What was Left in the Notebook

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Chapter 1079

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Title: The Thing That Was Left in the Notebook
Japanese title: 手帳に遺されたもの
(Techō ni nokosa reta mono)
Original release: October 13th, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #46/2021
Volume: 101
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What was Left in the Notebook (手帳に遺されたもの Techō ni nokosa reta mono?) is the 1079th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #46/2021 on October 13, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 101 on April 13, 2022.





  • Café Poirot
  • Phone booth in Beika (flashback)
  • Sidewalk in Beika Town



The Detective Boys are seen walking on a sidewalk in Beika and talk about professor Agasa's recovery from his kidnapping case. Since the professor was resting at a hospital, the Detective Boys ask Haibara if she will be alone in Agasa's house and propose her to come visit and play with her. She says that she doesn't feel much lonely, since the house is big and comfortable, and Shinichi's mother often comes to cook meals. Suddenly, a man erupts from a side street and pushes Haibara, which reminded her of Gin. Fortunately, before the man can cause more ruckus, detective Sato arrives and subdues him. Detective Takagi also arrive and they arrest the man, who was apparently a robbery suspect. After two other detectives bring the suspect away, Sato asks Takagi to take note of the time of the arrest. While perusing through his notebook, which was handed to him by Wataru Date, he sees a written note by Date saying ″Sunday with Takagi″, along with a series of numbers. This makes him remember the day Date died of a car crash, and Sato has to call him by his first name to snap him back to reality. The two detectives can't seem to be able to figure out the meaning of the numbers, and Conan deduces that it is in fact pointing towards the date, time and address of that meeting ″Sunday with Takagi″. The group then head towards Café Poirot, where Conan says the location of the meeting was supposed to be. At the Café, Conan explains that the code works just like a pager, in which the numbers are assigned to letters and characters of the Japanese alphabet. Conan then asks Poirot's worker Azusa to input the numbers into her cellphone to render them into letters. The message that come out was ″Sunday, at midday, Beika-cho 5-6 Poirot, near the window, put on a red bow-tie and wait″. As they try to figure out why did Date ask Takagi to wear the bowtie, Amuro interrupts them and says that it was probably to help Takagi become a proper policeman by having him stop some sort of illegal deal. He then adds that it is just a hunch, since he doesn't know Date, even though in fact, they went to the police academy together. To figure out what the deal was, Conan asks Azusa if there were mysterious people that went to the Café a year ago, at the time where Date died, but she responds by the negative. Conan investigates around the tables and finds tape stuck to the bottom of their table. He asks Azusa what was stuck there and she shows them a game console that fell off from there a year ago. Since it is out of batteries, they can't really inspect its contents. Takagi also asks the waitress if there was someone looking through the window, and she says that there was a boy looking through the window and making weird hand gestures. After she demonstrates what the kid did, Conan figures out it is a call for help used in Canada and that the kid, who was probably a foreigner, must have been involved in some kind of trouble a year ago. Azusa corrects herself and says that in fact, the kid was there not a year ago, but only a week ago. This means that something must have happened to this kid a week ago, and the group have to figure out what is going on.




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