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Chapter 1071

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Title: Time Capsule
Japanese title: タイムカプセル
(Taimu Kapuseru)
Original release: April 21st, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #21/2021
Volume: 101
Anime adaption: Episode 1093: Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (Part 1)
Episode 1094: Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (Part 2)
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Time Capsule (タイムカプセル Taimu Kapuseru?) is the 1071st chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #21/2021 on April 21st, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 101 on April 13, 2022.






  • Beika Ward
    • Teitan Elementary School
      • Teitan Elementary School Breeding hut
      • Teitan Elementary School Home Economics Room
      • Teitan Elementary School Library
      • Teitan Elementary School Class 6-A
      • Teitan Elementary School Rooftop
      • Teitan Elementary School Art room
      • Teitan Elementary School Infirmary
      • Teitan Elementary School Principal's office
      • Teitan Elementary School Lecture hall
    • Iroha Sushi


As the group gathers at the breeding hut, professor Kobayashi proposes to split up and search for the location of each code: The groups are Conan, Ayumi, Haibara and Murata, professor Kobayashi, Mitsuhiko and Ichihashi, and professor Wakasa, Genta and Yanagimachi. Genta and Mitsuhiko protest about the fact that Conan can go with the girls, but soon give up, as Wakasa and Kobayashi say that they are girls too. Conan in his thoughts reveals that the reason for him making this particular grouping was to ensure he could keep an eye on Murata who identified Haibara as Shiho Miyano in the previous chapter. Conan also remembers the suspicious reaction of the three suspects to the code Akemi made.

Conan's group first heads to the principal's office, having found out that the code, that was talking about Claude Monet, a French painter, was referring to the principal's office, as the latter owned a replica of San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk. In the office, the group begins searching for clues, and Conan notices that the painting hung on the wall wasn't the replica anymore, but Murata's painting, which won an award. Conan asks Murata what kind of person Akemi was, to which he replies that she was a bright, kind and thoughtful person, and that he was in love with her, like much of the class. Haibara, who heard his comment, smiles as it makes her remember her sister. Murata wants to reveal the truth about the painting, which is related to Akemi, but doesn't finish his sentence as he is too hesitant to do so.

At the infirmary, Mitsuhiko's group are also searching for clues, their part of the code, "Doctor, don't tell a lie", pointing to the place. Mitsuhiko starts by looking at the sink, saying that the english words "tell a lie" sound like "te arai", which means to wash hands in Japanese. Ichihashi remarks that Mitsuhiko that he is pretty smart, and professor Kobayashi replies that shouldn't Ichihashi be also smart, since she was a nurse. This statement makes her remember Akemi. Genta's group headed to the home economics classroom, because their part of the code, "89 charms, don't burn", would most likely point to a stove, and the classroom had them.



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Akemi Miyano's Time Capsule (episodes 1093-1094)

  • The anime add some original flashback about Akemi that is not in the manga:
  • Akemi changing her shoes at shoes locker room
  • The boys silently observe Akemi from far, and got noticed by her friend
  • Akemi reading Japanese Language book
  • Akemi walked away while talking to her friend
  • The anime add the scene where Conan shows the group photo clearly, while in the manga only the silhouette of the people is shown in the photo.
  • In the anime, when Murata and Yanagimachi mentioned about pizza and sushi delivery guy, they say it clearly. In the manga, they only say it in their mind.

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