letters formed were しいくごや (Shiikugoya), which meant the breeding hut (飼育小屋). The time capsule was hidden there, in a cavity in the ceiling.

Conan now shows the adults the message from Akemi that they were so worried about. On the back of the class photo, Akemi has written: "May all your dreams come true! ♪ Akemi Miyano, 6A," which moves Murata, Seiko, and Yanagimachi to tears. Conan also explains that the fire at that time was caused by a short circuit in the old air conditioner, so Yanagimachi is not to blame. Akemi probably meant at the time that Yanagimachi should gather his courage and free himself from the bad influence of his bully friends. That would suit Akemi, Yanagimachi says. Seiko now remembers that Akemi had often invited her to study together after the test incident, which improved Seiko's grades without any cheating at all. Murata suspects that Akemi intentionally did not submit her painting to the competition at that time so that he, who wanted to be a painter, would gain confidence and not lose sight of his dream. Murata decides to tell Akemi the next time they meet that he will take up his dream again.

Some time later, everyone is gathered at the class reunion, where, in the meantime, the students' old letters to their future selves are read out, in which they wrote about their career aspirations. The Detective Boys are also there as guests of honor, having found the time capsule. In private, Haibara demands that Conan finally give her the letter from Akemi in the time capsule that is meant for her. Conan says he did not find a letter for Haibara in the time capsule, which shocks Haibara for a brief moment - until Conan says he found a photo of Shiho and Akemi instead. Conan was just having a little fun; on the back of the photo, Haibara could read her sister's words from 13 years ago :

To my little sister Shiho... You are highly intelligent, so you should go to school in America. After that, you will probably take over our parents' research work. But I want you to know this. Even if we don't see each other again, Father, Mother and I, we love you! Mother once said that a silver bullet is the bullet of justice. And just as this bullet flies, you too must always go straight ahead and forward. If you are convinced of something and think it is right, then follow through! I hope these words reach you, my beloved sister.

Akemi Miyano to Shiho Miyano (Ai Haibara).

Haibara is happy and smiling until she suddenly feels the aura of the Black Organization. Conan first looks to Rumi in the classroom, but Haibara whispers to him that the feeling is coming from outside the classroom. Conan rushes to the hallway, but only encounters Yanagimachi and Murata, who are carrying pizza and sushi deliveries and have not seen any suspicious people. Conan wonders if Haibara was just imagining the feeling; after all, she had been pretty tense since morning. Meanwhile, Rumi watches the entrance to the school grounds with a scowl from the classroom window, where the food delivery men are leaving. The sushi delivery man was Kanenori Wakita, who remembers that the 19th graduating class of Teitan Elementary School was Akemi Miyano's year - but a dead person cannot come to a reunion, after all.




Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (episodes 1093-1094)

  • The anime add some original flashback about Akemi that is not in the manga:
  • Akemi changing her shoes at shoes locker room
  • The boys silently observe Akemi from far, and got noticed by her friend
  • Akemi reading Japanese Language book
  • Akemi walked away while talking to her friend
  • The anime add the scene where Conan shows the group photo clearly, while in the manga only the silhouette of the people is shown in the photo.
  • In the anime, when Murata and Yanagimachi mentioned about pizza and sushi delivery guy, they say it clearly. In the manga, they only say it in their mind.

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  1. Summary translated from the German version of September 26, 2023.
  1. ^ Note: Akemi died in the ¥1,000,000,000 Robbery Case, after she was killed by Gin. This case takes place a few months prior to this present case, but is set in the current timeline.
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