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Chapter 1078

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Title: Reenactment
Japanese title: 再現
Original release: August 4th, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #36-37/2021
Volume: 101
Anime adaptation: Episode 1106: Kid vs. Amuro: Queen's Bang (Part 2)
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Reenactment (再現 Saigen?) is the 1078th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #36-37/2021 on August 4th, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 101 on April 13, 2022.




Heist Info


  • Museum
  • Yuya Kazami's apartment building
  • Bell Tree Express (flashback)



The police is still searching for Kaitou Kid. Kazami asks Amuro what their next move should be, but his superior is on the phone. Amuro says he had the dispatcher off the phone ordering a security police retreat. Amuro and Kazami move away from the exhibition hall. At the same time as Amuro, Conan has also finished a call on his cell phone.

Meanwhile, Ran and Sonoko go to Azusa, who is also still outside the exhibition hall. The two have heard from Conan that Azusa is a huge fan of the Kid, which Sonoko teases her about a little. But despite everything, Azusa didn't get to see the Kid, as he robbed the tiara with the room covered in a thick smoke. Jirokichi says that he is really living up to his new reputation as a magician of the Reiwa era, which makes Nakamori furious. Now Conan joins them and explains that he knows where Kaitou Kid is currently staying and walks away from the exhibition hall with Nakamori and Jirokichi. Azusa takes another look at the empty display case with the Kid's card. There are no more policemen in the hall either. Since it's so late, Sonoko and Ran leave with Azusa.

Some time later, however, Azusa returns to the exhibition hall alone and approaches the showcase. She pulls out her cell phone, but before she can take a picture of the Kid card, she is stopped by Kazami. He says he cannot allow Azusa to take a picture of pieces of evidence and asks her to go home. Dejected, Azusa leaves the room. As she leaves, Kazami reaches for the showcase himself and lets his hands wander under the open flap. But suddenly he is approached by Conan, who is also in the room. He reveals that the ceiling trap is working again, which is why Yuya Kazami should better not open the real showcase. Amuro is also in the room and explains the trick: it was a double lift, so to speak, where it looked as if the showcase had been opened, but in reality a prepared dummy showcase was placed on top of the real showcase, while the marks outlining the fake case would be covered by the white paint, which turned everything white. Thus, the tiara is still in the case. Yuya Kazami is in fact Kid in disguise, as only Kid would know about this double case.

Conan had previously noticed from the photos that a bench in the hall had one leg too many. This was the showcase dummy that the Kid had placed there earlier, disguised as a museum visitor, the same man with the hat that confronted Amuro earlier in the day. Conan was able to see through the disguise by looking at the paint marks on the hands, because only the marks on "Kazami's" hands matched how the fake showcase had to be handled in order to place it. In addition, Azusa and Amuro's statements regarding Café Poirot's spaghetti carbonara matched, even if Azusa said something about a "charcoal-burned pasta", because "carbonara" means "charcoal-burned" in Italian. Kid, as Kazami, responded incorrectly to Amuro's question about the "scene", thinking Amuro was talking about a "crime scene", but it meant in fact the "stage" where Kazami was supposed to attend a Yoko Okino fan event.

The real Kazami has already been found in the museum washroom, which Nakamori and Jirokichi explain as they enter the room with a group of riot policemen. Kid can no longer escape, they say, but the master thief disagrees. He pulls out his card gun and shoots a card with a rope into the wall of the hall. He then opens the real showcase, forcing the policemen to flee, as this triggers the ceiling trap. Kid grabs the tiara and is still able to escape the trap with the card grappling hook. With another grappling hook shot, he evades the policemen before almost being hit by Conan's soccer ball, but Kid's reflexes were a tad quicker. He places the Queen's Bang tiara on the brim of his top hat and takes his leave. He actually thought things would be more difficult as the PSB were present, but his opponents let him down, as Kid laughingly notes. The fallen ceiling has exposed a shaft that leads directly to the top of the museum's bell tower. Kid escapes through the shaft with his grappling hook. While the master thief escapes, Conan smiles.

On the bell tower, Kid wants to escape with his glider, but suddenly he is handcuffed. A policeman in protective gear is also on the bell tower and has been waiting for Kid: it's Tohru Amuro. Kid is shocked because Amuro was just in the exhibition hall, but that was just an illusion. The Amuro in the exhibition hall was Kazami, who, after being rescued, posed as his boss with a wig, make-up for his skin color and Amuro's clothes, per Amuro and Conan's plan. To hide his eyes, Kazami pulled Amuro's cap low over his face. The cap also had one of Conan's button speakers attached to it, through which Amuro spoke via the detective badge Conan lent him. So all Kazami had to do was move his lips and he could fool the Kid.

Amuro, however, is surprised that Kid used a double lift as a trick, a trick that he had previously dismissed as cheap and childish in the queue for Amuro's card trick. While Kid holds the tiara up to the moonlight, Amuro also explains that Kazami has become a fan of Yoko Okino because he stumbled across her while researching Kogoro. Speaking about meeting unexpectedly someone, Amuro mentions that he feels he has already met Kid. However, Kid pretends not to know anything about it - but if Amuro had been a beautiful woman, he would certainly not have forgotten him. Kid also says that although he called the trick cheap and childish, he himself is Kaito Kid: "A trick can be childish if you're a Kid yourself. The phantom thief sets off a smoke bomb, escapes the handcuffs and flies off in his glider, but has left the tiara with Amuro. Amuro looks after Kid and says that there is something more to it.

A few days later, Kazami receives a package of unreleased Yoko Okino merchandise from Amuro as an apology for the ruined day off, including a recording of the concert that Kazami missed because of the Kid case. Kazami is happy about the merchandise, but would have preferred to hear Yoko sing live that day.




Kid vs. Amuro: Queen's Bang (episodes 1105-1106)

  • The anime add the scene at the beginning where people in the line waiting their turn to see the exhibit.
  • The anime add Azusa's "cute" face when she tries to persuade Kazami to let her take a photo of Kid's card.
  • Kaitou Kid chase scene in the anime is extended.
  • The anime shows the clear visual of Yoko Okino's merchs during the last scene when Kazami unpacks the package from Amuro.

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  1. Summary translated from the German version of December 14, 2023.

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