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Portable Bento Box Fax

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Japanese name: 弁当型携帯FAX(ファックス)
Romaji name: Bentō-gata Keitai Fakkusu
Created by: Professor Agasa
Used by: Conan Edogawa
First appearance: Manga: Volume 7 - File 9
Anime: Episode 10
Appearances: Chapters: 1
Episodes: 1
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The Portable Bento Box Fax (弁当型携帯FAX(ファックス) Bentō-gata Keitai Fakkusu?) is the fifth gadget created by Professor Agasa for Conan.


Agasa disguised a portable fax machine as a bento lunchbox. So far, this item has only been used in the episode it was introduced. Pressing the umeboshi in the rice causes the fax to open. The rest of the food is real. It is capable of calling.

Possibly a discontinued gadget

With email being more popular and smartphones, there is a possibility that we may no longer see gadget in the Detective Conan franchise. In Japan emailing is used instead of SMS and two year line rental contracts being more popular, this gadget in the real world seems unnecessary. If you consider the Detective Conan franchises adhesiveness to the changes in the technology world and the ways it is incorporated in the story, then there is a minute possibility of ever seeing this gadget in the storyline ever again.

Quotes about the gadget

How is this a new gadget? You just put a fax machine in a bento.

— Conan to Professor Agasa


Although the fax machine is only used in one case it has been frequently featured among other gadgets created by Professor Agasa during the movie prologues.

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