The Goddess of Wind

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Chapter 1073

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Title: The Goddess of Wind
Japanese title: 風の女神
(Kaze no Megami)
Original release: May 26th, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #26/2021
Volume: 101
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The Goddess of Wind (風の女神 Kaze no Megami?) is the 1073rd chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written and drawn by Gosho Aoyama and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #26/2021 on May 26th, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 101 on April 13, 2022.







Sherry's Soliloquy

Sherry's soliloquy about File 1073.

Sherry's Soliloquy (シェリーのひとりごと Sherī no Hitorigoto?) is a collection of comments Gosho Aoyama has Ai Haibara say on the official Detective Conan website, Conan News Agency (こなん通信社 Konan Tsūshin-sha) in the course of every new chapter's publication.

Soliloquy of File 1073:
The wings are but a mental image! This isn't the Avengers or anything like that! (laughs)
(May 26th, 2021, translation by Spimer)

Animal Crossing Promotional Hints

With every new chapter, players can receive these hints written by Gosho Aoyama in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: New Horizons by interacting with four characters named Spade (スペード), Heart (ハート), Diamond (ダイヤ), and Clover (クローバ), who appear in Gosho's Dream Town.

May 10th, 2021:
Spade: I drew a cardboard illustration of Fisherman Sanpei...
Heart: ... and Fujiko!
Diamond: I put plenty of strength into it...
Clover: So look forward to it! ♪ (^_^)
(Translation by Spimer)

May 24th, 2021:
Spade: The next [case] is "White Angels"!
Heart: Because that's how it looked like to me!
Diamond: W... (*v*) Wings!?
Clover: Professor... You drive too fast! (laughs) (^_^;)
(Translation by Spimer)


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